Making a conical label with Adobe Illustrator

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  • armin

    Hallo everybody, any short, effective advice?

  • hans_glib-1

    usually the label printer does the distortion. otherwise trial and error with the envelope distortion usually works.

    • Envelope distortion on a block of text will result in a fuckpile of glitchy pain. Also you can't do text flows, etc.Nairn
    • ech't *can't easily iterate text flows etc.Nairn
    • it's worked for me on a couple of occasions tho i know what you mean. everything has to be outlined and groupedhans_glib
    • and the envelope needs to be larger than the actual thing you want distorted so as to minimise the worst of the glitchy bits.hans_glib
  • Nairn1

    Start with a piece of string or strip of paper which you use to measure the top and bottom of the conical section you want to cover.

    Use these lengths to define circles that describe the top and bottom, then draw lines down the middle, at ends then in between to make a grid which you base your text curvatures on, by adding relevantly-sized arcs down the length and then typing on.

  • armin0

    I got a Cup design blueprint with specified Die Cut, Bleed and Join area. Dimensions are defined. For a shape, I created an Art Brush of a design and fitted it in. It is the best-looking option so far in Illustrator. There are way too expensive apps that work with printers I guess. There is a slight possible problem with artwork: The selected artwork contains an element that cannot be used in an art/pattern brush. Anyways strange solution for a strange problem :)