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  • OBBTKN16


    Pics or it did'nt happen. Paella and fresh Basqe cidar. Have a nice weekend locos ;)

  • sarahfailin3

    Who's Who - QBNers never say die

    Who do we think PeterPancake is? I had honestly suspected scarabin, but perhaps not?

    • I'm not sure, but I love his pancake theme posts everywhere on the website regardless of the topic its always pancakes.utopian
    • *was and i don't think so.
      it was utopian
    • oh is he dead? i also appreciated his brand of absurdist trollingsarahfailin
    • He went down in a blaze of glory from what I rememberPhanLo
    • PeterPancake is utopiandrgs
    • Whos is utopain?i_was
    • Was and is not me.utopian
    • I met PeterPancake in 2018 at Soho house in West Hollywood. First real.shellie
    • Hedgekalkal
  • sted3


    We had a little party with 6-7 ppl, everybody left around 6-7am and now I can't sleep. Also thanks for using glass what can survive a fall on a stoned floor for the Jack Daniel's bottle.

    take care.

  • Gardener6
    • HaAQUTE
    • epicsted
    • the interwebz deliverKrassy
    • best YT comment: "Imagine humanity becomes extinct and this is the only remaining proof that we existed."Krassy
    • lol “don’t touch your face”monospaced
  • yuekit2


    Another virus very similar to SARS-CoV-2 discovered in bats in Northern Laos…

    This is probably the strongest evidence so far that the virus emerged naturally through a process of slow mutation from animals, just like scientists have been saying all along.

    • We've gone full circlegrafician
    • It’s easier to believe it’s manmade, that we are all in control somehow. Rather than the dark brutal chaos of life.inteliboy
    • Thanks FauciAQUTE
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  • utopian4

    florida is whack

    Two ex-Miami officers, who were ‘Bad Boys’ fans, to begin prison sentences. Roderick Flowers, 29, and Keith Edwards, 31, who are cousins, will serve one year and three months in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

    ‘We ride together. We die together. Bad Boys 4 Life.’

    • Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?GuyFawkes
    • Cocaine is defo a cops drug. Boring as fuck.PhanLo
    • its all about the bath salts in those partsGuyFawkes
    • These 2 jabronis look like they’re wearing Halloween outfits.Ramanisky2
  • nb1


    FLORIDA alone is currently reporting more Covid-19 deaths per day than the entire country (incl Florida) was reporting just a couple months ago.

    Death trend: up

    • Tweets & Prayersutopian
    • waitwait that makes no sense :Dsted
    • more than the entire country? :Dsted
    • Yeah. & day average today is 363 for Florida.
      Back in June for entire USA was 350 then down to 270 by end of June.
    • It makes sense but it also doesn’t make sensenb
    • what do you think those numbers mean other than trite: "wear a mask" or "get vaccinated"pr2
    • ?pr2
    • When the dying was lowest? Maybe
    • Weird because I thought Florida had natural immunity from last year. I guess the idiot who said that was wrong.monospaced
    • An idiot also pointed out that this is only .05% of the population and we really shouldn’t be treating it like a big deal.monospaced
    • An idiot might also argue that it’s mostly old people so really it doesn’t count at all. I hear like .0000001% die from the vaccine so we should focus on thatmonospaced
    • This can’t have anything to do with the governors position on covid and his blatant anti vaccine and mask policy. Not at all.monospaced
    • The science shows that this is probably just the flu and cars are more dangerous. Do you stop driving? No. Idiots.monospaced
  • shapesalad1


    Looked out the window today in LDN and saw at 10.30am a car full of non indigenous looking dudes: scruffy beards, baseball caps, cotton tracksuit slacks, poor taste in music.

    They had plastic bottles of coca cola in hand, large smartphones, 200ml bottles of whiskey or rum. They drank said rum/whiskey. They also had a big bag of balloons. As they left they also smoked a joint.

