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  • catpower6

    Apologies for the delay. I've tried to write an update several times but have found it challenging to be concise. I don't want to barrage the feed again, but there are many moving parts.

    tl;dr — my junk remains persistent.

    We still see each other, but our "relationship" has devolved into a purely sexual and open thing. We meet up to fuck once a week, and that's it. Deplorable is the only word that comes to mind. Our time is so intense — we laugh about it because we both know it's not normal or healthy. Not great.

    She's still seeing one sugar daddy, which is so absurd. A few weeks ago, we were texting, and I asked her what she was doing. She replied, "do you really want to know?" I was like, "that's why I asked."

    She then sent me a series of pix over the next 40 minutes. She was fucking some dude and kept going to the bathroom to send me mirror selfies of how disheveled she was progressively getting. "I wish you were here. You could teach him a thing or two." The "sweet" sentiment mixed with the level 10 depravity is so fucked up, darkly humorous, and kinda hot. It's all so fucked up.

    She lets me choke her, spit on her, fuck her in the ass, tie her up and fist her — everything is in play. She's incredibly submissive to me, which has brought out my "domme" side like never before. I forget that not all women are like this.

    This has fucked up my "normal" dating life with the other women.

    For example, I was hooking up with this girl for the first time a few weeks ago. We had regular foreplay — it was hot — she pulled off her panties, bent over, stuck her ass in the air, and pulled her cheeks apart with her hands. My perverted ass thought she was signaling anal. So I started licking her pussy and then ass from behind. I could tell she was surprised when I touched her devil eye, but she leaned in.

    I laid my persistent cock on her asshole, and she was like, "um, no?" And I was like, "obviously." Again, I would never have thought like this in the past. I need to recalibrate back to reality.

    Another bi-product of this shit is that I've gotten pulled into her sketchy-ass world.

    Her roommate does these high-end happy-ending massages. There's a network of these places all over the country, and they fly girls around. It's pretty shocking how organized it all is. It's like the Breaking Bad of hand jobs. Anyway, I got intrigued, so I called the number and set up a time with one of the girls.

    All this shit has made me absurdly comfortable (read: jaded) with nudity, runaways, and sketchy sex. So I called this number, a girl answered and gave me the address, and I entered this super sketchy, dingy, small one-room studio with a massage table in the middle. She directed me to disrobe and lay down. *cue awkward boner

    She started rubbing me all over, and I instinctively reached up and started rubbing her back. I can't explain it, but I could just tell what she wanted. I rolled over, and started putting my fingers into her mouth, and she literally said, "oh fuck, how did you know that was my thing?!" We started making out, and she went down on me, forcing my cock down her throat until she choked. It was intense.

    Anyway, we finished and started chatting. I suspect that most guys in these situations try to over-sexualize the whole thing and/or give off weird energy, but I was so calm. We started talking about music, and vibed quickly. She offered me a blunt as we got dressed, and she was like, "we should see each other outside of here sometime."

    We exchanged numbers and went out this past weekend. Our chemistry was amazing. We ate, and then I took her to a hotel I had booked. Again, the only word that comes to mind is deplorable. She literally said, "I want you to trash me." *cue awkward boner again

    We fucked for two hours easily. Crazy shit. I had her balled up on her side with her hands bound behind her back with my belt hard. I was fucking her so hard that my hip joints started hurting (and this is how you know you're getting old... fuck.). She started cumming and said, "I just want to be a good girl for you, daddy," in this little voice. Though her convulsing was insanely hot, this phrase is the worst thing I've ever heard. Not great.

    Though we didn't explicitly talk about it, it was evident that all of this god-tier sexual energy resulted from trauma. It's easy to forget this when you're balls deep in a 27-year-old. I also had a rough childhood, but it has only recently dawned on me that all of my absurdity is probably partially the result of trauma. It puts you in a weird place.

    But my junk is anything if not persistent. I pulled her off the bed and onto the floor. I picked her up, yanked her head back by the hair, and came all over her face. We both collapsed on the carpet and started giggling. Her ass was bright red, hair wrecked, mascara running, and her face glistening with cum. She said, "you get me," and then nuzzled on my chest.

    Sexual compulsions seem to work like every other addiction — to keep the "high" going requires constant escalation. I don't do drugs, but I have an addictive personality. I've recognized this pattern in the past, but this "relationship" has pushed me over the edge. I do things that feel so foreign to who I really am. Not great.

