Windows 11 impressions?

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  • sausages6

    Windows 11 is just ok for me. UI is nicer but sometimes makes you dig deeper for some settings than win10 which can be annoying at times. No compelling reason to upgrade that's for sure. Stability is the same so far.

    Macs are dogshit for the 3d work I do and I need to get shit done now rather than wait for apple to release new tech to play catch up.

    The only thing I miss about osx is is column view in the finder. Everything else is interchangeable in terms of productivity and to say otherwise is pretty dumb. The dev experience running large node projects is the same if not a bit quicker in my experience on PC as well.

    My laptop also has no notch so there's that too.

    • Does Win11 have a QuickLook equivalent? As much as I like Explorer, I really miss QL when I do file management on Windows.pusherbot
    • The QuickLook extension does preview with spacebar, Apple-style. I aasume this works here too.jagara
    • Oops, sorry, haha. Misread :)jagara
  • nb4

  • jagara1

    Jesus. It is inevitable. I asked a question AIMED AT THE FUCKING PC USERS.



    • *uninterested
    • Sorry mate for hijacking your thread
      Just surprised someone would knowingly still upgrade windows if given the chance of something better, that's all
    • grrrjagara
    • Your example of why macOS is better is because of defrag. But that really isn’t a good example. And it doesn’t require being so mean to everyone.monospaced
    • LOL OMG
      That's ONE example! The fact you jumped me for stating facts is amazing
    • also FYI I used Win 3.1, 95, 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, 7/vista
      I stopped at vista cuz that was peak fucking Windows
    • SO jagara, if you're asking to upgrade to Win 11, the answer is fucking NO
      Keep 10 maybe forever
      that's all
    • Nahhh XP was peak windows.pango
    • calm downmonospaced
    • Vista was a bloated shit.pango
    • Anything before 10 was shitGuyFawkes
    • 7 gets a passGuyFawkes
    • BarelyGuyFawkes
  • grafician-12

    • jagara
    • No really, how can anyone still use Windoz when there's Mac OS available?grafician
    • because Mac OS is tied to apple computer. and frankly, i dont see the appeal for apple computer anymore.pango
    • so you use a crappy OS and much inferior experience to get back at appple? hmmmgrafician
    • "much inferior experience":
      you vapid sandrat, crawl back to your jizzplastered cage and work on mastering your english reading comprehension skills.
    • the choice is great tech for price but shitty windows. or. Expensive tech for price and lovely mac osx. thought 10.14 was best.shapesalad
    • "much inferior experience" that's subjective. i've grown to dislike OS UI with their needless updates in the last year of me using applepango
    • i was using Win10 and mOS simultaneously. Win10 actually won me over.pango
    • @sted are you okay buddy? I write like that on purpose, but will do my best to make it very easy for you only nexy time mkay?grafician
    • "much inferior experience": do I still have to remind you guys you need to defrag your hard drive on Windoz?

    • Listen dimwitt. i don't mind that you're trying, maybe one day it will be entertaining, but until that: read and spend 5 mins to understand the topic subjectsted
    • If you understand the topic AND If you have something to contribute then spend a few mins drafting your post/note.sted
    • but if you have obsolete knowledge, or no knowledge at all on the subject do this in a non lecturing way, maybe with QUESTIONS.sted
    • anyhow go back to spectator mode because what you're doing here just pushes your reputation lower. And don't forget: everybody will see this, forever.sted
    • i have not defrag for 2 yrs now. still running strong. :/pango
    • soooo where's your contribution sted?grafician
    • also PSA. dont defrag SSD.pango
    • do you guys ever get tired of this fandom?pango
    • @pango can't even remember the last time i had to defrag a drive. Maybe in the pre SATA3 ages. And yeah SSD, NvMe has trimming, dumb to defragsted
    • @pango You see too how annoying it is that somebody comes here and starts arrogantly lecturing people, while being utterly stupid.sted
    • pretty sure Windoz auto defrags anyway since windows 8, but feel free to check on that lolgrafician
    • yes pango you do trim for ssd

      was just pointing out no mac user or linux user needed to defrag anything ever
    • discussing upgrading win 10 to win 11 is silly either way but hey it's a free forumgrafician
    • doesn't that mean "i" dont have to defrag? so what's the problem?pango
    • any actually criticism other than "i dont like it" ?pango
    • the criticism was that "much inferior experience" part and everybody knows that
      if you're just asking win 10 v win 11 = win 10 ofc
    • Defrag? I haven't defragged my drives since Windows XP :)jagara
    • again. "inferior experience" is subjective.
      i felt annoyed with the experience with apple, so i exclusively use Win10 at home now.
    • again. any actually criticism other than subjective preference "i dont like it" ?pango
    • lol think different pangografician
    • really? apple ad? how different is it really for most people other than exclusive software?pango
    • in the world where everyone uses apple, wouldnt use win be the one to "think different"pango
    • fuck them ads. use what's best for you and what you need. nothing wrong with either. I still use both. just prefer win at home.pango
    • Sure, I was just proposing to get the latest Mac OS instead of an upgrade from Win 10 to Win 11
      But everybody does as he pleases ofc
    • btw the first computer I used was an HC just to get an idea of my "obsolete knowledge"