    At 10.30am.

    As they moved on, they opened their car door a little and just dumped their spent balloons, gas canisters, half drunk coca cola bottles. Even though a bin was 3 metres away from them.

    All I could think was "What is benefit to society to have them in it?"

    • I mean, fair play, have an all night party, but don't dump your shit outside my window. and you mom said get a shave.shapesalad
    • It's a lost battle shape...
      Sadly, we've got the same problem here with moroccan and latin "young" "work-force".
    • If I sound racist, ummm... ok. But it's more than a education, mutual respect and good manners thing, period.OBBTKN
    • AGREEshapesalad
    • Wtf is “non-indigenous”??monospaced
    • Dictionary: "not belonging to or descended from the earliest known inhabitants of a place." If that helps.shapesalad
    • What do you mean by it? Honestly. I am not trying to trick you.monospaced
    • He means black people, monospaced.Nairn
    • He means people who doesn't belong there.sted
    • That's modern scumi_was
    • non-indigenous=white Brit, in this case chavs.i_was
    • @OBBTKN I totally agree, I left the south-east of France because it's full of that scum.i_was
    • Oh sorry got it wrong, so again the same fucking scum!i_was
    • I mean people that are speaking natively in a foreign language and are clearly not of the local/national culture, though you could argue against that last pointshapesalad
    • And yes I heard them firstly, carrying on in some language I'm not familiar with at all = not a west european language. Then I went to look out the window andshapesalad
    • saw them partying in the car, only issue was bad loud music. But.. the drug stuff is etc is thrown out and left at my window view, hence bad impression gained.shapesalad
    • Non-indigenous people are welcome to create positive impressions in my mind, but so far the negative impressions outweigh positive. Unfortunately.shapesalad
    • And I'm sure i-was feels the same where they are when looking at 'brits' as I feel same when i see certain chavs groups, but so far, they are outweighed...shapesalad
    • but for how long... the trend in Britain seems downwards in terms of morals and culture.shapesalad
    • 2/3 of people are of no benefit to society. 10 years ago I would have proposed to feed them to a bioreactor (biomass to methane), but I've soften my stancedrgs
    • What the shit. Do you really say non-indigenous? That sounds so stupid. NO OFFENSE.monospaced
    • Are you saying they’re from the Middle East or Asia? Would Eastern European be indigenous or too white? Legit curious. Your answer was bull shutmonospaced
    • Oh right. You called black people animals awhile back. You’re that guy. Thanks for reminding me. Yikes.monospaced
  • utopian6
  • Centigrade0


    To iPad Pro or not to iPad Pro... that is the question.

    Anyone got one? Worth it? A little tired of being stuck at the desk with the Wacom.

    • Yes ofcgrafician
    • pro yes 12" 2018 model still good, refurbished.shapesalad
    • Pro, 3rd gen here. Love itGnash
    • Basically do everything other than indesign and most photoshop stuff (still find photoshop easier on computer)Gnash
    • But email, biz, research, illustration... all on iPad ProGnash
    • yeah man I got my first one in 12 years, the new pro, drawing and painting is phenomenal, plus it's perfect for what Gnash outlined, replaces a laptop imo_niko
    • plus sketching and creating art while on the couch watching TV or cafe/park has the Wacom beat hands down. no lag whatsoever ever too._niko
    • And I just installed a PaperLike screen overlay and drawing / writing is 100% nicerGnash
    • And PS and Illy OK on it?Centigrade
    • Ps is meh. but mostly because I haven’t taken the time to figure it out it’s limitations I only do basic PS stuff on the iPadGnash
    • It’s missing a lot of the desktop functionalityGnash
    • I haven’t gone too deep on illy yet. Mostly because a hated the feel of the pen on the glass. Now that I got the PaperLike I’m starting to use itGnash
    • Still haven’t settled for drawing. I’ve been using Procreate, Concepts, and Adobe fresco... among othersGnash
    • With illy, I’m just finding the transition to using a pen and no mouse/keyboard a bit hard for this old brain. But it opens my ai files fineGnash
    • Thanks for all the good info.Centigrade
    • Gnash, I thought you had mentioned hating the paper like screen in the past so I avoided getting it lol, do you find it dulls colours or anything?_niko
    • Pro + Pencil + Keyboard = fantasticnb
    • @niko, they came out with an upgraded version that’s better. I saw it at a local shop and thought I’d try it.Gnash
    • There is a slight visual issue -mostly because of my greazy finger smudges on the matte surface. But it’s much better that vrs 1Gnash
    • And I hated using the pencil so much on the glossy surface that I’m ok with the downside nowGnash
    • Ah got it thanks man, I’ll check it out then :)_niko
  • zaq3
  • i_was8


