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  • Ramanisky22

    CONFIRMED: There was no contact from the Trump campaign or the White House to alert the Biden campaign of possible exposure. The campaign learned of the situation from the news reports, a Biden campaign aide tells me.

    -Yamiche Alcindor

    • Biden campaign should sue for damages.nb
  • face_melter0…

    Uhhh.... this is your captain... uhhh... speaking, please uhh... fasten all seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen. We could be... uhhhh.... experiencing some heavy turbulence on this American Airways flight heading directly into the heart of the sun.

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  • Ramanisky20

    This whole Covid thing is probably a hoax by the Con in Chief and his WH staff. All made up to distract us from him being a tax cheat, not disavowing White Supremacists and his shit performance at the debate.

    • He'll come out in 2 weeks saying that he was cured by the (as yet to be named) *vaccine*stoplying
  • BusterBoy0

    Knowing 2020, Trump will have it but asymptomatic, will have given it to Biden...and he'll be incapacitated.

  • Ramanisky20
  • Ramanisky20

    Guarantee you Biden is getting tested for Covid.

  • dbloc1

  • Ramanisky21

    Haha nice

  • elahon9

    Taken from the Facebooks:


    I’ve been supporting Joe Biden, but last night, watching the debate—if you can call it that—I came to deeply admire him. Here’s why:

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship with someone who argues like Trump. I have. If you haven’t—lucky you!—you can’t imagine how excruciatingly difficult it is to hold your own when someone is coming at you with a barrage of lies and accusations, interrupting constantly, refusing to allow you space to respond. If you have been, you know how your brain tends to go to mush, every thought process shuts down, and it becomes hard to formulate a coherent sentence.

    (And should you currently be in such a relationship, I urge you—Get out! If someone in your life has a personal style that reminds you of Trump, get them out of your life! Whether it’s a partner, a boss, a family member—nothing is worth it And if you can’t get out—get help!)

    On top of this, Biden has a life-long stutter he has struggled with. Imagine the pressure—he can’t just walk off stage and say ‘this farce is over’, or it will look like Trump has driven him off the field. He can’t afford to fumble his words or stumble or look old and feeble. And he can’t respond to every outrageous lie and attack.

    But Joe held his own. Time after time, he pulled back from the temptation to just attack back, or froth at the mouth and scream, and landed his punches. He made it clear—when Trump didn’t do so himself—that the current occupant of the White House is a desperate, out-of-control failure, that he has no plan and no capacity to govern.

    He did, just once, tell him flatly to shut up.

    Some of us would have been happy to see him land a solid punch in the face—but that probably wouldn’t have helped him, as satisfying as it might have been to watch. And it would have broken Covid-19 protocol.

    At times, you could see Biden was struggling with strong emotion, as when Trump attacked his sons, sneered at Beau’s service in Iraq. If Trump is trying to dispel the stories of how he has called soldiers ‘losers’, he didn’t help himself in that moment.

    Biden had to almost physically pull himself back from the temptation to retaliate and go after Trump’s corrupt brood of offspring, but he did it, and went back to talking about all of our families and the policies that could make life better. The strain showed—and I like that! I like that he has human feelings, and that he doesn’t hide them, but nonetheless exerts self-control. What a change that would be, to have someone like that in the White House!

    Biden isn’t the great showman. He’s not superstar handsome. He’s not Mr. Charisma. Good! We’ve had four years of a psychopathic showman—can we please have an ordinary, decent human being who will get the job done?

    Biden didn’t get much chance to talk about his policies, but he is running on the most progressive platform of any major party candidate, ever. He will listen to the science on Covid, and get us on track to weather the pandemic and re-open safely. He will expand health care and get us closer to the universal coverage many of us advocate. He will get us back in the Paris accords, and his plan to address climate change is a good one that Bernie Sanders helped to form.

    He isn’t the Great Progressive Champion many of us would have liked—but we don’t need him to be that. We need to be that! And a big win for Biden/Harris, coupled with wins in the Senate, will boost every issue we care about.

    Trump’s despicable performance won’t convince anyone undecided to vote for him. But that’s not his aim. His goal is to make us all so disgusted with the whole process that we throw up our hands and say, “I’m not going to bother to vote, I’m just going to stay home and vomit.”

    In that, he could succeed. So don’t let him! Get us all out of this abusive relationship!

    Registration deadlines are approaching—early voting has already begun. Too many times, of late, the election has come down to a few votes here, a few votes there. This is the time to make sure you are counted on the right side of history.

    Register. Vote.

    People’s lives depend on it. Maybe even yours.

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  • whatthefunk3

    • Ugh, Joe's team, you are doing this wrong. Fucking democrats always arguing as if everyone already agrees with them.nb
    • ^ ThisMondoMorphic
    • Warren would have made a better candidate and debater.instrmntl
    • I think Warren would have destroyed Trump in a debate but I don't think she would be doing better than Biden in the actual election.yuekit
    • True, Americans still don't trust women.nb
    • *I* would have been a better debater against Trump and I had no prep. But we're not electing a debater, we're electing a president.sarahfailin
    • Warren would have been better in the debate, but she showed her true colors when she threw Bernie under the busmoldero
    • No one can take a chic seriously who has actively tried to never work including parenting in her lifedeathboy
  • yuekit3

    I don't know, I'm about 30-40 minutes into this and I think Biden did fine. Within the first 15 minutes he made the point that Trump will overturn the ACA and has no plan to replace it. Trump had no real answer to that. Health care was the main issue that motivated people in the 2018 election to vote Democrat.

