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  • BusterBoy

    OK so as part of this business I'm involved with, we need to make a bunch of presentations to industry constituents. The information is relatively dry..some graphics (tables, graphs and some photos)...with a decent amount of text.

    So it's relatively "corporate".

    And some of these presentations will be made in person being projected onto a larger screen. But in the current environment, we'll also need to do some via Zoom.

    Any suggestions as far as colours go? We have no brand guidelines as yet, so pretty much anything goes. We've created one version with white background and black text, but it doesn't have a huge amount of visual impact.

    What are the thoughts on presentations with a black background? And perhaps orange text for key points or headlines?

    Any ideas welcome.

  • thumb_screws1

    I used to have to set up presso decks where you have no control over how they would be used. Projected, laptop, cinema screen, printed, tablet... pretty much anything. Always found punching out white text on a darker /vibrant background as pretty safe approach. Just makes sure there is a fait bit of contrast between the text and background.

    Default colours I'd fall back on were deep oranges, darker greens, deep blues (almost navy). Darker colours from the style guide of the brand that was being used. Had some success with gradients too, purple to oranges.

    Also client would always try and cram as much info as they could on one slide, If you can minimise that, it makes a massive difference.

    • Thanks!BusterBoy
    • Acceptable to change from a dark background with light text to the opposite, mid pres?BusterBoy
    • Yeah, I used to use the solids to indicate a chapter/topic change or for call out text. Then use black on white when the content was getting a bit heavier.thumb_screws