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    • I remember seeing footage of the results of the use of these in Afgahnistan. Not a particularly fun watch.Nairn
    • Yeah, those look like they can a head clean (or maybe not so clean) off someone's shoulders.Continuity
    • *take a headContinuity
    • More like pulverise into a powder...Nairn
    • With a drizzle of blood?Continuity
    • Lol at stupid knee bent instagram posecannonball1978
    • pew pewneverscared
    • Elephants poachers hate her!utopian
    • The cans on those (mind out of gutter) are fucking ridiculous. There aregarbage
  • Bluejam5
    • :-{PhanLo
    • Jesus - give the guy a hand instead of filming him.mort_
    • not very bright - open the rear passenger door get in with the balloons, shut door, get out other side, easyhans_glib
    • Yup Hans exactly_niko
  • Continuity13


    10.5 years ago, when I first moved to Munich, I started dating a woman for a while, and — whilst I really liked her, and she was 'crazy' about me (her word) — I was in a really weird place in my life, and I couldn't give her or the nascent relationship what was needed. Net result, she dumped me some months after.

    Didn't like it at the time, but I figured there was nothing I could do. Nonetheless, I kept thinking back over the experience over the years, and had a nagging feeling I let something really awesome go. Well, that's on me, anyway.

    She ended up moving to Berlin some years ago and, during 20212 and now, we communicated very sporadically. Which is to say, she was the one to initiate almost always. But it was never for any extended length of time. She'd text or message me on LinkedIn, ask me how I am, we have a brief conversation over the course of a couple of hours, then nothing. Radio silence, until the next time she does it (usually 1 year later or more).

    So, anyway, in the course of these sporadic conversations, I find out she's got her PhD, a career in the federal civil service, she's a mother, has been in a relationship for years, and seems happy (despite some difficult family things, with her dad committing suicide almost 2 years ago). Nice.

    So, like any reasonable person, I think, 'Well, that's that. No opening for me there.' Not that I was pining for her for ten years, but it was certainly a nagging question that would pop up occasionally.

    So, fast-forward September 2022. She told me she would be in town for a few days on business, and wanted to know if I'd be up for a drink. This was 2 weeks ago.

    Not having seen her in person for 6 years, when we had a brief coffee another time she was in town, I was understandably curious. So I took her to my favourite bar for a few cocktails, and it was great. Meaningful conversation came really easily for the whole time. No awkwardness. Lots of flirting. Physical contact.

    Anyway, I ended up asking what is on her mind when she reaches out to me — out of the — blue like she's been doing for years.

    Turns out, she told me that she still really likes me (which makes me suspicious, considering we barely talk, much less see each other, but I let it slide because it made my ego feel good) ... and that she was always afraid of seeing me in person, because she knew she would do something she would regret, if she was in another relationship at any given point. Ooooookay.

    The next big nugget to come out of that evening was the fact her current relationship (with the father of her kid) is open. It didn't jive with me, based on what I knew of her. I never saw her as being that kind of person. But, well, it's not like I've been close enough with her over the years to realistically draw that conclusion. And, in any case, open relationships are hardly the weirdest thing one can hear about.

    In the end, we agreed on a FWB situation, given we both like each other. However, that evening I didn't suggest consummating it. I had a lot to turn over in my head about it all and needed the chance to do so, and told her as much.

    Off she goes to Berlin again the next day.

    Last night I texted her to see how things are going with her, just out of friendly curosity (I hadn't texted her since she'd left). Nothing. Radio silence again.

    That is, until this evening:

    'hey, sorry not everything fine at the moment. I loved talking to you but no contact is better for my relationship'

    OK, well, not much I can say to that, really, other than, 'I'm sorry that's the case'.

    What a bizarre turn of events, and I am struggling to figure out what exactly happened in those two weeks since she was here, and what she means.

    Clearly, though, this relationship of hers isn't that open (or, indeed, solid), if my mere presence can threaten it.

    I was right to not sleep with her that night, as it would have made things immeasurably worse for me, emotionally, if I'd then received this message afterwards. So, kudos to me for keeping some measure of detachment to mull things over first. And I'm at the point with it all where I will probably forget about it by Wednesday.

    Still. Weird.

