Psilocybin Microdosing

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  • mantrakid

    Has... er... anyone... uh... done it? Has it... uh... you know... helped with your... eh... anxiety? Or... like... general well being?

  • ApeRobot0

    I'd like to try in a more medical way, i already did shrooms twice, but i would like to know what i'm buying and how to.
    Same with LSD.

  • cherub-3

    The wild ones are best.

  • dee-dubs1

    funnily enough i been meaning to ask this on here.. been on all sorts of meds over the years for anxiety but always suffered with the side effects. Read a few positive things about micro-dosing with regards to mental health.

    Assume there is no semi legal way to do it in the UK?

    • Nope, but you can order truffles from Holland and experiment.Nairn
    • wouldn't they still get stopped at the border.. especially now we are not in the EU?dee-dubs
    • They get sent in unmarked packages and as they're not coke or weed, unlikely to get caught out by any dogs that are on duty that day...Nairn
    • Hypothetically... what would be the fall out if they did sniff 'em out UK side of the border.Morning_star
    • I've heard you get a notice from Customs and you can either admit it and get cuffed or plead ignorance, bcos obvs you didn't use your own nameNairn
    • disclosure: i myself have not actually ordered any for private use from abroad since they were banned in 2005.Nairn
    • I was just curious a year ago so checked with some companies we used to deal with to see what they were up to and saw a load of reviews from UK buyers.Nairn
    • Huh, either I'm lying or things have changed in the last year, but 2 sites I just checked are no longer selling to the UK (or elsewhere in the EU)Nairn
    • So, I can't recommend any companies personally, however https://uk.trustpilo…Nairn
    • ..was one that cropped up in my check and they appear to be willing to mail to the UKNairn
    • Thanks.Morning_star
    • I (know someone who) bought a grow kit and truffles a few years ago and it all turned up nicely packages and worked a treat - apparantly!Ianbolton
  • ideaist0

    I have a friend with MS who preaches the use of psilocybin; other friends toying with microdosing various things to resolve various ailments (namely depression, anxiety, etc.)

    The handful or two of times i've taken them (NON microdosed), it's always a massively life altering experience; feelings of near death, extreme life and connectivity to the moment and the space i'm in. The following day their is always a feeling of relief that I survived "the trip" and all is well in the world for at least a few days / weeks afterwards...

    ...THAT being said, since COVID-19, I've been off drugs 100%. I smoked a puff of weed 6 months or so back and had a massive panic / anxiety attack.

    Beer and weed is all you need, some say. My only advice is "sip it, don't rip it" and "handle your high".

    : )


  • spot133

    I have to admit I decided to give microdosing shrooms a try as a healthier alternative to smoking weed and drinking alcohol. My first thought was, 'why haven't I been doing this my whole life', it's amazing! My doctor tells me my liver is back to normal health and there is really no side effects or after effects, I can't say enough good about it. You do need to find the right shrooms as they're all a little different, my fav for microdosing is Golden Teacher, just the right balance with that type.

    • How much is your dose and how often?mantrakid
    • Like 0.2g every 3-4 hoursspot13
    • It's best to start low and see what works for youspot13
    • Different shrooms grow in different places.
      Melbourne has lots of them growing in the wild which is easy to find, once you know-how.
    • Oh and it helps with depression too.Sellies
  • drgs-6

    Stop trying to solve your life with drugs/supplements

    • to each their own, but I agree.
      solve anxiety with meditation/breathing practice...and use drugs for fun or enhancement :-)
    • that's like saying 'stop trying to solve your hunger problems with food'GuyFawkes
    • Let me rephrase:
      Stop trying to solve your hunger problems with psilocybin microdosing
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    • It’s not a solution, just a toolscarabin
    • yupGuyFawkes
    • username don't fitgarbage
    • if people have naturally high level of stress hormones why not balance them out to bring you level with everyone else?_niko
    • "Everyone else" in this thread is microdosing psilocybin, so I guess I am the only one with normal stress levels, something is wrong with this picturedrgs
    • same chemicals are released when exercising or meditating, what's the difference what the delivery method is?
      Should we stop running too?
    • and we all love the buzz we get from coffee or the chill effects from a glass of wine, so why would this be more stigmatizing?_niko
    • https://www.psypost.…drgs
  • GuyFawkes0

    yes, just waiting for that rainy season again.

  • _niko2

    I tried it on and off for the past 6 or so months.

    Once every three days for a couple of weeks then I take a month or two break.

    I found that your mind is sharper, no anxiety and it gives you a re-focus in life, a new perspective and a new ambition.

    As spot13 said each one is different, the first one was also great for adhd I was hyper focused and got tons of work done with no zombifying effects of the adderrall crash, it was just beautiful. The second strain had the benefits of the first but I found it harder to concentrate and get work done.

    The only side effect in each case was my inability to have lucid dreams, you do dream more but you’re not in control just along for the ride.

    Start small, all you need is .3 g or so.

  • Nairn2

    For the record - I used to sell shrooms, like a lot of them, so with that in mind:

    The difference in strains is basically down to the amount of psychoactive compound it has, and whatever's going on in your head when you buy / prepare / consume them. Literally, there is no difference between strains other than the amount of psilocybin in.

    I know you know otherwise, but trust me, you're wrong.

    GT's just an easy to grow cubensis strain. The reason it exists in a popular context is because it happened to be easy to cultivate and was used back when growing mushrooms at home became popularised. It might be stronger or weaker than other cubensis strains, but you could take more of a weaker strain or less of a stronger one and end up with exactly the same physical response. Everything else is just your mind building up a narrative for itself. Of course, that's cosy, but don't let it dictate a trip (eg. "Oh gee, I think these mushrooms aren't good - i think they're going to give me a bad trip". No - you're doing that to yourself, the mushrooms are entirely innocent).

