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  • neverscared

    Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Is a Sad Shadow of His Primetime Production

    WHAT DO YOU get when you strip Tucker Carlson of his multi-million dollar studio, crew of writers, and a much coveted 8 p.m. time slot on the nation’s most-watched cable news channel? Just a guy, posting online, trying desperately to recreate what he no longer has.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Carlson released the first episode of Tucker On Twitter, a 10-minute monologue that is the culmination of more than a month’s work since Carlson was summarily fired from Fox in April. While Carlson made sure to pack his premiere episode with his usual fare – critiques of the media, a defense of Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine, and some shoutouts to his favorite conspiracy theories (“What exactly happened on 9/11?”) the whole thing felt decidedly underwhelming.


  • sted1

    and the UFOs?!:D
    "there was nothing at all about how an alien spices is flying supersonic aircraft over our cities, not one word"

    • Thanks, Elon. A safe space for conservatives to be hotroddy deathboy bobos.monospaced