    • This is not nearly as entertaining as me flooding my kitchen was.

      Meh. I hate situations like these.
    • You did the right thing.
      But you also both missed out on an opportunity to really fuck things up with a singularly-carnal night.
    • One for the WankBank™Nairn
    • I know. But, I don't think one carnal night would have taken things to a new, productive level. Not for me, anyway.Continuity
    • she wanted to have fun, maybe fuck, but not your brain with the answers to these vibe destructing questions.
      fire and forget opportunity missed.
    • The "Anti-catpower"Akagiyama
    • between now and 20212... you really are the time traveller ;-) glad it's not only me that can't type or proof read here on qbnshapesalad
    • Sex is one of those things you really want, until you've had it, then you want to get on with other things.shapesalad
    • Branch swinging?drgs
    • @shape Right? Don't get me wrong: she's sexy, and we really clicked that way. And I miss it with her. But something was just too off. I knew I'd pay for it ...Continuity
    • ... emotionally, somehow.Continuity
    • Think you made the right call.garbage
    • WankBank LOLutopian
    • Right call was made. Treat yourself to a steak and decent beer.shapesalad
    • slow clapoey_oey
    • people casually msg people on linkedin?pango
    • The open relationship talk of hers was weird. Congratulations for not making yourself her toy. No hungover feelings.SimonFFM
    • sounds like you nailed every moment of that situation. no ragretsinteliboy
    • Def branch swinging. She eyed you for al life boat.cannonball1978
    • Sorry to hear about this, but sounds like you did the right thing. I think there’s ainstrmntl
    • George Clooney movie about this, and you are George in this instance.instrmntl
    • Like i told you. Bitches be kraizeeeeeeKhurram
    • Well you missed pussy twice.NBQ00
    • Akagiyama... LOOOOOOOOOOLnecromation
    • Although seemingly okay for them to do, Men can often get jealous of even outside emotional relationship happening with their female partners.shellie
    • Like, they want to be open, but not their female parters and its bullshit. Ive also seen “open” used as a cover to disarm the other person and put them at ease.shellie
    • Come and see the violence inherent in the system!
      There's always going to be one person that's more "open" than the other one. Regardless of your genitals.
    • I don't know if you've been paying attention but his story is about a married laaaddy trying to get dicked by her ex.
      Continuity made the right choice.
    • Well, not married, but in a committed relationship, nonetheless. But the point remains.

      And yeah, I don't think I made the wrong call.
    • I dodged a dysfunctional bullet, methinks.Continuity
    • @Shellie 'I've also seen “open” used as a cover to disarm the other person and put them at ease.' <— I think this was precisely the case.Continuity
    • And, I probably wouldn't be surprised if her dude wasn't also jealous, as you said.Continuity
    • If she's not married then she's not being oppressed.
      Slay, queen!
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  • pango1

    Russia-Ukraine Invasion

    any credible data on Ukraine soldier lost? and civilians lost?

  • YakuZoku6


    Cat 3 (Orlene) hurricane set to hit my ass directly by tomorrow, fun times.

  • shapesalad-1


    Made this months rent by trading £/$ this morning as the market reacted to Lizzies u turn.... before 7:30am. From bed using iPhone and iPad to monitor things.

    I love fx trading. I started February last year. Before that I’d spent around 10 years going from safe FTSE100 investing to penny stock nonsense which was a great learning curve, to crypto and finally realising fx is a bigger market, with a decent news flow to trade from.

    I started last year with the smallest lot size, being happy with £0.70 profits. Slowly slowly kept grinding at. And managed to double my account after one year. From £500 to £1k. Decided to put more capital in and trade bigger size.

    All this market volatility has been a gold mine. Something to be thankful of the Tory’s...

