Vancouver Island of the Day

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  • boobs0

    My daughter is there! She goes to University of Victoria. :-)

    • Cool, I am not gonna meet up with your daughter tho. :Dmantrakid
    • By that i mean i was initially hoping to meet with QBNers on the island. Which wasnt clear from my original post.mantrakid
    • So now i realize it looks weird that I was even considering meeting up with your daughter. But i wasnt i swear.mantrakid
    • But when i said that, i was thinking i had actually written "Any QBNers on the island wanna meet up" which i didnt, so that's making this awkward.mantrakid
    • Not that i have anything against your daughter, but it would just be weird i think. Some strange guy, happily married, meeting up with her..mantrakid
    • I don't think it would be appropriate.mantrakid
    • Not that she would even want to! I mean i don't mean to assume she would even want to! Not that it matters, but still, I didn't mean to take that power from hermantrakid
    • And even if she did want to I don't mean to take that power from her either.mantrakid
    • OK, fine ill meet up with your daughter.mantrakid
    • Fuck. I hope no one bumps this shit.mantrakid
  • mantrakid

    Any QBNers currently on Vancouver Island?