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  • imbecile1

    • There should be an age cutoff limit for all political positionsmoldero
    • so... you didn't read the tweet?imbecile
    • "I don't think science knows," -- Rumor heard from a 'stable genius'.whatthefunk
    • lol imbecile, I don't think he didfadein11
  • Ramanisky21

    The human hemorrhoid retweeted this twice on his timeline.

    • what is he saying at the end?dbloc
    • Spreading fictitious media? Practice what you preach against, as the old saying goes.FNP14
    • pwned :)renderedred
    • That was pretty funnymoldero
    • I know this is fake but actually we all dig this song. Fuck tha police who believe they have the authority to kill a minoritynb
  • Nairn3

    Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden


    • Nice. Fuck Trump.babydick
    • One science related policy that is actually interesting from the link I posted above...Biden proposes creating a new ARPA agency to pursue researchyuekit
    • into clean energy tech...grid-scale storage, advanced nuclear reactors and carbon-free hydrogen. That is the kind of stuff that will not happen with Trump inyuekit
    • charge, in fact we are rapidly moving in the opposite direction.yuekit
  • yuekit4

    Not sure where people are getting this idea that Biden and the Democrats have no policies or ideas. There is almost a book's worth of policy proposals here:…

    Meanwhile on Trump's site I actually can't find a policies section at all...someone let me know if you can find it:

    He does however have a page about "Antifa" on his site lol

    Of course it's a totally fair point that Democrats should be hammering home their policies to the general public more...although I suspect they are doing it in campaign ads and other targeted messaging.

    However once again it's a case where people are grading Trump on a totally different standard. In interviews he has been asked again and again what his agenda for the second term is and he can barely come up with anything.

    • I was about to post something similar, thank you. Dems talk about what they're going to do all the time, also. And of course when they do people say stupid shitallthethings
    • like, "I want to know if they're someone I can have a beer with," or Obama talks down at me like he's a constitutional law professor."allthethings
    • help sell me on Joe because he sure as hell is not.moldero
    • i think you've maybe misinterpreted colin_s? many trump voters would be bernie voters but vote for trump because he goes on about manufacturing and jobs.kingsteven
    • and the rest, trump has more lies than biden has facts. trump in his nonsense speak has a literal interactivity. everybody agrees that what they think he maykingsteven
    • have said is what they want to hear him say...kingsteven
    • biden has some policies, trump has ALL the policies, they're the BEST policies, just wait until you see these policies...kingsteven
    • I'm just responding to people here saying again and again that Biden doesn't stand for anything except he's not Trump.yuekit
    • Also I think in terms of the basic political reality, if Trump wins it will be very difficult for him to win control of the House. Whereas if Biden wins it'syuekit
    • quite likely Democrats will also win the Senate and control all three branches of government. So by voting for Biden you have a much better chance of gettingyuekit
    • things actually accomplished. With Trump it will be four years of gridlock, riots and stupid annoying news stories.yuekit
    • i totally agree, and i think biden has a better chance than hillary. but the majority of voters don't read policies and can be swayed on the basis of notkingsteven
    • agreeing with one... to someone with none.kingsteven
  • colin_s0

    ok like in defense of my last post, biden gets a bunch of press today saying he's slipping with the latinx community - the press will say this is for any number of reasons, but the biden team's response is this:…

    to march out and start playing "Despacito" from his phone

    it's like the tone deaf nature of this campaign - playing reactive to the media, trying to run politics by analytics and algorithms and slogans instead of policy proposals (which by the way, they're considering not touching the trump tax cuts -… )... it's just the same gutless, mindless rhetoric that sunk the clinton campaign during the exact stretch we're about to enter.

    so like whatever talk shit about me for talking shit on biden, but i was the only person i knew who called trump in 2016 and y'all are fucking idiots if you think that there's no reason for concern in this stuff.