    Hey bitches, I'm building an Hackintosh, all this from my Linux computer. Lots of fun.

    • Good luck, bitch.DRIFTMONKEY
    • You'll shoot your eye out Bitch!utopian
    • I broke mine months ago with an update, haven't touched since.
      Good luck you supercunt!
    • Keep us posted bitch!GuyFawkes
    • Right on bitch, you go gurl.AQUTE
    • @utopian, we'll seei_was
    • bitch please...oey_oey
    • I hope you succeed, assholescruffics
    • I've lost patience with this a long time ago... and bought a 2nd hand mac mini for testsOBBTKN
    • Enjoy weeks of fun making it work, until updates bricks it.jagara
    • I haven't upgraded mine in a year now, its a flying machine but such a pain in the arse compatibility-wise to upgrade. had to buy a new firewire card last timekingsteven
    • I built three of them over the years. But, that was only because the price to performance was shit. With the new M1's, I honestly wouldn't bother.section_014
    • @everyone talking about things breaking. If you're deliberate with hardware choices, they're rock solid. My actuals Mac's gave me more problems.section_014
    • Intel new generation is like M1 architecturei_was
    • C Y B E R B I T C Hideaist
    • @section very difficult with things like firewire and networking (my TB3 is working fine though :D) waiting for the 16" MBP M1 will be glad to ditch the hackkingsteven
    • ^cool, what do you use? tonymac? I'm using Dortania open core requires no Mac machine at all.i_was
    • With apple on the path to halting future support in their OS for Intel hardware, I feel like the Hackintosh community will struggle, if not die entirelymonospaced
    • Did the build all vanilla before opencore was a thing and I've stuck with that, when I'm not so reliant on it I'll probably rebuild with dortania if I need osxkingsteven
    • Set up multiple booting with Linux and win10 so it may go full gaming/media PC when I get my hands on a M1kingsteven
    • lol at "you'll shoot your eye out". I've done the opposite, running Windows and Mint sandboxes on an old iMac for years. Fun times await you.garbage
  • tank0238

    Show some recent work

    Some personal work. My second son was born a month ago.

    Saul Ray’s birth card is a 28 page magazine.

    It celebrates beauty, flowers, typography and colours. It serves as an introduction to people and ideas we think will be valuable in his life.

    I’ve drawn these illustrations in last months in the late hours and are references to: Basquiat, The Moonlanding, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Keith Haring, Saul Leiter, Saul Bass, Saul Hudson (Slash), Saul Williams, Flowers, Where The Wild Things Are, ...

    The cover is an abstraction of a wild sunflower that blooms in August. The colours are bright and most of the text is set in bold, colourful type. Printed on Munken Pure Rough, a nice paper with natural colouring and a tactile feel.

    • Dude. Seriously. Well done and pricelessmonospaced
    • Nicelemmy_k
    • Stunning. Nice one!!bogue
    • Dude, thanks for making me feel like a lacklustre parent!

