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  • 5timuli

    My wife runs (well, ran) a pretty successful dog walking and boarding business. Thanks to COVID she's had to shut down, but she had always made client gifts each year by baking dog cookies and other treats. Long story short, the dogs go fucking mental for the shit. She's decided to try it out full time.

    Anyway, I've been in tech design systems for so long (same company for 10 years) that I feel a bit out of touch, so want to get some feedback on a logo proof of concept. It's a play on the original business logo, which was basically a one line 'W'.

    Lots of work still to be done, and this is just the start of a basic logo. Not a particularly original one. But if I don't get feedback I'll just obsess over it and rework it ad nauseam.

  • 5timuli0

    Fuck sake. Clicking on that works for me, but no preview.

    Maybe this works?

  • uan0

    it's kind of too busy, too much messages inside? and also a bit dicky....

    • but I kind of get the dog with sunshades and cook hat in wifi or another kind of radiation environment.uan
    • So shades not ears then? BG details still TBD.5timuli
    • Her friends keep wanting me to add eyes, but it looks pretty fucking weird to me. The hat is intentionally oversized.5timuli
    • Background is too distracting, took me a few seconds to see the dog. You've improved it in your following posts.palimpsest
    • IMO, it does the job very well. Just a flat color for the background disk or a single circle. The tongue (that need to remains) messes with back circle.gonzalle
    • I immediatly saw the trick hat/bone. So I guess everybody doesgonzalle
    • The hat's three line ? why not blue ?gonzalle
  • 5timuli8

    Simpler, with eyes. Feedback from her group is "definitely eyes".

    • Quite good also, but the tongue keeps messing with background.
      may you try a blue outline to the tongue ?
    • this one, i'm ok with the tongue. 2 colors is enough.renderedred
    • I would just fill the tongue/chin with that dark blue color. I would also try to round up that line on the hat where it folds and those orangy lines on it.brt44
    • Adding eyes was definitely a good decision!brt44
    • Like it. I'd shrink the background circle a bit, though, clear it from the tongue.Continuity
    • Thumbs upStoicLevels
    • Nice! Agree with comments on tongue, with the big circle it looks like part of the shape. Could even be outlined with thinner weight?ben_
    • I didn't see the tongue until I read the comments. I'd trying simplifying it as much as possible - del bg circ, 3 lines, not sure if those are ears?formed
    • It's very cool and w a few sml tweaks could be a little clearer.formed
    • Personal thing - I don't like sharp/acute corners on designs that mostly don't feature them (eg. nose sheen, hat folds, etc)Nairn
    • Also, I dislike the 'integration' of the background circle and the tongue - the resultant shape doesn't mean anything useful.Nairn
    • (besides which, the curves are wrong :) )Nairn
  • 5timuli0

    And earlier geometric option.

    • Maybe more of the dog bone with the geometric option.5timuli
  • cannonball19781

    make the tongue black its not part of the background

    • Was trying to keep it pink, but see your point.5timuli
  • 5timuli-2

    Definitely going to bed now. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Does the black tongue/chin make the ears look like eyes? Kinda panda-like.5timuli
    • Even if not my preference, you should keep the eyes from a consumer point of view.gonzalle
    • You have a good idea, a right execution. Now the details can last forever, as there is 7 billions graphic designers on Earth.gonzalle
    • #1 w/black tonguecannonball1978
    • I really don't see the chefs hat thing. I'd put the 3 lines in the same blue colourshapesalad
    • reduce the \ line on top so it's rounded cap and not so long.shapesalad
    • don\t need the top pars of the triangle that yet out from the hat line. just hat line is enoughshapesalad
    • def keep the eyesStoicLevels
    • 100% keep the eyes, that jumps out so much more than others..! Really nicedee-dubs
  • mort_1

    Obvious always wins. I feel this concept needs explanation and even then, not sure how well it represents dog cookies and treats.

    • This. For me as a non-designer if you didn't explain this to me I wouldn't know what it is.cherub
  • cannonball19785

    keep the eyes

  • misterhow0

    I like the tongue and I’m fine with it made by the circle background. I liked that!

    I’m stuck on the ears. To me, it’s too flat. Looks like a piece of paper around the bone. What if the ears and brow line was more of a curve? Maybe similar curve to the circle? Also, consider keeping the hat pleats blue. They become too dominant being the second color.

    My 2¢

    • These are great suggestions, and really helped. Thanks.5timuli
    • Happy to help! I like the changes too. Glad they worked visually.misterhow
  • faxion0

    Have you tried a heart shape background? With the point at the base making his tongue/chin. Also I would swap the sharp point on nose highlight for a more rounded shape.

    Is there a wordmark to go with it?

    • Will be working on that next. Trying to get the logo in a good shape for socials, then will work up properly with typography.5timuli
    • Looking to https://latinotype.c… for some options. They seems to be the best fit to me.5timuli
    • Chunky rounded sans, monoline script options... but probably custom.5timuli
  • utopian1

    This one as is.