    • I get that no one trusts the polls anymore, but right now Biden is ahead by 7 points nationally and he's leading in every single swing state. And he doesn'tyuekit
    • need to win all those states either, only a few of them. So what are we judging success or failure by here?yuekit
    • Yes Trump could win again in spite of that, if Biden was ahead by 15 points Trump could still win...but by any metric you can point to Biden is doing well.yuekit
    • Trump is going to win. Get ready for it.nb
  • colin_s0

    joe biden fucking sucks and is directly or indirectly responsible for so much dogshit policy over the course of his career.

    and liberals don't care about this, because trump has done far worse things in and out of office and been just fine.

    however, that argument thus equivocates the two. that puts them on the same playing field, one where if being a hypocrite doesn't matter, why would you go with the one who lies about it?

    it's the same fucking trap the clinton people fell into, because they both want the privilege of being morally unimpeachable (which is a grotesque evolution of white supremacy) while also appearing as "open and moral and good" and in the end they just look like a bunch of idiots.

    anyway, the best thing i've seen people say so far is "go and vote and be as aware as you can of all your local races for office and the judiciary, be aware of laws being passed, and when it comes to president, do what you will."

    biden is going to be the excuse for people to go back to saying they give a shit about others.

    • Let's be honest, both options suck.dbloc
    • They both suck, but voting for Trump is shameful. You’re a bad person if you support or even accept him.nb
    • Biden might not be the president anyone particularly wants but he's a stepping stone to a better government and certainly better than trump.BaskerviIle
    • He will be scrutinized that is for sure.monospaced
    • You arguments are invalid. Biden is a human being. Trump is dogshit.tank02
    • First Hillary, now Biden, the DNC will never learn.moldero
    • joe will be the greatest president america has ever had.neverscared
    • Joe has spent his entire political career angling for the Top Job, ironic that, if he wins, his brain is so melted he won't even remember it happened.face_melter
    • At least Biden did something of value with his life. Trump has never done a thing.nb
    • Trump is an animal who should be destroyed but I'm struggling to think what Joe has done that was of value.face_melter
    • I mean, there's ICE expanding their operations, his bankruptcy law, his crime bill, refusal for Medicare For All, increased military spending...face_melter
    • u will see it he will pull the u.s.a out of hitlers ass.neverscared
    • ...and being entirely beholden to Wall St, financiers. Just off the top of my head.face_melter
    • I think people are hung up on thinking you have to agree with a presidentjtb26
    • Joe Biden isn’t my favorite candidate. In general elections (not primaries) I weigh electability and alignment. I get more political power from Biden than Trumpjtb26
    • I’m not a fucking crybaby about not getting every policy I want lime folks on the far left and far right. I’m a rational socialist.jtb26
    • i am not defending trump at all - i'm saying in the political playbook, the biden people are falling for the shit the clinton people didcolin_s
    • and that if the biden campaign continues to try and play the moral superiority card - instead of offer a vision for the future - they could very well losecolin_s
    • since biden's history is not one that has any sort of dignity attached to it, and most of his political empathy comes from a dead soncolin_s
    • You think playing the moral superiority card against trump is bad strategy? It's the one clearcut thing most agree on, Trump's lack of morals.zarkonite
    • hiding is his best strategymoldero
    • It's like Boris vs Corbyn in the UK. People voted for Boris as Corbyn just sucked.shapesalad
    • Ya... But your other option is Trump... Not much of an option....pango
    • Sanders / Ocasio are worse so hey I'll take Bidenernexbcn
    • do you cuss the waitress out if they have pepsi instead of coke? up in arms about supporting the only option to remove the worst human ever to be pres? stfuimbecile
    • i'm saying that people are getting caught up in this idea that trump is so bad he will obviously lose, and aren't being as tactical in messaging for bidencolin_s
    • and because biden's history is checkered at best - and outright terrible to those on the left - they need to be making broad, substantive gesturescolin_s
    • only you are getting caught in that rhetoric. plenty of others are continuing to share the message of get out and actually vote, which you're shitting on too.imbecile
    • Unfortunately you have to understand that the left is not the main voting block in America...and won't be until they start showing up in numbers large enough toyuekit
    • matter. Look at the primaries, they had their ideal candidate in Bernie Sanders and turnout among young people and non traditional voters was still mediocre.yuekit
    • Anyway I agree it's important not to just run on moral superiority and "Trump is bad" but I'm also not in a swing state so I'm not seeing the ads they areyuekit
    • running. Biden does have a lot of detailed policies beyond just "Trump is bad" so I assume they are highlighting these for the voters of each region.yuekit
    • If Democrats win the problem will not be that they have no policies, it will be what to tackle first given the state Trump has left the country in.yuekit
    • @yuekit - maybe? but at this point in 2016 nobody thought trump would win either. i'm just saying there's a lot of game left to be played for this shitcolin_s
    • This hasn't been decided imo and any of the 2 can still winernexbcn
    • Trump is still losing in every swing state, so he's going to have to cheat way beyond our worst expectations to pull off a win.CyBrainX
    • This whole argument is close to a false equivalency. If you're punched in the face or eviscerated with a rusty saw do you conclude that you were assaulted...CyBrainX
    • ...and the degree of injury doesn't matter?CyBrainX
    • Remember when this used to be a design blog?TOMMYxGUNN
    • Look, we don't love Biden, ok? We just LOATH Trump. Why is this equation so difficult for some?FNP14
    • Dust yourself off, become politically active and make better choices next round.FNP14
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    • This video is 3:45 minutes too longjmckinno
    • Why does this guy look like he's on the verge of tears all the time?face_melter
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  • whatthefunk1

