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Avengers 2 (2015)

no direct linky but enjoy…




clickhole (i hate buzzfeed)

TheOnion's answer to Buzzfeed. I fucking hate buzzfeed and all the troll-infested clickbait.

Feel free to use this thread to rail against buzzfeed, jezebell, etc. etc.


How to reference experience

Quick question. Over the last year or two I have ended up with a few projects that involved setting up a previous print publications as online ones, as well as converting their archives/back-catalogues to online content. Dealing with the various content format issues, dealing with analogue only for old stuff etc.

Any idea the most concise way/term of referencing or explaining that on a portfolio or resume? Is there a proper terminology for this task that is eluding me?


Google Inbox…


white Jihadists

fucking idiot white people seem to have no identity of their own so they try to be something that they're not.

back in the day, disenfranchised white kids all tried to be black, not they're fucking jihadists all of a sudden.

so this:

is now this:

check out this chief in quebec:



instagram surfphotography

follow me on instagram to get new on the road photography updates


Web Production Design Q

Do you or does your team do their own web production work (slicing images, making specs, etc) or do you have a specific production designer to do this?



Microsoft ditching the Nokia name on smartphones…


Frisky - my book is here

It took a long time and I don't know how many hours I put into this. Probably a couple of thousand. But I am so super happy. Today, 1,000 copies of my book got delivered to my home address (I have a special place for good storage).

My first impression was: Damn, they are heavy. A real coffee table book by me. I always wanted this. Makes me happy.

Two thirds of the images are new and unpublished. This was important to me. So many people crawl my website every day, I really needed new stuff to show.

The last shooting was end of June. Since then I worked on the layout and the printing. I attended the printing process (full two days) and learned a lot. Soon I will have a video showing it.

In case you want to order the book, you can do that here:…


Animography Monthly No. 10

Animography Monthly is a monthly recurring animation project to explore the use of animated typefaces.


Because Loading

Fun things to do while waiting ages for something to load?


Important Questine of the day

Would you rather have

- 30" 5k cinema display

- 128gb of ram / liquid cooled i7 combo

- 3 Oculus rift with a sensor room

- 9" penis


QBN Cinema

After asking for this many times, decided to bring it back simply because I loved it... Feel free to share your favorite reels, movie/show/conference titles, motion, projections, etc.

A few to get it started...

https:// width="425" height="355">&index=2&list=PL5QZZHUPlG8v-9NybUchhTgHMiPIShRkI

https:// width="425" height="355">


MST3K of the day

new youtube channel here:…

& not sure if I posted this before but:
"Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Episodes Land at Vimeo, Which Has Exclusive on Future Releases"


Font like this:

anyone know of a free font similar to these?

por please :)


Monthly v Yearly Subscriptions


I'm looking for examples of services that are offered as either a Monthly or Yearly subscription.

Right now I have 3 buttons for 3 different plans - paid monthly...but the client wants to throw in a pay up front option for each, which makes things confusing / cluttered.

Any tips??




html email question

I have an image in an email and need a specific part of it to be clickable. Apparently hotspot image maps dont work in emails. Tried using a DIV with positioning, the positioning doesnt work properly in emails apparently.

Any other alternatives?


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