    • just think, if you spent as much attention to your marriage as you do with this financial wankery, she might not have walked out on you.face_melter
    • ^ ouch!Ianbolton
    • What are your costs/fees to date? Bigger size? Bigger loss! Everyone is master of the Universe until they go broke. You *will* lose it all, hang on to the rent.comicsans
    • She didn't walk out on me, I kicked her out pretty much. Also she was the one doing the FX trading and lost 50% of £1k, hence I decided to trade it back.shapesalad
    • Started with £500 in account - now it's at £6kshapesalad
    • Biggest loss is £351 in one day. biggest gain is £1095 in one day.shapesalad
    • this is just wanking the blog thread so we have to keep up with the insults: that's bonkers, how could you live in such a cheap shitty place?sted
    • congrats. I never had enough discipline to succeed in day trading. I made good money off of pennys tho.Beeswax
    • Youtube channel?grafician
    • And yes, FX pays if you do it consistenlygrafician
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  • utopian4
    • George Bush,
      Britney Spears (top right)
      David Spade (lil one)
    • Billy Connolly & Pamela Stephenson & sprogGardener
    • Jimmy Smits, the actress who plays his wife (whose name I can't remember), and that horrific little kid who plays Leia on Obi-WanContinuity
  • PioneerDJ3032
    • I watched a couple, dark as fuckYakuZoku
    • Much darker than I thought it would be.
    • my buddy's 15 y/o daughter watched this and it scared the shit out of her as it should, so disturbing can't believe they allow this on Netflix where it's so..._niko
    • ...easily accessible by kids._niko
    • He fucked the hitchhiker IRL tho.
      4/10 would not eat.
    • Just finished it yesterday, packs a wallop, for sure. I like how in the last 4 or 5 episodes, they really focused on his impact on those around him and their...elahon
    • stories. He kind of became an after-thought almost.elahon
  • Nairn7


    Had a student phone last night, a Saturday evening, at 6pm asking if I could do some lasering for him today. I suck air over my teeth and tell him to send me the designs and I'll see if I can fit it in as I've got a full day booked in. I was working 'til 11pm last night, nothing back.

    I got in today. Sunday, at 11am and still nothing. I get on with my work and figure he's found a different path.

    At 4.30pm he sends me the files.

    I respond, telling him it's far too late in the day, and he replies with a response that is of the same calibre of bullshit excuse I used to pass as a student.

    I'm guessing he's going to miss his deadline tomorrow, cos as soon as I've finished this next tranhce (@2 hours), Imma going home.

    I'm always curious to receive shit like this - like, in his last email, he was genuinely surprised that I might not be positioned to take on a job so late on a Sunday. World doesn't revolve around your inadequacies, chum. It'll be a hard lesson to learn, but we all do.

    • Well done!OBBTKN
    • Not really. I'm not in any way proud of this exchange. Just irritated.

      Always, so irritated.
    • Don't give signs of life until 16:30 on a sunday... That kid needs to learn more than just a lesson, not youOBBTKN
    • Tell me his address and I will kill himdrgs
    • imo, right lesson would be, to make it happen but charge him 3x or 5x.uan
    • he is probably rage destroying your reputation on ticktock/twitter/... and blaming your business for not being professional instead of thinking it's his fault.uan
    • ^OBBTKN
  • PioneerDJ3033
    • Jeez you got a big pussy.
      Jeez you got a big pussy.
    • Echo...!Elwin74
  • grafician3

    Russia-Ukraine Invasion

    Lyman retaken. It's pretty much over down there...…

  • neverscared2

    UK is Fucked

    How Palantir will steal the NHS

    Britons are divided on many matters, but one uniting force that cuts across regional, party and class lines is jealous pride for the NHS and fierce resistance to its privatisation and the importation of America's grisly omnishambolic health care "system."

    But while the British people oppose privatisation, the British investor class are slavering for it. Oligarchs love to loot public services, which is why the IMF is so adamant that the countries it "helps" sell off their public water, housing, even their roads and schools and museums.…

    • They’ve been running it down for years so they can present the “solution” of privatisation. All supported by the right wing press as the only option.Chimp
    • @chimp, consider what you've said and try to concoct a scenario in which that could be true. Baring in mind the next government is likely to be Labour.Morning_star
    • lol Labour? Blair's Labour did more damage to the NHS than Lansleykingsteven
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  • grafician6

    RIP of the day

    Dan Wieden was a creative legend.

  • utopian4
  • _niko9

    Elon Musk

    remember the time when he wanted to build a cumbersome electric sub to get stuck in the narrow cave and prevent any of the kids from being rescued?

    Then he called the diver a paedophile when he called him out on his stupidity?

    yeah. genius.

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