    • I think the size of the background circle is better here. Kinda gets lost if too small.5timuli
  • 5timuli1

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Trying a few of the suggestions out below. The tongue was never intended to be a part of the background, so I've either filled in blue or separated a bit. Hat lines definitely better in blue. Liking the curved brow line.

    Typography is next, color needs a complete system thing (needs to work on everything from marketing materials to simple packaging). I'll probably also redraw this entire thing cleanly as it was just kinda thrown together to start.

    • 2D does it even need the background?faxion
    • I think I still lean to the more organic bone/hat shape. And if curving the brow I'd probably want to match the nose shape too.5timuli
    • For me, it's a draw between 1A and 1B. I like the brow curve with 1B, but it's not a must-have.Continuity
    • I think I like the blue hat lines, but yeah... now I'm not sure the background is necessary.5timuli
    • flat brow looks stern in comparison to curvedfaxion
    • Agreed, yeah.5timuli
    • b3 the curve adds a lotcannonball1978
    • You could also do 2d without the background and make the hat shortercannonball1978
    • Actually nm that would lose the bone-nesscannonball1978
    • D3 looks less angry. tongue/chin works better to me, and I like the highlight on the hat matching the outline.shellie
  • 5timuli0

    Few more of the earlier suggestions (removing background shape, heart background, etc.).

  • 5timuli1

    Ok, one more question... taller or shorter?

    • shorter does make it look more like a dog treatcannonball1978
    • Maybe also less DICK.5timuli
    • nm i like tallercannonball1978
    • at this point i dont know anymore.Maybe try adding the hat rim curve to the top of the stripes to add more roundnesscannonball1978
    • nm to that too I think you may have already done that. Either of the bottom two and present as variations to client.cannonball1978
    • a.k.a. my wife and her 6,000 design assistants.5timuli
    • shorter is less dicky.. and still, look like bonebrt44
    • Good luck with the venture...and it might just be me and my warped mind. But all I see is an inverted scrotum at the top...BusterBoy
    • ...and a pair of thighs with a bikini bottom below with something angling between.BusterBoy
    • Perfect, just what I was going for!5timuli
    • I like the shortest onescarabin
    • shorty rock.utopian
    • Really very nice. Thoughtful changes here. I dig that you altered the end of the stroke in the hat too. That previous one with the angle was a bit divergent.misterhow
    • I could go either way on tall or short. The bone is more noticeable in the tall one..same for the hat. Shortie works but tall one wins for memisterhow
    • Don't make it color dependant aka the tongue needs to be a proper shape, not just a color, think black and white versiongrafician
    • also shorter looks like a "chef dog" so good?grafician
    • ah ok I see you had a version where the tongue had a stroke - use that!grafician
    • now youre pushing it. have some conviction and make it yours.StoicLevels
    • love the top ones!cherub
    • loving top right!e-wo
    • actually either tope-wo
    • Top right. The shorter one is more dog-treaty and the shorter lines brings up the cute.garbage
    • Also lol to anybody seeing "PENIS" not "DOG TREAT" in this.garbage
    • Short one. Agree the tongue needs a stroke. Ears could use some love, maybe an s curve to suggest a floppy ear? I liked the pink diamond background.monNom
    • ^what StoicLevels saidSimonFFM
    • somehow dogbones look a lot like dickmilfhunter
    • Really nice, I think there's a nice strength to the bottom right without the background colour.pedromendez
    • Bottom right or top right. Everything looks like dick or balls if you stare long enough anyway.ben_
    • I don't see 'penis' here, but I do see 'bone', which I think is clever, if intended.
      Otherwise - 'shorter' here.
    • Shorter. 100%Gnash
    • shorter, has more "personality"renderedred
    • yeah @nairn, I see a bone - as in a dog bone. It's clear. also a dog chef, that's clever too. good job 5timuli.ben_
  • Nairn6

    haha, I came onto QBN y'day and saw the title for this thread in the list and thought "fucking hell, is this where QBN's going? I'm not sure how much more of this shit I can take...". lol

    Turns out it wasn't what I thought it was. Indeed, the opposite.

    Nice work, 5timmers.

    • Thank you!5timuli
    • hahaha! I was also sceptic the first time I clicked the thread but it turned out to be just dog shit ;-)oey_oey
    • once again QBN delivers, nice indeed.oey_oey
  • 5timuli16

    Thank you all so so much for the feedback, it's come a long way from where I started. Honestly, that original version looks like absolute dog shite by comparison.

    Thought I'd post the final-ish form, with some prelim typography. I'm still a bit bothered by the W, but was trying to mirror the dog face a bit, and the original logo (which I realize I never showed anyone). The secondary type is also just a placeholder, but you get the idea. I still need to work on logo composition, then color palettes, etc.

