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Dropbox = GDrive

Dropbox just announced that the 9.99$/month plan with 100Gb of storage will now have 1Tb of storage.

That means Dropbox equals Google Drive who is offering the same plan; 9.99$ for 1Tb

They also announced many new features, info over there:…

I know there's often question about those services on QBN. So now you're up to date.

I was on Dropbox before but I switched to GDrive when they announced the 1Tb for 9.99$ plan a few months ago. I think I will go back to Dropbox, i always liked DB better.


Video in PDF issue - Help!

I'm making a full screen PDF presentation with MP4 video in it and having a couple of issues with the PDF afterwards. When you get to the page with the video on the keyboard left/right arrow navigation stops working. You can progress with the mouse as long as the video is not full screen i.e. as long as you have some area to right/left click on which is not the video area. Also (and this is the biggie) there is a stitching type line left on the following page in the place of where the video was on the previous page.

So far everything has been compiled in InDesign and exported from there. We're viewing on acrobat 9 and above. The video files are linked fine to the PDF and are H.264.

Has anyone had this issue when putting video in a PDF?


Show your bookmarks bar

Show your bookmarks bar.


Portfolio update

New portfolio and new works are online.


Songs you wish you didn't like:

What songs do you wish you didn't like?

This one is catchy:


foraged: issue #05

The latest digital issue is out: connection and communication between people, things, and alien species.



Would you consider yourself smart compared to your peers / neighbors?

A. I consider myself more intelligent than most people I know.
B. I know a few people more intelligent than me, but I'm still smart.
C. I'm as intelligent as most people I know well.
D. I know a lot of people more intelligent than me.
E. I'm an average person.
F. I'm a dummy.


Melbourne Photographer

Know any good editorial / lookbook style photographers here in depressing melborrne? For an upcoming gig.


Font ID/Advice

Looking for a similar serif, something similar to the original letterforms. I thought it was Sentinel, but it's just not, feels totally different. I have a concept I'd like to customize in a similar style, but a little more nautical and coming up flat on options. Commercial or free is fine.

Thanks in advance.


Newstoday Old School

post em!!!

i'll start with this gem!!!

old school QBN burn!!!!!! it is burning!!!


if the world ended tomorrow..

..who would you like to wake up next to?


Real time audio effects

Guyzz... I'm looking for a lil' software to listen to my music in iTunes, a lil' software that process real time audio effects like "stadium" "small room" "Echo" and stuff like that, i'm pretty you know what iam talking about.

i am on Windows.


Beat Cube

I know we have a making beats thread but this kind of deserves its own.

Pick a genere, press show keyboard layout and have fun. Space bar gets it all in sync for those without mad skills son.…


SF for the week.

I'm in San Fran for the week. I have no plans, no agenda I'm just here. So for those of you local my question is this. Where is the best place to get drunk and or laid.



Instagram Hyperlapse

Anyone downloaded and tried this yet?…


Template ID

I have an ex-client from my former agency who has approached me to help him with a problem he is having with said former agency. The agency just put him over the barrel for a $10k+ website in 8 months, and he's pretty sure this is a template (and I can't disagree). I'm trying to help him track down the template this might be. They didn't send a live link, just a flat graphic, so I assume they just Firebugged the template demo site and screen grabbed it, thus making it hard to use a template sniffing tool.

It screams template to me, do you agree? Any luck from the QBN team?


browser problem

This just started today. In google chrome everything is gigantic. And you would think its just the browser zoom, but nope, it's set to 100%, so something else is off. Any clues?


Working Interview

So I just finished an interview for ad agency in NY.
The position is for Senior Designer, the interview went great, it was actually a great talk the atmosphere was really flowing and they liked what they saw.

So I just checked my e-mail and found out they want me to come back to do a "sort of working interview. This way we can get a feel if we would be a good fit for each other" <- exact words.

Now, I've never done anything like this before and it sounds not professional. But, what do you guys think? Is this something normal you get asked every now and then? They seem to like what I asked for salary. Please share any thoughts.


Painting before year 1800

I'm looking for big database of images of renaissance painting, and any other old painting. Stuff before 1800. Post your links and/or images.

Stuff like


I like stuff about religion, war and Hell. Dramatic stuff... y'know.



Anyone got a betacoin they want to send me? Trying to unlock Mailbox App Beta for Mac.


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