    I have a few other absurd anecdotes to share. In the interest of length, I'll close it here for now. *awaits judgment

    • 50 Shades of CatpowerRamanisky2
    • Uff. Clearly not something I can just skim through.Continuity
    • This is how we end up with monkeypox.palimpsest
    • I can't wait for this series on Netflix.CyBrainX
    • lol @ palimpsestContinuity
    • cool story brosarahfailin
    • kinda gross and stupiddasohr
    • You really meet some charming characters here on QBN, choking spitting up ass... you both need therapy, sort out your aggression.shapesalad
    • You need to take yourself and all these girls to see Dr Paul Conti: https://youtu.be/kKi…shapesalad
    • You’re addicted to your own brains dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins and losing control of free will.shapesalad
    • The sugar daddy thing is disgusting, you filthy fucker. AIDS 2.0 will get you for realbabydick_
    • power of the kitty indeedimbecile
    • James Deen meets Marla Singer of Fight Clubstoplying
    • Agree, gross and stupid. And boring. Instead of evolution towards a real but distorted connection, it’s a (paid) tour leading to dick ennui.cannonball1978
    • golf claps.
      as long as it's not fucking up your life or anyone else's. bravo
    • Degree of obsession reminds me of 'Broken Embraces': https://www.youtube.…SimonFFM
    • Looks like majority of QBN is more vanilla than kinky and somehow this feels relieving to me (else I had felt odd for not needing hard stuff).SimonFFM
    • The Dark Side. Tempting it is, exiting. Astray it will lead you. Destroy you it will. Hmmm, yeehs!jagara
    • That bitch was rude to not take in the ass. She let you taste her dinner but won't let you push it in? Now her ass too good for your dick? Hell naw!palimpsest
    • Even the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.palimpsest
    • the forum asks for an update then downvotes him? how many republicans at heart do we have here?imbecile
    • Thanks, Elon.palimpsest
    • I'm over this cuckery. Can't wait for Philadelphia 2babydick_
    • There's a disappointing amount of prude judgement here.CyBrainX
    • true story or not, an update everyone kept asking for, upvoted :) we are happy you are still alive!rzu-rzu
    • I'm still waiting for a total cost of services in dollars.cannonball1978
    • Yeah, I don't get the downvoting, but QBN gonna QBN I guess. I swear this is all true. It's not like I come off looking awesome in all this.catpower
    • Wow. Thanks for sharing. I feel jealous and grateful at the same time.pusherbot
    • I hear angels singing as I read this.Akagiyama
    • I think the downvotes are mostly just because it sounds so fake, and if real it's so poorly written that it's still boring.garbage
    • garbage, I'm downvoting your side note.CyBrainX
    • and I'm ok with that. The narrative doesn't seem real, and if it is, it's pretty dull mid-life crisis.garbage
    • if this is dull, what I wonder what a spicy mid-life criss looks like....inteliboy
    • onlyfans? i'm ready to subscribe. lolsea_sea
  • catpower0

    @nb — Yes, I always wear protection. I will say this, though. Over the past few years, I've been with a stupid amount of women in various ways, and NOT ONE has asked for protection when giving oral. I always insist on it, and they look at me like I'm a little green man who's speaking in tongues. So weird.

    • https://i.imgur.com/…imbecile
    • https://getyarn.io/y…nb
    • Do you remember the cling film for cunnilingus?jagara
    • Benefits of one long term monogamous partner, don't have to worry about STDs and condoms.shapesalad
    • Jesus Christ... I'd take a healthy partner and no rubber over a bunch of whores and bj's in a rubber. Fuck me.babydick_
    • Condom for oral? A bit overkill. You may also get run over by a car.NBQ00
    • @NBQ00 I don't know, man... if you google it, seems like oral is as dangerous as vaginal for STIs...catpower
    • You wanna put a condom on a vagina before you go down on her?NBQ00
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    So when exactly is HBO buying the tv rights?

  • nb1

    You at least wearing jimmyhats?

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    I think this belongs here.

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    3 months without an update.

    catpower, let us know you're OK!

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    He dead...

  • sea_sea6

    I'm here for this thread. XD lolol

    • Season 2 is going to be litRamanisky2
    • Totally binged it in one sitting.sea_sea
    • I've been sharing it with non-QBNers. They want more. I feel bad telling them the series is on hiatus.CyBrainX
    • Didn't get renewed, I guess.Continuity
  • nb1

    89% liked this.

    In this modern update on Cinderella, a prostitute and a wealthy businessman fall hard for one another, forming an unlikely pair. While on a business trip in L.A., Edward, who makes a living buying and breaking up companies, picks up a hooker, Vivian, on a lark. After Edward hires Vivian to stay with him for the weekend, the two get closer, only to discover there are significant hurdles to overcome as they try to bridge the gap between their very different worlds.

  • utopian6

    • I call it ... "the treadmill"AQUTE
    • This thread is about as real as this gif. We just like to believe.garbage
  • _niko4

    Hmm, Bobo gets banned and cat power stops posting...coincidence?

    • Bobo got banned? This is wonderful news.BuddhaHat
    • Trolls are the salt of QBN, were are the boring bread.drgs
    • i take drgs statement with a grain of salt.neverscared
    • if cat power was bobo then...then...oh no!!!oey_oey
    • Bobo was banned months or years ago. What’s this about exactly?monospaced
    • qbn police readiness teststed
  • nb2

    Reading that long .org post it occurred to me that just because you weren’t aroused by that one guy does not mean you’re not gay. For example, I love women but it’s not like I’m sexually attracted to 100% of them. Not even close.

