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  • jagara13

    Just a post to say hi (b/c no one has answered this post yet). I struggle myself, with GAD, ADHD and recurring depressions. I'm a solitary middle aged guy in a studio apartment ;)

    Depressed people usually want to be seen, heard and understood. I hear you.

    All I got is practical advice. Maybe you're not motivated to read it, maybe you've heard it all befor, but lack the motivation to act on it. But here is what works for me, maybe it'll work for you.

    1. Get help, if not through meds, then through talk therapy. If you have the money, therapy can be vital.

    Use whatever energy you have to take care of:

    - Physical basics
    S.E.D. : proper Sleep, Exercise, Diet. Try to limit CATS (caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, sugar).

    - Mental basics
    Resist the urge to be alone. See people, preferably people who care about you, and are good listeners. Also, just hanging out, doing nothing in particular, with a non-depressed friend normalizes your depressed thinking somewhat.

    Do something meaningful, preferably for others (you'll feel useful & needed, a basic human need). Lack of meaning is is a common depression trigger. Also, meaning can be doing some of the above to get out of your rut. But it can also be the smallest actions. If you haven't got energy for more than doing the dishes, then that's your project for the day.

    Bla, bla, bla. Hope this is a tiny bit useful.

    • 2. Use whatever...jagara
    • SSRI's are seldom effective on their own, usually you need therapy in conjunction with meds.jagara
    • Sorry for the slightly half-baked text :)jagara
    • Definitely a good reminder. Never been medicated so new to me.cannonball1978
    • Already getting the talk therapycannonball1978
    • It's all good homie. Never apologize for voicing things like this. I'm ADHD through the roof. When I was kid I was deemed "clinically significant".garbage
    • And these are all good points. Just know you're not alone, and even assholes like myself that argue with you online support you.garbage
    • At least you are significant
    • lol, it really was the doctors saying "This kid is an extreme case. Will you sign these waivers so that we can discuss him at educational summits?"garbage
    • Which is ironic, because I ended up working in medical publishing for several years. I never came up as an exhibit, so I'm not that significant. :(garbage
  • drgs3

    Age-wise we are all at the bottom of the pit, but supposedly it gets better from here

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