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  • caterpus

    I'm a freelance sound designer/composer/mixer for shorts, docs, and ads and I've been working in Logic Pro (which i love, even for film mixing... I know...) My iMac is way out of date and just nailed a dream position as head sound designer for a production company. I knew this day would come- I need to switch back to Pro Tools.

    So- I'm in the market for a higher-end PC (desktop) that runs well out-of-box that is easy to upgrade with 8 slots for RAM. Kind of "barebones"as far as memory goes but with a solid video card because I may as well get back into Rust if I'm investing in a new machine.

    Ideally, I'd like to build one from scratch but I honestly don't have the time as work will be coming in soon. Audio interface and monitors are all taken care.

    Any recommendations for an upgradable plug-and-play Pro Tools PC?

  • rootlock0

    Check out…

    NZXT and really nice cases also. Building is easy's like lego. You might have to go custom if you want 8 slots for ram.

    • sweet, checkin it out thxcaterpus
    • i guess i meant to say 32gb ram minimumcaterpus