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  • jagara

    Thinking of doing digital drawings/illustrations (just for fun), and I need some recommendations.

    I've done a lot of geometric Illustrator designs and lots of photo editing in PS (always with a mouse), but never drawn/painted digitally in a brush/pencil style.

    Hardware: last time I checked, everyone was using Wacom tablets. But I haven't checked in a while. Something not too expensive, but decent.

    Software: I'm thinking Photoshop. But again, I'm listening.

    I use PC.

  • scarabin2

    Learn human anatomy at and use procreate for ipad with an apple pencil

  • monNom2

    My advice may be way out of date (been painting for over 10years on wacom), but I'd recommend checking craigslist or maybe facebook marketplace and buy a 3rd or 4th generation Wacom Intuos. Medium or large in size would be my preference. They ought to run you less than $100 used. If you are on mac, I think you need to go 4th gen, as drivers for 3rd may no longer be supported.

    Both tablets are still excellent tools and last forever (provided the cord stays in good shape, and the drawing surface doesn't have gouges in it. 1024levels of pressure on the gen 3 is still completely adequate, despite what the marketing will tell you.

    After lusting over a Cintiq (draw on screen wacom), and finally using one, I found that my hand obscuring the drawing was less than optimal. Plus the tip of your pen is not where the brush paints from due to parallax error. I much prefer a stand-alone drawing tablet.

    As for software (again, maybe out of date) Photoshop is great for painting and makes it easy to get started.
    Krita is a free-open-source drawing/painting focused software that feels really nice to use.
    Autodesk sketchbook is nice for sketching. It's interface is completely optimized for pen input.

    Hope that helps

  • uan2

    wacom is cool. to start with you can get any small cheap one.
    You can also go Cintiq, avoid the touch models.

    There is also which are quite cool and you get more stuff (2nd thiner pencil, nice Quick Keys thingy).

    There is also a Chinese tablet brand around that is popular, but I forgot the name.

    Overall the best experience are the ipads, procreate with ipencil or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (or so) with pencil and procreate.

    Software: Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, ... quite anything works great this days.

    • HUION Inspiroy WH1409 V2 was the Chinese brand / tablet.uan
  • stewart2

    I have a wacom cintiq 13 for sale. But I'd recommend an iPad with Apple pencil for sure (procreate, photoshop and illustrator).

  • grafician0

    sell the PC, get iPad Pro + Pencil + Procreate

    • Not even kidding, the difference is that big, coming from using a wacom for yearsgrafician
    • Just wanna have fun, no big Investments. I have a PC with PS, all I need is a tablet ;)jagara
    • But I know - a frend of mine creates incredible stuff with an Ipad Pro.jagara
    • *friendjagara
    • Then go for the Intuos Prografician
  • jagara1

    New: I can get this Wacom Intuos S for around 85$

    Used: I can get this Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH651), 10 year old model, used for 130$

    Whatcha reckon?

    Again, It's just a hobby thing for me. Something i want to try out.

    • if it were me i'd go for the cheapest. you're just trying it out, so no point is overspending. says the wacom bamboo user...hans_glib
    • get the new one. but search in chrome shops for a better offer (it is around 60€ here in switzerland...or the $ is so low that it makes that difference)uan
    • chrome shops?jagara
    • google search in chrome browser, then shopping tab.…
    • Oh, Google shopping, I guess? Firefox user here ;)jagara
    • I only use chrome for shopping :-) therefore it came out as 'chrome shops' in fast typing modeuan
    • I see :)jagara
    • Get the Intuos Pro, it's the right size and quality and not too pricey, that you can also re-sell latergrafician
    • I’ve used the first small one and it’s shit. Only get it if you really don’t want to spend more or just need to do quick stuffNBQ00
    • Intuos is worth the extra $50. Better, more comfortable pen (likely a range of nibs to adjust feel) and a larger usable area so you can draw from the shoulder.monNom
    • I started out on the bamboo and eventually got the intuos pro. if you're planning on a lot of illustration get the intuos.bezoar
    • i'm using the Wacom Intuos Pro which is a great size to work with.milfhunter
    • If you get the Intuos Pro, get the 4th gen Pen. It works with the most recent tablet and the nibs last longerfuturefood
    • that top one is crap, sorryoey_oey
    • Bought a new one and after a year gave it to someone and got me a CTH-680. For me it's important how the pen feels in the hand and those plastic ones are crapoey_oey
    • You buy that cheap one and you will just get frustrated I tell you. I know you want to start and try. but really try with something that's nice to work withoey_oey
  • Projectile1

    I use PC. I just bought a Galaxy Tab 7FE

    Use it for drawing in Photoshop all the time as a second screen, it's amazing!!

    Also handy as a 2nd screen when you're laptopping away from your desk, as it has its own battery unlike a lot of screen based drawing tablets

    Also great for just having a tablet around the house

  • Miesfan0

  • jagara1

    Went the cheap route. Might upgrade later. It's pretty good :)

    • Good for the price. Just having a little fun for now.jagara
    • To those of you who keep saying the Ipad pro is a superior tool, I know. But it's
      1600-2500$. I'm in the 80$ wagon for now ;)
    • @hans_glib I followed your advice ;Djagara
    • well if you find that good than good for you, you will make wonders with something better. have fun!oey_oey
    • I find it adequate to get a sense of using a pen and tablet. I hear what you're saying, and I might upgrade later :)jagara