Pay raises?

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  • bainbridge

    How often do you get a raise at work in a salaried position with benefits?

  • ETM0

    Once a year. 2.5% for inflation -- which was great until inflation was 6-8%. If you're performance was good, you could get another 1-2% on top of that. Large company though.

  • trooperbill0

    i got 3% in jan, inflation is closer to 9 so effectively took a pay cut this year

  • CyBrainX0

    I got 3% in April. I suspect you guys who commented before me are in UK/Europe. For all our bitching about it, inflation wasn't as high in the US but it was still higher than 3%. I was still surprised we got anything, considering we're having layoffs. I'll be happy if I don't have a 100% decrease next month.

  • ideaist0

    Last time I asked for a pay raise, I was told to “focus on the job you have, NOT the job you want”.

    Only folks I know getting pay raises are long employed at old and large companies.

    Folks getting squeezed pretty good right now I reckon.

  • nb3

    I’m in nyc.

    Two employers ago, I had worked for them for 4 years and got 5-12% raise each year. Pretty great, I thought! Then leadership changed, the new head of design hated me, offered me a 1% raise, then he fired me three months later. Ugh.

    Next employer (2020-2022) started me at 45% more (!!!) than the old job. But then they pulled the ol’ “yeah we think you’ll be ready for a raise in 6months” a couple times on me. I felt I was being underpaid for nyc market, and I told my manager, and I made sure to tell him multiple times, a couple months before end of year to give him time to tell his bosses that I was expecting a raise.

    At the end of 2021 they gave me a 12% raise. But by that point I wasn’t waiting around to hear the same excuse a third time. I already had a new job offer because I had been interviewing for months. I quit on the first day after my annual bonus (5%) was deposited in my account.

    Next job started me at nearly 50% more than the previous job (after the 12% raise). It’s fucking crazy.

    I swear, the ONLY way to get ahead in this world is to move to a city or region that has a lot of jobs available, then job-hop your way into a good salary. Companies have zero loyalty, so fuck ‘em. If I hadn’t been fired in 2020, I’d be making less than half of what I do now. Way less than half, and that was only three years ago. What the hell. Employers fucking suck.

    • Also NY and lots of states have salary transparency laws which has changed the game entirely. Best thing evernb
    • Nice perspective(s) @nb!ideaist
    • Good point about the salary transparency. I find salaries are higher than I thought they were before. (in NY).CyBrainX
    • Yeah now you can focus on only the best companies. For my first design job in nyc, I had ZERO idea what to ask for. 40k? 100k? 250? No idea. Brutal.nb
    • That's a lot of Math for a Monday morning. NYC requires the hustle.misterhow
    • No math version: staying at a job and asking for raises is financial suicide. Job-hopping will bounce you up to a comfortable life, fast. Employers hate it.nb