      ; )
    • Love it.nb
    • Reminds me of the old days when a man might build his son a crib or a high chair from scratchnb
    • I mean the "old days" like decades before I was born lolnb
    • That's lovely.Brabo_Brabo
    • This is really great! This will be cherished for a long time. and congrats on son no. 2!desmo
    • Beautiful. What a great project.mg33
    • That's really nice. Can I ask is this a traditional thing & what is the purpose? Is it something for your son or something that gets sent to family and friends?Wolfboy
    • this is what I like about designersscarabin
    • LovelyCentigrade
    • Brilliant
    • Excellent work. Happy Friday indeed.MrT
    • Fantastic work!Chimp
    • this is lovely, incidentally i have a friend (great avant-garde drummer/percussionis... called Saul Rayson, so this has reminded me to get in touchkingsteven
    • This is beautiful. And I can smell that paper/print. (Yes, I love sniffing books and paper.)Longcopylover
    • Lovely idea and great execution. And congrats!Daithi
    • lucky kid :)PonyBoy
  • drgs5
  • drgs1
    • Punches for...
      (I have a container named 'shit news' for all the sites that use this)
    • What are they processing exactlydrgs
    • your porn usagehans_glib
    • From today? Or in generaldrgs
    • jesus lolGuyFawkes
  • AQUTE3


    "unvaxed" or "obese"

    this is the "real" pandemic in the USA.
    it's been a long time coming, maybe USA fucked thread.

    • The elephant in the room, literally.Chimp
    • ^ haha. fuck, remember posting about this well over a year ago during the first waves in europe…kingsteven
    • Being healthy makes you immune??
    • +++sted
    • Some good insights...but the dude needs to throw a few more humble brags into his videos to make himself feel superior.utopian
  • Krassy10


    is this the new Politics thread?

    • /stats / biology / math for designersuan
    • doyourownresearchutopian
    • No Krassy...just a thread to feed facts to the anti-Vaxxin morons trolls.utopian
    • thread to laugh at pro-vax idiots who don't know how to read basics tables of graphs (while employed to make those).pr2
    • fresh off the boatutopian
    • pr2, I want to test a possible preventative measure against further Covid infection - it involves shitting in your mouth. Wanna give it a go?face_melter
    • Previous clinical trials of shitting on the subject's chest proves inconclusive, so the boys at the lab think mouths are the next step.face_melter
    • Would love to stick to COVID news and not have things like Nicki Minaj's balls stinking up the placenb
    • Yes it is because of some cunts who love to regurgitate information.i_was
    • It's like Oprah giving out PhDs up in this bitch.palimpsest
    • This thread should be off the front page like the politics threadGuyFawkes
  • Ramanisky23

    News of the day...

    This Gabby Petito case is truly something. Read some comments online and rabbit holed-it into finding out about this.…)

    The Zone of Death is the name given to the 50 sq mi (129.50 km2) Idaho section of Yellowstone National Park in which, as a result of a purported loophole in the Constitution of the United States, a criminal could theoretically avoid prosecution for any major crime, up to and including murder.

    • my gut tells name from that police video above that he either got fed up with her and left her in a remote area then came back and couldn't find her_niko
    • or she assaulted him again and he accidentally killed her, like shoved her away but she slipped/tripped and banged her head._niko
    • I don't think he's a master planner or psycho to pull that zone of death loophole off, seems so far-fetched_niko
    • ^ Not saying that’s what he did .. this loophole is definitely News of the Day to me.Ramanisky2
    • yeah it is interesting, especially since authorities refused to close that loophole even after it was brought to their attention by that Michigan Prof._niko
    • Sad, she's dead.utopian
    • Zone of Death starring Nic Cage coming to Netflix in 2022nb
    • ^ there's a 2016 movie called "Population Zero"

  • Akagiyama5
    • Like my Fiat Multipla :)OBBTKN
    • Thanks for sharing this. I'm legit looking to buy one of these for my company vehicle. There is a badass green on a couple hours away from my place!toemaas