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  • microkorg

    Any thoughts on what would be a good device for locking kids onto a screen within an app. Toddlers are notoriously canny for being able to hit a close button or swipe to another screen in an instant.

    If you were wanting to lock them onto a screen what would be a good device.

    Keeping it native I was thinking a long-swipe button like when you close down your iphone. That can't be activated with a fluke move.

    Or even just a small toggle slide button, maybe a set of two that you've got to swipe.

    Other thoughts that wouldnt be native could be to drag a shape into another shape?

    Passcode wouldnt work as dont want to cover the current screen, need to keep them on it.

    Thought about drawing a specific shape - like logging onto android phone..

    Any suggestions of other devices that'd be subtle, simple but not able to be fluke unlocked by kids random swipes?

  • duckseason0

    Interesting challenge... My first thought was along the lines of the shape drawing, but adding a long press before hand to activate. When I think about household things being childproof, it usually requires one action to happen before, or in conjunction with, another to unlock/open it - pushing down before twisting, pushing in tabs before pulling etc...

  • microkorg0

    I like the thinking, yes, good to think about how the childproofing of bottles, cupboard doors etc works.

    The long press is a good shout. Our wee 2.5yo has a little camera I got her from eBay, to turn it on you need to press and hold for like 3-4 seconds. It took her a few months to get this sussed and can now turn it on with ease. But its definitely not something a younger kid could do by fluke.

    I'd thought about the shape drawing too. Perhaps the app presents you with either a circle, square or triangle at random and you have to draw that shape to unlock. Could be really subtle too, when you longpress on the screen a small shape appears bottom of screen and you draw it large on screen (first time you do this you get a prompt explaingin what to do). The shape could even animate as if to suggest drawing :)

  • Hayoth2

    Kids shouldn't be on screens.