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  • epic_rim

    If you switched to figma or were forced to, how has it helped or hurt you.

  • duckseason3

    Haven't made the jump; however, I have dabbled and this is something I often speak with interview candidates about.

    • Being web-based is pretty big, in my opinion, and one of Figma's larger benefits as it frees folks from having to be on a Mac.

    • Live collaboration is a handy feature. (Sketch is working on this)

    • Folks have told me Figma's type and vector tools are superior to Sketch.

    • You can import Sketch to Figma but not the other way around.

    • If you're reliant on InVision Figma wont play well, granted it has most of InVision's features built in.

    • A lot of folks have grown used to/reliant on specific plugins available only on Sketch.

    I'm assuming this question was based around switching from Sketch. I think there are pros/cons to both and the the competition is helping push both into a better place at a pretty rapid rate.

    Just some food for thought as I'm sure others can provide more first-hand experience based feedback. I'm also a little buzzed and newborn sleep deprived, so I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • nbq0

    I really enjoy figma.
    We work as a team on various projects for tv , mobile and web apps. Excellent for fast prototyping and sharing ideas.

    Using the asset library is the key.

  • instrmntl0

    It’s great. Downside is people can watch your every cursor move (monitor you), and there no way to work privately. Huge minus.

    • You can edit permissions.zarkonite
    • or work on different pages than your team/prototype.zarkonite
  • lvl_130

    first question: what are your current programs you are using?
    second-figma is online-only as far as i know-does that matter?
    third-are you handing over files directly to dev?

  • grafician0

    Got on Figma last year while needing a collab design app to work with a remote team - no Sketch for remote working back then.

    I just created an account and after 10-15 min to "get feel for the UI" I started working like I was a natural.
    Created an entire website in an afternoon, some apps with hundreds of screens in a few weeks...very very fast workflow!

    Latest Figma + Framer integration is basically TOP for design & prototyping and everything remote work (single or team working)

    You don't even need product management apps anymore, just create a team file with tasks and go to work...

    Not to mention their plugins are out of this world useful and production ready.

    So yeah, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as it's the future.

    And you can still have local .fig files if you want to save various stages of a project...

    @instrmntl: re: privacy - just do your work in a draft and copy/paste the "final" stuff in the "team" file.

    • Not to mention the community is wonderful!grafician
    • Oh and NO NEED TO HIT SAVE ANYMORE lol!grafician