    • I think windows 11 is a HUGE improvement over 10. So much UI improvement that was badly needed. Faster and easier on the eyes.monospaced
    • so you're proposing instead of not getting a free upgrade (which i'm not getting) i should shell out few Ks to buy another computer just so i can use mOS?pango
    • lolscanoe
  • grafician-8
    • win11? ya dont upgrade yet. i've not seen this screen personally at all with win10pango
    • yes in 11 they reintroduced the blue screen
      it's right there in the article linked
    • our mentally challenged einstein linked an article about the decision that they will bring back BSoD to windows...sted
    • this has nothing to do with the upgrade.sted
    • it just points out Windows is still shit, that's allgrafician
    • When I was using mac, Instead of bluescreen, it would just freeze or restart. Not sure which is superior. Tho crashing is really rare for my win10 and mOS.pango
    • Kernel panic on OSX is the same shit by a different name. Crashes happen to the OS no matter the platformsausages
  • grafician-9

    "Defrag Windows 11 with Drive Optimization

    Windows 11 comes with a defrag tool to defragment your hard drive. With it, you can custom something to automatically run defragmentation to optimize your PC hard drive. The following is how to defrag Windows 11 PC.

    1. Open the Windows Settings app via the shortcut combination Win + I.

    2. Under the System tab, go to click Storage from the right section.

    3. Scroll down and click Advanced storage settings.

    4. Choose Drive optimization and the Optimize Drives window will open."…

    @jagara yup, it's there alright, just because you don't do it, doesn't mean...

    • stfu alreadymonospaced
    • I thought that you were an Apple user Graf?utopian
    • I am. I was just proving these guys that Windows still defrags, and windows 11 is still shitgrafician
    • who the fuck asked for this?
      only do it if you have mechanical filled over 70%.
    • @monospace at this point your like a maga guy refusing to believe the facts
      Cognitive dissonance much
    • Windows does auto defrag already and it isn’t even necessary with an ssd. Weird post.monospaced
    • Excuse me? I’m like what and why? You’re being a little spaz again.monospaced
    • @monospaced guy just can't let go this defrag thing, already burned once:…
    • why are you here again mono?grafician
    • I actually use windows 11 and macOS regularly. And you?monospaced
    • I’m also a professional career designer. So that’s why I’m here.monospaced
    • @sted baby I stated that windows needs defragmentation still in windows 11
      I was right, you guys went ballistic
    • No it doesn’t. It’s just an optional tool.monospaced
    • you also said Apple is a closed system, I posted in Apple thread the latest MBP running Linux
      you also said Apple is for advanced users while kids use it
    • you also said monospace Windows 11 is great upgrade while still having the fucking blue screen of death lol
      you guys are simply amusing
    • calm downmonospaced
    • 1st.: only if you have a mechanical drive.
      2nd: nobody needs to get a reminder since it's automatic.
    • "do I still have to remind you guys you need to defrag your hard drive on Windoz? "
      just to remind everybody this was your contribution.
    • call baby that tiny acne between your legs.sted
    • MacOs is a Unix system, learn the difference.sted
    • Here you go sted the percent of PCs still needing defrag in 2021 lol
    • yeah it's UNIX that's why I was fucking proposing to get a Mac instead of Windows 11 lolgrafician
    • Your proposing to get a new machines instead of free OS updated... Weird comparison...pango
    • Go back to school learn proper English, it won't help with the delusions you have about yourself, just makes our life easier.sted
    • Bringing the "HDDs and SSDs: global shipments 2015-2021" statistics into this argument shows the understanding of a kid in elementary school.sted
    • What delusions man?! Were discussing software! Get a grip!grafician
    • Bringing some numbers to the discussion to make a point should be normal
      But you're a lunatic jumping people for no reason lol
    • If you don't agree with me, move on, nobody forcing you or that idiot monospaced to comment to my postsgrafician
    • Who is still stuck on defrag in a topic about windows update or ordering everybody around? Here is a number, but pay attention: you're indescribably dumb.sted
    • @sted baby but I don't care what you think, your outbursts are hilariousgrafician
    • Why are you and that monospaced here? to criticise my comments and posts?

      oh boy what a sad waste of your time
  • CyBrainX1

    I've been using Windows for only two years. What I miss the most is viewing options in the Finder. I miss being able to open multiple folders to see their contents at the same time. Microsoft has the Peep It extension but that won't let you space bar to preview files in an open dialogue box.

