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Need your guys' help...

My band, The Royal, is one of 10 other finalists in Nylon Magazine's/Aloft Hotel's Project Aloft Star. If we win, we'll be playing a big show out in LA. If you guys could take some time and vote for us, that would be awesome! Thanks!…


Product Naming

Has anyone come across any resources for helping to frame the thinking around naming a product that they'd like to share?

I'm offering a photograph of Kermit the frog "giving no fucks" as reward:


QBN Awards 2014

Nominations and their category below.


Large Paper Prints

In so many stores there are always photos printed on paper on walls, usually at a pretty large size. Some with frames but almost always there's no glass above the print, and they are a nice matte finish.

Does anyone have any idea where to order such a thing? All the photo printing sites I look at only go to a certain size and most are either fine art paper or photo paper. I guess what I see in stores is fine art paper to a degree, but really looking for prints around 36" x 54" that aren't outrageously expensive.




Company Acronyms

Sourcing examples of organizations and companies who use the acronym of their name for their logo or on the heading of their website...

Any out there that you all can think of off the top of your head?


AI, amnesty international


Poster WTF

help with the MALAVITA typeface por favor



An ongoing exploration into different hair characteristics through a bad pun.


Rock 'n' Roll (NSFW)

A new series I shot with a Ford Mustang and a redhead.


Your Zombie Hunter name


Drawing/Illustration Books?

Hey Guuuiiisssseee,

What are some books that have inspired your drawing skills, taught you new things and generally helped you up your skills?

Looking to get someone some new books as a present.



virtually nonexistent

@Large Ai Weiwei opening night on Alcatraz. Bolinas. Point Reyes. Supermoon. Bodie. Yosemite. Etc.


Post a picture of your view

Inspired by the where are you from thread.
I thought it might be interesting to take a peak out of each others windows. What does you view look like?

I'll start


Lightroom questine.

Is there a way to turn off the message that says "Press F to exit full screen mode"?

I use cmd-shift-f a lot to display an image without all the clutter, and I like to quickly display it this way when showing images to others. That message is driving me nuts, it shows up in the middle of the image for a second and then fades away. After seeing that 10000 times I don't need the reminder any more.


mike and tom eat snacks

anyone else listening to these guys? friggin' hilarious!…


Windows 10

The next version of Windows is called Windows 10…


Digital Nimslo cam (kinda)

Hello my fellow brethren,
I'm looking for a way to capture 4 pictures at once using either a webcam or a 4 dlsr,

did anyone shoot with more than two cameras at once?

please let me know how you did it,

so far I found this but I'm not sure it will work for multiple cams…


Flying Bird Logos

working on my personal logo

looking to see what's out there


QBN on Linked In?

What's going on here?…


Stoëmp - New website

Stoëmp is a
design studio based
in Brussels, active in
branding, font design
and web solutions.


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