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Why did QBN delete this thread??

It was about publishing company documents to a USB drive... possible applications / methods of doing so...

There were a number of links I wanted to go back and review... ffs... it was a useful thread!!! Was there a link to a product / person that offends the QBN? :(

One fucking USEFUL thread makes it into the mix and you go and kill it. :(


Air Argel AH 5017

Missing with 110 people on board.

What the fuck is going on!!!???


external HD with SSD Thunderbolt

I'm looking to upgrade my external HD setup for AE / FCPX work, so I can run a scratchdisk / live projects direct with fastest speeds possible.

In an ideal world I'd get a Drobo Mini and 4 512gb SSD drives, but that's gonna cost megabucks.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?



Interview with Rob Alderson

New blog asks some pertinent questions to the Ed In C of Its Nice Some interesting answers.


html5 fullscreen video player

Post them here,



U wot m8?


Reskinning apps (games)

Is this super common?
Good / Bad points to consider?


next level of Twerking

https:// width="425" height="355">


Name that 3D Artist

7-8 years back there was a young kid making cool videos/animations, I think he was German.

Nice design, I remember one video with a human body made out of shards or pieces that kind of bounced to or morphed to the beat of a music, I think the music was kind of dubstep sounding.

I know he had his own site with a few videos.

Ring any bells?


Appalachian Trail Spain

We've just started a crowdfunding campaign to start tracking the Appal. Trail in north of Spain. Any help will be appreciated!


New 4square logo…

I think they screwed up pivoting to their new Swarm app and forcing people to switch to another app to do check ins.



US H4 Visa

My wife has a H4 visa which means to can live but not work in the US. She does however have a job in her home country.

Does anyone know if this is allowed?
I can't seem to get hold of anyone in the US embassy to give me a clear answer on this and there is no documentation on it online




That moment...

When you are stoned out of your god damn mind sitting on your couch watching Blow and that little voice inside your head says...gee, i feel like chocolate...hang on, didnt I buy a chocolate brownie today which is sitting riggggggght THERE!

Fuck yes. Sometimes, it is the simple things fellas. "The dog and its reflection".

I also dedicate and share this moment of joy with all those that lost their lives on flight MH17, for I will give thanks and live a better life for you all. RIP.


region selectors

Hi guys,

Very exciting thread this one.

Does anyone have any nice examples of region selectors, either before an experience, or alongside the experience?



Canon G16

Anyone in here own this camera?
How do you like it? Is the viewfinder good? I heard you seen the lense a bit when full zoomed. Is it tough enough to be carried arround a lot? Can you post some shots you took?


Bookcase ID please

Does anyone know what bookcase this is, or a similar one :



2001 - Taschen - M/M (Paris)…

This isn't out yet (but already sold out it seems, at 750 euros a pop) but the book is already on display in most Taschen stores.
I've had a chance to check the 4 volumes and volume 2 is to me one of the best examples I've ever come across of exciting content with extremely off-putting presentation. Brought to you by the studio that had already done the Napoleon one whose layout I wasn't a fan of (so I guess we're all being consistent) because of things like this :

Now for the sake of paying homage to the monolith they decided to go with this narrow book consisting start to finish of gate-fold spreads, and I can't remember ever hating that much going through a book.

The content itself is amazing though but I think this flat example shown on the Taschen website

is far more engaging than 500 pages or so of folded images.


My Kindle sucks, but I love it

Why clear priorities are at the core of great product design.



I am looking for new cutlery, preferably a nice design at a reasonable price. I looked at the traditional brands such as WMF but nothing I liked really.

Any suggestions?



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