    Has Windows 11 addressed either of these issues?

    • The QuickLook extension does preview with spacebar, Apple-style :)jagara
    • Also the preview pane previews everything without having to press the spacebar.zarkonite
  • jagara1

    God, here we go.

    As an ex Mac user who quit because I couldn't afford Apple products, sure, I miss certain aspects of MacOS. I'll even admit that It's more stable and more user friendly.

    But day-to-day, I don't think about it. Because the software that I use is the same. The EXACT same. Only difference: I use Ctrl instead of the Apple key now. That's it. Windows on high quality hardware works great.

    • ^pango
    • with Windows/Linux OS systems hardware is critical, just like user behavior since the OS allows a lot to alter software/hardware behavior.sted
    • With Apple product you get a closed system, where these things require a lot more expertise from the users end.sted
    • so what you're saying sted is that Mac OS is for smart people and the rest for dumb people rrrrright?grafician
    • but I would disagree - the fact is even children use Apple products lolgrafician
    • @jagara asking: so you afford high quality hardware for Windows but not affording a Mac?grafician
    • pretty sure children us win10, mOS, iOS, Android. not sure what the point is here.pango
    • @grafician yes. Because it's still a lot cheaper to buy a high end PC than a Mac.jagara
    • @pango "With Apple product you get a closed system, where these things require a lot more expertise from the users end.
    • Also, getting refurbished high end hardware makes it REALLY cheap.jagara
    • just sted trying to prove he's smart somehowgrafician
    • oh ok, i think he meant pro end build your own PC. which is true.pango
    • @sted here buddy Apple is not a closed system as you say:…grafician
    • Funny how people get so worked up and tribalistic about this. Use what you want.jagara
    • @jagara would you agree a new Apple M1 at $900 is faster than a PC over $1k?grafician
    • jagara nothing tribalistic about it, just trying to point out there is a better thingy than any windows system and confused people dismiss it
      yeah use whatever
    • Windows 11 trying to be Mac OS now,
      but also trying to Linux with a lot of open source...
      Oh boy get a grip Microshit
    • M1 chip is still new. Yes, that thing is stellar. Which is why I'm waiting for a PC with similar specs before i upgrade :)jagara
    • M1 chip is a few years old tech already
      Similar spec high-end PCs are actually pricier than Macs
      Compare Dells and HPs workstations to Macs
  • Nairn5

    As a Windows user, I see absolutely no reason - compelling or otherwise - to leap onto the upgrade wagon.

    I'll do it when I need to, but there'll be no excitement when it comes to (for reference, I only upgraded my main desktop from W7 to W10 earlier this year, so I'm perhaps not a great reference for your question).

    • +1Wordsworth
    • Win 10 is very good, IMO.jagara
    • After a week on 11 I don't see the need to upgrade.palimpsest
    • YupGuyFawkes
    • ya. just upgraded to win10 last yearpango
    • Yeah, I was wary about w10 telemetry, but O&O ShutUp10+ sorts that - otherwise it's just w7, but supported... .Nairn
    • you can disable telemetry in a lot of ways.
      that's the cool about windows that you have access to a lot of tools...
    • XP still runs most of the UK's gambling machines, so stable that mofofadein11
    • And CNC machines :)Nairn
    • MS's finest hourfadein11
  • jagara0

    @palimpsest was the upgrade smooth? Any compatibility issues?

    • Very smooth, just a restart.
      No compatibly issues so far. Like I said, I mostly use Chrome so I'm not messing around in the Windows environment much.
  • ok_not_ok0

    I have this issue...I'm new to PC and Windows 11. When grabbing windows to move around I can't grab on the first press and hold down, is this normal?

  • trooperbill0

    been using it since day one. no major issues so far

  • pango0

    lol my PC doesn't meet the requirement for it

  • palimpsest-2

    I upgraded last week. Still haven't seen any major difference or improvement. Most of the time I'm using Chrome. I've done a couple of scans, pdfs and prints. Haven't installed anything yet.

  • jagara1

    @Nairn I'm with you as far as waiting, possibly long, for a new OS version to become stable. I never "leap" onto the upgrade wagon. Late adopter for sure :)

  • formed0

    I never "upgrade" until at least a year in. Windows 10 has been flawless for me for years, no reason to change, not until it's been thoroughly time-tested.