    It’s a bit juvenile to presume that if you were gay you would be aroused by all men in all scenarios. For example, you may have been simply afraid of being emasculated in a group setting and that made you soft. It’s actually quite likely.

    Just saying.

    • I’ve never met you mate, but already I find you attractive. But I’m not gayIanbolton
    • I don’t get it, but hinb
    • Theoretically possible but I doubt he's gay.CyBrainX
    • Probably not, but it’s too small a sample size to be conclusive. That is allnb
    • As he was aroused by a girl he was only gay in the sense of being happy, for sure. But even if — being gay isn’t anything negative, so there isn’t a point.SimonFFM
    • So, technically that makes us all deeply closeted.palimpsest
    • It's not that we don't like dick, it's that we haven't found the right dick yet.palimpsest
    • I like my dick ...Continuity
    • Guess I'm gay for myself. :\Continuity
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    He dad

  • _niko6

    this her? :)

    • Leave JazX, Brabo_Brabo, BoBo's girlfriend out of this!utopian
    • Lolscarabin
    • Everyone hated JazX but he kept FMT going.CyBrainX
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    two months without an update.

    catpower, let us know you're OK

    • This could very well end up being a True Crime story on Dateline NBCRamanisky2
    • I was wondering, too.SimonFFM
    • right?Krassy
    • Oh, ohOBBTKN
    • dead?utopian
    • He's locked up in an organ farm somewhere in Chinapango
    • probably on set filming with NetflixKrassy
    • Ripnb
    • Turns out she’s Russian and he’s of Ukraine heritage.shapesalad
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    I’m waiting to see the bill on all of this.

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    I'm just gonna leave this here...


  • catpower0

    So there we were, sitting and laying on this platform bed, and the girls started making out. My girl actually initiated it. I've been in exactly one threesome in my life, so I didn't know the rules of engagement. When in doubt, let the girls lead.

    While they were making out, I started disrobing my girl and taking off my clothes. Eventually, the goth girl took my hand and put it on her breast, which I took as consent to get dicked down.

    The night was kind of a blur from there.

    The highlights:

    Had secs. The goth girl and I had incredible chemistry. So hot. I remember fucking her missionary while my girl was getting fucked doggy over her. Other couples came around us, but none overtly joined. The visuals were a lot to take, though. Just sex everywhere. Stimulus overload.

    The lowlights:

    I was surprised that I felt jealous watching "my girl" have sex. It was manageable but odd regardless. An entirely new feeling. And speaking of new feelings, I was fucking the goth girl when I pulled my cock out to smack her clit with it.

    The guy reached over and touched my dick, which was both new and unwelcome. I "let" him stroke me a couple of times, but then I pulled away. My dick went from being high school hard to soft in about five seconds.

    It's confirmed: I'm not gay.

    Anyway, the night went on for an eternity. At somewhere around 3 am, we got dressed and went home. Believe it or not, I didn't finish. We fell asleep immediately back at the hotel. But when I woke up with morning wood while coming off of a four-hour edge fest, I started jacking off instinctively while she lightly caressed me.

    As she laid on her back, I straddled her and came the equivalent of three or four loads all over her stomach, tits, face, and bed. It was a stupid amount. Pollock would have been proud.

    The sun was pouring through the window. It was so bright that her nipples glowed like ET's finger in the sunlight. The contrast of this idyllic lighting with this absurd scene made me laugh. "What are you giggling about?" she asked. "ET's glowing dick finger."

    Relationship status: it's complicated.

    • What a story...SimonFFM
    • Ist it complicated because you feel caught in the sugar daddy trap now? Or are you slowly falling in love?SimonFFM
    • bahaha excellent story, keep it coming.hans_glib
    • ...oh, you already didhans_glib
    • When she's aged 60 ~ 80 she'll have a cancer (from an asymptomatic infection during these times) and likely a neurological complication from the traumashapesalad
    • you mentioned before. So bare that in mind if you do marry, though you being a lot older probably won't see any of that.shapesalad
    • Dear penthouse..._niko
    • Definitely needs to be turned into an HBO showhardhat
    • @shapesalad... yeah, look... women can act like they can "be guys," but they're not built for this. It's hard on me, but kills her. I know this.catpower
    • @simon... good question. I don't think I'm falling for her. I think it's just a bunch of new feelings and experiences all mashed together.catpower
    • "I miss you"
      Men are so fucking dumb
    • "Pollock would have been proud."

    • OMG this story, man! Is this a build up for the season finale? I want the next episode now!nocomply
    • So there i was, barbecue sauce on my titties...scarabin
    • @scarabin... lol, haha.catpower
  • babydick-1

    I don't want to be a party pooper cuck, but that sex club shit ain't doing it for me, apart from some random dude stroking your dick. That's fucking hilarious.

    • he gone gay on usutopian
    • username checks out.Projectile
    • I wouldn't have taken it as well as he did but that's why I don't have a thread based on my Caligulan antics.CyBrainX
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    Reading your writing feels like watching a great movie.