    • Perfect !gonzalle
    • Thanks. Needs tweaking, but I think the overall feel is right. Still contemplating angling the type a little but don't want to overdo it.5timuli
    • it already looks awesomebrt44
    • really nice but agree the W needs a little work and the kerning on Bakeshop (but work in progress as you said).fadein11
    • the dog's face is basically a W, perhaps you could use a variation of that, may be useful for other brand elements also.fadein11
    • Yeah, this was the original logo...…
    • Hey, nice work and development. a bit of difficulties to read wigwag first but it's definitely on the right path. like fadein11 said the kerning a bit less?oey_oey
    • ^ a bit cold, and creepy as fuck if you reverse it out of a dark background.5timuli
    • I read Le figuragdrgs
    • Looks great, I’d say it’s 80% there. The type looks like it needs a bit of love. Perhaps it’s because the dog is geometric and the type looks a bit “wobbly”.Chimp
    • I can't unsee `Le Figurag' now. And yeah, one of my worries was the tightness of the dog and the looseness of the type.5timuli
    • Rigid monoline scripts can look really weird though. Definitely trying to avoid that.5timuli
    • Wig [LOGO] Wagcannonball1978
    • love the icon now, really nice work!pedromendez
    • Diamond hands to post work here and not give up entirely after the QBNers rip it to pieces.shapesalad
    • He's taking this logo to the moon.palimpsest
    • BARKERYcannonball1978
    • @shape i don't think anyone ripped on it. people had opinions... nice work @5timuli, tweak the w a bit and it's great.renderedred
    • yep I didn't see anyone rip it at all.fadein11
    • Check plus! Getting close. Cool to see this develop. Perhaps we’ll see it in future sticker swapsmisterhow
    • Looking good!mort_
    • such a beautifully balanced dog-dickpedromendez
    • It's looking great, the script definitely could use some work, because of the uniformity of the mark, the wonkiness of the script just doesn't seem to work.ben_
    • Not sure if shooting for a ligature is helping or hurting your cause though, maybe that's too much?ben_
    • Drop the connecting line between g and the second w, "wag" will be easier to readdrgs
    • I like it and find it quite inviting. I don't even have a dog.SimonFFM
    • The initial W looks a bit wide. Could be horizontally compressed or narrow the waist to reference the dog face more?monNom
    • You could change the g swash to go backwards and up, a bit like a tail.monNom
    • Great suggestions... BARKSHOP and BARKERY... my wife nearly jumped through the roof.5timuli
    • :)brt44
    • nicebrt44
    • Ugly typo, specially the Wi_was
  • 5timuli1

    Looping the 'w' back on itself helps. The main 'W' still looks a bit like 'lef`. maybe also separating the 'w' from the 'g' helps?

    • I would like to see the third one with the W from the second example. I like how the g's connect as giving hands or tailsoey_oey
    • without overdoing it but just saying the the W in the second example if it had a curl in the beginning too it would also look like a dog :-)oey_oey
    • 2nd one. Coming along nicely!cherub
    • that's the one i like most too as a whole.oey_oey
    • 3rd here.

      Great work, 5timuli
      Best thread so far in 2021!
    • re: 3rd. i prefer the form of Wigwag. Not sure about orientation of 'bakeshop'.Nairn
    • ok, to be a total twat, which is all i know - 4th, but with most of WigWag, *except* first W as is in 3rd. Love that bottom sweep split thing.Nairn
    • </useful human being>Nairn
    • Haha, cheers, all useful feedback.5timuli
  • 5timuli4

    Ok, final round as I'm sure you're all sick of me by now. I'm leaning bottom left or bottom right here.

    • Unfortunately BARKSHOP is used by Barkbox, so that's out.5timuli
    • Probably the middle mark as it's 2-color rather than 3.5timuli
    • bottom rightrenderedred
    • omg. 'barkery' is pefect.
      bottom right.
      this is so win.
    • so yeah, middle bottom + darkeryrenderedred
    • barkery LOLrenderedred
    • Nice one! Middle bottom. The W still feels like it could be simplified for mine.thumb_screws
    • nice man...I like the last two most, with BARKERYoey_oey
    • Barkery...Yesutopian
    • Bottom middle for script (and “W” looks like a dog’s face too) and simplicity in the lil doggo mark. But “Barkery” for the win. Good stuff!ben_
    • Middle bottom but with barkerySimonFFM
    • The W is looking better in the right. Still got some balancing to do with typography but its in right directioncannonball1978
    • I like barkeryAQUTE
    • Uppercase W throws the balance a little ( to me anyway). Have you tried all lowercase? Otherwise bottom-right with a bit more vert space. Great work.Fax_Benson
    • Middle bottomdrgs
    • middle bottom with barkerybrt44
    • Barkery. This pleases me.Continuity
    • Middle bottom looks good.
      Possibly simplify the uppercase W a little?
      It looks a little too detailed in comparison to the other letters.
    • to me, the W in the left row looks more like lef, lefigwag. my choice would be top middle. but i'd get rid of the left loop of the W, e..…
  • i_monk-3

    You should rethink that script. It looks like an off-the-shelf font you've randomly kerned to break the connections.

  • cannonball19780

    Maybe add motion lines to the script tails, like they're wagging?