  • BaskerviIle7

    Joe Biden and his campaign, the democrats, their supporters etc need to stop mentioning Trump at all for the next 60 days if they want to win. They need to stop giving him the oxygen of publicity.

    What they don't realise is that every mention of Trump's name is strengthening his recognition in people's heads. It doesn't matter that they spend all their time criticising or skewering him the point is that so much of their message focuses on Trump. They need to reframe around Biden. Trump has way higher recognition, even if it's bad associations. Biden needs to be seen as a leader, not merely reacting to a bad president. People need to go to the polls with Biden's name in their heads, not Trump's.

    I think the entire left side of the spectrum need to agree to entirely ignore Trump and not dare say his name until election day. Same goes for the left-leaning media. All you hear is Trump on every media platform. Whether it's for good or bad reasons, the point is, Trump's name dominates the conversation, both sides spend all their time talking about him.

    Those who have already decided who to vote for can be disregarded for the moment. The undecideds may consciously or unconsciously be swayed towards Trump merely because his name is out there more. To counteract this Biden's name needs to dominate the conversation, which it's currently a very long way from doing.

    • +1 The issue is that they have very little proactive things to talk about other than 'we're not trump'. There seems to be some serious questions around..Morning_star
    • ...Biden's suitability and health and his running mate seems to be a response to the current social climate rather than a formidable opponent.Morning_star
    • In what sense is Biden, Harris or the rest of them 'Left'?Phrenological
    • Trump is the POTUS, the incumbent. Not mentioning his is a bit 'ears in fingers' no?Phrenological
    • @Phrenological – I agree, no one in the US political spectrum is 'Left' but democrats are left of Republicans for sure (they're all Right wing from my UK view)BaskerviIle
    • It's hardly 'fingers in ears' we've had 4 years of conversation about Trump. We know he's racist, incompetent, corrupt etc You're either convinced or not by nowBaskerviIle
    • those pesky 'radical left' democrats bwahahahafadein11
    • same here, they'd be conservatives in canada. but agree they need to shut up about trump.Gnash
    • Problem is the Democrats aren't passionate about Biden and there are legit questions about his suitability, so it's out of necessity that it's all TrumpMondoMorphic
    • It’s possible to discuss trump without hanging on his every word and blunder day in and out.monospaced
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  • whatthefunk0

    • what a crappy job titletank02
    • Lolnb
    • Benny Johnson GOP accusing Democrats of being too fast and efficient. Fucking rich man! Lolololnb
    • At least capitalise it, Rapid Response Video Editor. RRVE for shorties.shapesalad
  • whatthefunk1

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  • whatthefunk0

    • Imagine not being able to comprehend these ideas yet a large part of America can't.CyBrainX
  • BustySaintClaire0

    Biden goes full-on Ron Burgundy…

    Two more months of this guy, such great material.

    • the worst biden is still better than the best trumptank02
    • ^sad that we're voting against someone rather than for someonemoldero
    • Yeah everything about Trump is sadnb
  • whatthefunk5

    • fake news. If real there would be 25 million likes and 32 million retweetsepic_rim
    • old man Biden isn't that sharpmoldero
    • : )dbloc
    • If this was he actual tweet, he might actual win the election.utopian
    • yupmoldero
    • i doubt trumpo loco can kneel longer than 5 seconds, with his morbidly obese swag.neverscared
    • What the fu k all about fake newsdeathboy
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