What was that game?

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  • Wolfboy

    I'm trying to remember the name of a game I had on the PS3 and it was so odd and trippy that I can't find it again by describing it in the YouTube or Google search bars.

    Does anyone remember this:

    It was a download game, from the PS Store, not a full priced, big studio game.

    You played this worm/dog like creature and you had to control both ends (the head and the arse). You walked round this platform which was floating in space and you ate all sorts of bits and pieces (including little people). Everytime you ate something your wormy body grew in length.

    There was no real end to the game, no real change in the game play; it was more about the atmosphere of the thing. I think it was a relaxation kind of game.

    BUT, once you had decided you'd done enough eating and wanted to shut down, your new length was logged and added to everyone else playing it in the world. All this extra length was translated into a sort of trip through the Solar System for another character. Every now and then the global community of players would add enough distance to go past one of the planets.

    What was f@*k was that thing called?

  • koma_1

    Sounds like Noby Noby Boy:

    • kinda reminds me of a cross between Donut Country and Katamarikaiyohtee
    • whoa that does look trippycherub
    • It was made by the same guy who made KatamariWolfboy
  • Wolfboy0

    YeSSSS! That's the fella. Thanks for that, I would never have remembered that name.

  • drgs1


    • No, but I think I remember that being around the same time. I think there was a bit of a trend for these relaxation games.Wolfboy
    • It was Noby Noby Boy.^^^Wolfboy