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  • voiceof

    Do you use one? Do you have a favorite?

    I'm using Jekyll and it works but I'm getting tired of Ruby. I was thinking about moving to something JS based like Metalsmith. Does anyone have any experience with this ? should I just use gulp to pull everything together?

    Follow up question. Do you know solutions out there that let me build a site using my own UI Components and then allow an editor to add content in-browser and in-place. It would need to save the content straight to the page or into something like a JSON file. No database can be used. I know it's really specific but I thought I would check.

  • imbecile0

    like webflow and pinegrow?

    • Not looking for a drag and drop builder more like an automater, like Jekyll, metalsmith, hugo etc... but with an additional layer with editing capability.voiceof
  • voiceof0

    @imbecile - Sort of. The problem with those services is that they make assumptions about my framework. I know they have to since they are drag and drop builders, but it won't work for what I need.

    I would like to build a site like I would normally (scss, handlebars, gulp etc...) and then allow an editor to edit only the content (no layout) in the browser.

    I have been letting the editors do it with markdown, but it's such a pain in the ass when they start trying to add accordions and tabs etc... Our process is different than traditional web design. We build a lot of elearning that requires us to be all html and totally 508 accessible and requires major input from Instructional designers so my wants are very specific.

  • bulletfactory0

    The 3 main ones I've used are Jekyll, Hugo, and Middleman

    Here's a list of open source static site generators:

    I personally like Hugo