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New Age Spirituality BS

I just had a big argument with a friend. She believes in the Law of attraction stuff, she thinks kids should be teached how to meditate instead of maths.

I fucking hate this semi-scienotologist business and I cannot believe that people are actually dumb enough to believe this shit. I am seriously mad at all this.

Stupid damn illiterate, rightwing, conspiratorial idiots. Man I just needed to get this off. Thanks for listening.


Thoughts on the Updated?

Think it's a bit conservative and reminiscent of the New York Times or a News Paper Site.

What do you all think?


Wear Mono

SHOP NOW: Black & White Clothing - LIKE, FOLLOW & SHARE. Go check out the first of our collection at


Bear 71

Interactive on the surveillance of wild animals.


The prophet is reborn!

So tell me again,

how come you're not voting Al-Zebab,
come and become a disciple of the OOOG,
can't you see the truth in The Book of Obadiah,

OOOG Akbar, my brothers,


Are you happy?

Are you happy in life?

A. Yes, everyday I am thankful.
B. Most of the time.
C. Whatevs.
D. I think I'm depressed.
E. I would be happier with more money.
F. I would be happier with a different job.
G. I would be happier with less responsibility.
H. I would be happier with more fun time.
I. I would be happier with a different intimate relationship partner.


What I learned from QBN

not to take shit too seriously.


Flash AS2 question

Is it possible to load a URL into a movieclip, so say you click a button in Flash, a movieclip is displayed with a webpage displayed in it, that the user could then interact with?


WTF Teenage Engineering

Whats the font used on the OP-1?


Void (WTF)

Pretty please!


London Alexander Shoot - Trevor Brady

London Alexander Spring 15 shoot with photographer Trevor Brady


Best/Nicest Italic Serifs

In your opinion, what are the best, nicest, coolest italic serifs out there? I'm trying to look for good alternatives to the usual Garamond, Minion, Didot, etc... Thanks.


Pharrel Williams Hat Thread


things QBN members never say

Man, I really wish there were more dudes on this site.


Love Letters From Craig



TransFatty Lives

World premiere at this year's 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

Directed by Patrick O’Brien, co-written by Patrick O'Brien, Scott Crowningshield, Lasse Jarvi, Doug Pray
(USA) – World Premiere, Documentary

Director Patrick O’Brien is TransFatty, the onetime NYC deejay and Internet meme-making superstar. In 2005, O’Brien began to document his life after being diagnosed with ALS and given only two to five years to live. TransFatty Lives is a brazen and illustrative account of what it's like to live when you find out you are going to die.


Fuzz Motion

Started a new business for motion/3D work. We've been doing client work for the past 2 years, but are starting to narrow our focus



Why did these sites die?


Scientific Illustration Tattoos

A special feature about the growing trend of scientific tattoos.


Your must watch movies

If you have young kids and you're dying, you hand them a piece of paper and say, watch these movies when you're older. What's on your list?

clockwork orange
pulp fiction
true romance
taxi driver
godfather 1,2
apocalypse now
usual suspects
fight club


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