    You have to keep in mind that millions of people are not going to sit through a 2 hour debate, many will only watch the first half hour.

    Of course Biden is not a great speechmaker, and considering the disaster Trump is he didn't get the comeuppance he deserved in this debate. Not sure what people are expecting though. The only thing more annoying than Trump IMO are all these American pundits and liberals with the "OMG this was so crazy" takes about everything he does. Just vote him out at this point, not that complicated.

    • yeah, i also think biden did fine despite that whiny child interrupting constantly.renderedred
    • was very surprised how better Biden did than I expected as all I have seen for the last 6 months is hairsniffing/dementi... video compilations on here/youtubefadein11
    • Replacing aca it is double downing on stupid. Best is to gut it all and all Incentivres for employees to cover healthcaredeathboy
  • sarahfailin2

    Biden may have won simply because Trump lost even harder than Biden did.

  • sarahfailin0

    So many things I was yelling at my TV that Biden was not saying.

    Trump is the poorest man in America. No way I could even aspire to be 400 million dollars in debt.

    His whole life is a lie and he didn't answer a single question straight. The most straightforward thing he said was "proud boys stand by."

    • hahahahahahahha sigh....deathboy
    • $1.5 billion in debtteh
    • its about understanding the debt.deathboy
    • many corporations like tesla and other are far more than 300 million in debt (or 300-400 biden got his numbers jumbled)deathboy
    • the thing is you can use monetize the debt. this goes to our fed reserve. whcih surprising never mentioneddeathboy
    • neither trump nor oabma or any president can take credit for economy when interest rates or QE is involveddeathboy
    • Everything the fed is doing helps to hold zombie corporations up. this boosts job and growth regardless of debt. trump gets it but he is far a smallerdeathboy
    • player than most in it. and his assets backing debt is far more reasonable than most companies. because old school "value" assets. vs vapor or sentimentdeathboy
    • the thing i question the most is the breakdown of personal assets/losses for him vs businesses. you never go personaldeathboy
    • and that really makes me question integrity of report. who takes on personal liability when you can create a shell? something doesnt add updeathboy
    • "many corporations like tesla and other are far more than 300 million in debt" They have cars to sell, Trump is a blatantly corruptible president. Not the samelowimpakt
    • personal debt, not corporate debt, deathboy. be more concise.sarahfailin
    • Trump has leans on property. Much more than tesla bonds. They have leveraged everything with inflated valuedeathboy
    • As far as personal vs companies it did draw a flag as why someone doesn't run a shell Corp. Also makes me question anon whistleblower as fake newsdeathboy
    • Or media is spinning personal vs business related adventures. I'm very skeptical of it all monetizing debt is the quickest way to get rich these daysdeathboy
    • Hell bofa recent 2 billion bond for racial justice... What the fuck right?deathboy
  • sted2
    • BWAHAHA! I am bustin a gut with this shit.

      You sat when you shoulda squatted, ya booger-pickin' zozzle monster
    • lol wow the daily show did something funnysarahfailin
  • moldero3

    Why the fuck did the DNC put all their cards on fuckin Biden?

    • What a fuckin shit showmoldero
    • trump is flailing idiot but biden can't land any punches at all. worst debate ever.sarahfailin
    • idk bidenbot is rustysted
    • Going exactly as expectedGnash
    • Biden is tooo damn old, but what the fuck is trump going on about? like that asshole in high school that just gets louder and louder.capn_ron
    • Biden isn't great. But Trump makes him look like Einstein. Go Joe!BusterBoy
    • Agreed, GnashMondoMorphic
    • Biden's wearing down and getting sloppy, slurring his words.MondoMorphic
    • true Mondo, but be fair, they are both slurring and sloshing about up there.capn_ron
    • As shitty as Biden has been in the past what exactly has he done to make this debate shit? Trump is a total childmonospaced
    • he has some nice moves, bit off with the message. all i got against him in this debate that it's showing how old he is and trump is
      rebuild the building :D
    • For sure, Ron! I'd be wearing down too, frankly, but I'm not running for President! hahahahaMondoMorphic
    • I would have preferred Bernie, Warren or Yang, but I don't understand this "DNC made Biden the nominee." People voted for him.yuekit
    • And the entire election you could see Biden did better than any other Democrat against Trump. Americans are weird, they like goofy old guys like Trump and Bidenyuekit
    • apparently. If the nominee was a woman, you can probably subtract 3 points off the bat in America.yuekit
    • Gabbard and Yang would have been my preference.MondoMorphic
    • Hillary was right about Gabbard being a Russian operative. Gabbard even said the Dems should lay off impeachment. She was knocked out of her primary, thankfullyCyBrainX
    • I would have gone with Warren or Klobuchar but I agree with Yuekit. Being a woman in the US lowers your change by about 3%. USA!CyBrainX
    • Hillary thinks everyone she doesn't agree with is a Russian operativemoldero
    • Gabbard is great if you're not the establishment, unfortunately her and Bernie didn't stand a chancemoldero
    • Purple votes is the correct answerFNP14
  • Ramanisky24

    “Will you shut up man.”
    - Biden


    • he went low when he was supposed to go high (he acted like Trump w/these comments)... nothing 'Presidential' about a reaction like that.PonyBoy
    • PerfectRamanisky2
    • as he was dodging and refusing to answer a question, Biden did not look good at all. both these candidates are a joke.moldero
    • I approve this messageFNP14