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  • cherub

    Not sure if anybody else likes this stuff here besides me... I'm a history major. But just in case someone does, here goes.

    Basically after the Romans left, Britain became a viking playground. So much game of throning... and a result so much history and culture. The constant viking incursions shook up the landscape, and the established kingdoms.

    It's a long video but stay with it. You'll learn about Aelfred(Alfred the Great), Æthelstan, Ivar the Boneless, Irish Vikings, King Edmund of East Anglia, the Kingdoms of Essex, Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia, the Picts, the five boroughs, how fortified "burhs" (burgs) came about, where Yorkshire got its name, and how eventually out of East Anglia there came to be a united Angle-land.

    I don't think this will be news to anyone from the UK, as I suspect you learned all this in grade school. You get a pass, hehe. Of course.

    If I messed any of this up, I'm sure you'll tell me : )

  • milfhunter0


    Go watch Vikings. It shows it all.

    • ^ you'd be surprised at how bad UK education is. Back in the 80's 90's one didn't learn anything besides Second World War triumphs.shapesalad
    • Things I remember being taught in History. WWI, WWII, Russian Revolutions, Vietnam, Stonehenge & Henry VIII. They obviously skirted Ireland, India & Boer War.Hayzilla
    • WHAT?? At the very least, I would have expected to see the viking incursions, the norman conquest of England, the establishment of the commonwealth,cherub
    • the acts of union, the colonization of America, and the Renaissance.cherub
    • Are secondary schools really that bad?? I mean today, have they gotten better? The comprehensive ones?cherub
  • Hayzilla0

    My favourite bit of history from this time was when Britain decided to put ALL its gold, riches and antiquities on a remote Island guarded only by unarmed monks. The Vikings hit the fucking jackpot! Yoink! I read it in a Bill Bryson book so could be wrong ;-)