    I'm labouring this as people can get fixated on one particular strain and get antsy if they can't come by it again.

  • burnt0
  • noneck3

    I've done small doses of mushrooms (~1-2g) a handful of times over the past year. Always felt clearer and sharper for days after. I skied Lake Louise on mushrooms in November. 10/10 experience.

    About a month ago I was having a shitty week. Couldn't focus on work, didn't feel like doing anything. Really unproductive. Like mild depression and increased ADD. I was getting good sleep, hydrating, good diet, and plenty of exercise. So I cleared my day and took a 0.5g dose. Really light.

    I felt better, but wasn't very productive. Too distracted. Everything seemed like a good idea. But it snapped me out of that funk pretty well. So it's something I'll try doing again when I need to.

    I would definitely recommend starting with the basics for good mental health though. Sleep! Drink water. Eat healthily. Get exercise (preferably outside).

  • scarabin4

    I’ll microdose for a couple weeks at a time every couple years for mental health. Usually happens when i’m in a rut. Helps elevate my mood and increase my motivation just enough to help me do the things i need to pull myself out.

    Usually i’ll make up a batch of .5gm chocolates, eat half of one in the morning, then eat the other half mid-day. I think this is more than others do but it’s the butter zone for me. For acid it’s just one dose.

    It’s just a stepping stone though, you still have to do your personal work


    I did it a little different. Start with one big dose (full trip). Get that wiring set up 'out of the gate.' Then medium dose every other Friday.

    I have seen my ego dissolve, I have more empathy for coworkers, and overall less stressed about work. The biggest improvement is I don't nervous before presentations anymore. My confidence has broken through an anxiety barrier.

  • scarabin3

    There’s a thriving microdose community on reddit. Might be worth checking out their wiki and reading their stories…

  • lemmy_k8

    Wait, you can take SMALL amounts of these?

  • mantrakid4

    Haha awesome info thanks all! Yeah i definitely swear by large doses for more intense spiritual 'realignments', i almost used to consider a mushroom trip as important, if not more, than a birthday in terms of 'seeing and dealing with shit' internally.

    I guess from what ive read about microdosing (0.1-0.3g) is you dont get a trip AT ALL, but its more of a shift of your baseline mood / mentality / awareness / acceptance / focus.

    It honestly sounds too good to be true, but im curious as hell. Hearing some of your stories helps tho!

  • cherub0

    Boil them and sweeten the water with something, like tang. Throw away the stems, they're dirty.

    That's how to make mushroom tea. I've only ever done this with psilocybin cubensis found in the wild.

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    • Upvoted for Tangmantrakid
    • I didn’t downvote but probably because he’s throwing half the mushroom away instead of just brushing it offscarabin
    • the other meaning of dirty, like dirty acidcherub
  • garbage3

    I personally don't get much out of microdosing, but I have friends that swear by it. I'm more about the occasional normal dose.

    That said, the last time I did shrooms was at some deep woods bachelor party, and we all thought bouldering this ridge with a waterfall in the dark was a good idea.

    Woke up with a massive bone bruise on my shin and couldn't walk for a week. Point being shrooms are great and use them how you like, but bachelor parties are always a bad idea.

    • This is why I support the War on Bachelor Partiesnb
    • I also did 'shrooms last at a deep woods bachelor party ;) We came face to face with a brown bear on the trail out.monospaced
    • lol, high fives all around.garbage
    • holy fuck i couldnt imagine coming across a bear high hahahahamantrakid
    • @mono that might have been big footGuyFawkes
  • mantrakid4

    So i went a week with about 150mg a day and was getting headaches at the end of the day that were becoming more and more persistent by the end of the week. I stopped for the 'recommended break' between daily dosing (5 days on, 2 days off, and my headaches persisted a few more days so i decided to wait till they went away entirely, which they did but now its been a couple days and i dont really have an interest in getting back into it cuz im worried the headaches will come back :)

    As far as the dosing, i was actually quite surprised that i still actually felt 'something' on that small of an amount.. but it was more akin to like maybe a kid drinking an americano for the first time.. i felt 'clear' and definitely able to focus a bit better, and almost less emotionally reactive, just more willing to roll with shit good or bad, but not like 'dead inside'... i still kinda felt philosophical and felt things had a more acute sense of meaning, like unimportant shit i felt ok with considering it unimportant. more important shit i felt more tuned into and accepting of its importance.

    I honestly have enjoyed this past week of NOT having it just as much as i enjoyed the first couple days of dosing (before the headaches got annoying). I feel calmer / chiller than i might normally feel. Maybe its placebo effects but ill take em!

    Thats my report :)

    • Thanks for the update!scarabin
    • Try an even smaller dose?nb
    • Spread it out, one dose every three days is the sweet spot_niko
    • thx _niko, will try!mantrakid
    • Just say no, seems to be more pleased for you.shapesalad
  • nb2

    I don't really buy the 5-days-a-week microdose theory.

    In my experience with mushrooms (never microdose, only "regular") the positive mental state lasts for MONTHS after the day you were high. It diminishes, but it's there. So it doesn't make sense that you'd microdose every day, unless that dose lasts for 10 minutes or something and the rest of the day is the after-effects?

    Has anyone tried microdosing once per week? Or twice a month? Seems like that would be better. Microdose Sunday! Hit that shit on the way to church and be good the rest of the week!

    • agreed, it's not about taking the same amount every day on a schedule, it's more about just keeping your levels up a bit to get the positive effect over timespot13