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Netherlands "terrorist" Live TV

Police arrest him at the end.

"A gun-wielding man has broken into the building of NOS, the national broadcaster of the Netherlands, entering the studio control room and demanding air-time, Dutch media reports."


New drum and bass mix

this one is solid as a brick…

CLS - Baltic Air
Command Strange - Candy
London Elektricity - Vapor Tailer (LSB Remix)
Jack Garret - Your Love (Melinki Bootleg)
Zed Bias - Something About This [feat. Fox] (Nu:Tone Remix)
Ivy Lab - Live On Your Smile
Random Movement - When Daylight Comes
Severity Zero - Head in the Sand
Ed:it, Pennygiles - Set Theory
Kasper - Summertime Hustle
The Temptations - I Wish it Would Rain (Oliver Ferrer Bootleg)
Brunno Junglist - True Love
Peyo, Cloud Nine - That’s What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix)
Tokyo Prose - Raised By Wolves
Submotion Orchestra - All Yours (S.P.Y. Remix)
Tyler Straub - Trusted Judgement
Will Miles - Pull Me Downs
Dave Owen - On Point
Bank - The Ride
Bank - A Time For Love
Bank - Low Tide


Where did this haircut come from?

Where did this haircut come from, why is it so prevalent, and is it something barbers know how to do? I see a dude with this kind of hair every day.


Message of the Day

If you’re over 45, the world population has doubled in your lifetime.


Retainer Contracts

a client of mine wants to set up a retainer agreement between us. I've been working with them for three years without one, just going project to project and getting paid.

There is a new person in charge and she wants to put her stamp on her role.

Anyway, what types of things should I include in my retainer contract that I might miss?

I was thinking of including a term that allowed xx% of un-used monthly hours to be banked for use up to xx weeks.
Is that a fair and common practice?
She wants to be able to bank every hour for use three or four months later.



Anyone ever used it? Is it any good?


Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

Wieden + Kennedy came up with a concept that now holds the record for most expensive Super Bowl commercial of all-time at $12.4 million USD


Riff Raff and WWE

As if this assclown wasnt annoying enough..…


Phone Leash

Does anyone use one? I feel like I need one. I'm always leaving my damn phone at home.


dreaming with jeff

kinda cool ad/campaign for squarespace

https:// width="425" height="355">…

you can download the free sleep tape here:…

listened to it last night, it didn't help me sleep but it was pretty cool


Simon Bolz Website NSFW

My website is new as of now. Bi-weekly new series.


Anti-fun people

Why are american liberal so anti-fun? listen to me american, once they take your fun away you will never be able to get it back,

look at england, look at canada, look at france, look at all those countries where fun is legislated, you can clearly see that only criminals have fun there, which leads to an increase in fun related death!!

My american brothers, don't forget that you were given the right by god himself to carry fun around,

don't let anyone tell you that fun kill people, only people kill other people who can't defend themselves because they have no fun!!


Menu similar to this

Looking for something that will work like Jongmin Kim's fff website!/main




man this was so much fun…


software wishlist

When an employer is asking what kinds of software and maybe hardware you want, what's good kids?

I'm asking for a wacom tablet, Creative Adobe CC. I'm going to be mostly doing email, but will likely be asked to do other creative.

Html +css editing would be nice too. I'm used to Dreamweaver and Coda, but I'm be curious to see better apps. If I should be asking for Flux or anything else too.

Thoughts gang?


New Contract?

What to do if your Contract Agreement is over (a month ago) and the client has all paid up for the work, but there have been delays; they deliver their NEAR-final edits (that aren't simple edits) a month and a half later. New copy + edits, and more pages.

New Contract? New quote?


Social Media Marketing wtf?

So I got this shit as part of my new responsibilities. Wtf is it? Tweeting and posting pics on facebook?


Wordpress Media Question

Does anyone know of a way to edit media settings for multiple files at a time?

Ex: When I want to add 10 photos to a page by uploading them, for each individual image I have to select the size if it is different from what was previously used. Or, if I don't want an image to link to anything, for each of the 10 images I have to select that they don't link (in the upload screen).
Same thing for alignment.

Is there any tool out there or some way in Wordpress to apply setting changes to all selected images, either for existing media or when uploading?



Traveller community start-up from bangkok thailand


Bloomberg Redesign…



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