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  • Nairn11


    Just had a guy pull up on a moped, lift up his visor and say "My name is Domingo" and look at me expectedly.

    Not really sure why.

    • "We've been waiting for you, right this way."imbecile
    • It's all happening in Nairnland today.Nairn
    • "... you killed my father, prepare to die!”Bluejam
    • LOL drug deal mistaken idrenderedred
    • ^Gnash
    • Definitely not a dealer, not of drugs anyway.
      Takeaways, perhaps.
    • "you order kimchi?, you nairn, right?"fadein11
    • ha, oh don't - I fucking had an entire jar yesterday, then ate a load of cheese and harissa on crackers before bed. I felt fucking terrible this morning.Nairn
    • hahafadein11
    • It's a code mate, you should have responded: "And mine Lúnes"... They're telling that they have a "bale" for you since yesterdayOBBTKN
    • Domingo is gay and fell in love with youi_was
    • Mate. You just got cruised by someone on a fucking moped.Continuity
    • You big ginger bear, you.Continuity
    • Take the blue pill.monospaced
    • uh oh.Nairn
    • 'Draw me, Nairn. Like one of your Latin boys.'Continuity
    • Domingo was the guy who supposed to deliver the $1M cash at your door, you foolsted
    • +1 Bluejamjaylarson
  • Krassy4

    QBN Suggestion Box

    Can we please keep all politics threads off the front page similar to the way we hide the 'Politcis' thread?

    Donald Trump
    Joe Biden of the Day
    America is Fucked
    white supremacy


    • Add: Chick of the Day, Ass of of The Day, Chico of The Day, Fail of The Day, Trash Bin, Fuck Adobe and 3/4 of the entire site while they're at.utopian
    • no addy just, merge these into the pol thread, because of elections etc.
      pls ty
    • lets make QBN great againmoldero
    • let's make QBN Art AgainKrassy
    • lol utop, was about to say the samefadein11
    • Hey, Fuck Adobe's relevant!Nairn
    • ^ thisoey_oey
    • Add check box - censor. Make it selected by default or if not logged inzaq
    • Censorship! Emails! No Biden! Flat earth! Pizzagatejtb26
  • utopian6
    • Nice work - what was your process? Gotta say though, after actually going inside a Libeskind building, I am totally off this kind of architecture.Nairn
    • I think he single handedly funded the whole project.helloeatbreathedrive
    • very niceneverscared
    • why the green light on the tower?...looks kinda off to me.neverscared
    • Is this Philadelphia?CyBrainX
    • Started from a sketch that I created in 1993 based on some of my graffiti. Figured that I would try to implement the sketch with so much free time..utopian
    • ...I refined the sketch into a PS layered lowpoly design, I then had a 2D designer render it into a 3D model, applied some basic PS matte painting techniques...utopian
    • ...Took a few photos from Philly, made a composite of all of them, added a sunset, coloring, etc..utopian
    • The green light is actual green channel fluted glass.utopian
    • BTW - I'm clearly not an architect.utopian
    • Ha! I never pegged you for a graf artist, 'topes.
    • You got a 2D designer to render it in 3D? What sort of mad dimensionally- intersecting pervert are you?!
      Love it. Great work.
    • ic, kool process.neverscared
  • Nairn3

    Pic of the Day

    How METAL is this bin that I walk past on my way into work?

  • helloeatbreathedrive6
    • Watched this happen at a 2yr old birthday party. That little kid learned what fire was on his birthday.brandonp
    • Reach out and touch faith!Krassy
    • Faith+1helloeatbreathedrive
  • Nairn0


    The rona's totally fucking London up!

    • Wasn't sure whether this was better here or in the Brexit thread.Nairn
    • wtf are people doing in Camden???Projectile
    • According to this map, wondering why the fuck the value of their flats has just plummeted.Nairn
    • had to make a trip to Stratford Westfield at the weekend. fucking. nightmare. was a close call between non masks v wrong wearing masks. fucking ridiculousBluejam
    • UCL, SOAS, University of London, St. Martins + a ton more Unis and halls all about Camden could explain it.kingsteven
    • Anyone know why London isn't getting stricter measures? most of the country north of Watford Gap is now. I hope it's not economical only.fadein11
    • actually it can't be as the stricter measures only seem to be home based.fadein11
    • I thought the suggestion was that LDN was going to be 'socially shut down' fairly soon, no?Nairn
    • no doubt, my point was London's stats have been similar to elsewhere for a week or so now but measures haven't been put in place yet.fadein11
    • I'm not moaning either, just confused why it seems to be happening slower there.fadein11
    • whilst Dom is in town, there will be no strict measures. can't break 'em if there are none
    • what a shitstorm, dreading the next 3ish months.fadein11
    • This map is geographically completely wrong. Am I reading it incorrectly?Wolfboy
    • that map is a piece of shit - the numbers are in the wrong place (eg camden isn't ne london) and colours are wronghans_glib
    • Finally! Thank you, hans.Nairn
    • Hackney actually had much higher number in that period compared to Camden... ! Fake news from daily mail!!dee-dubs
    • Finally! Thank you Wolfboy (sorry, missed your post earlier for some reason).Nairn
  • BusterBoy4
    • Eric is the snot nosed kid at school everyone loved to kick the shit out of._niko
    • Doesn't answer why media ignores such things...deathboy
    • Are those things true and worth investigation?deathboy
    • And why so quick to use a twit unrelated to concerns to dismiss such concerns. What kind of logic is that?deathboy
    • But but but emailstank02
    • But but but the truth. Russia!deathboy
    • Woodward vs assange even on bias. This doesn't sell welldeathboy
    • So what in the NYT story is actually wrong?
    • It paints a picture of a guy who is basically a trust fund baby, failed again and again in business while portraying himself as rich and successful.yuekit
    • If real it show purely legal loop holes taken by everyone and shows... No Russian funds!... But as atlantic did with anon hard to really trustdeathboy
    • Plus nytimes not very a epitome of truth these days. Foxx some not others and their ghost editing really makes the queztionabledeathboy
    • As far as atlantic. Do u question fiction on account there vs anon?. Woodward's book highly ghti g intelligence similar to assange. And yup all the info on Bidedeathboy
    • N in the Ukraine and his sons pay days from the foreign policy. Any comments on those ukit?deathboy
    • And loss making billion dollar businesses is what's hot. U only need debt. If anything it shows Trump's biz savvy to help our country loss effortsdeathboy
    • Even though I think is double down because never pay anyways all about growth and capital controlsdeathboy
    • LOLzBusterBoy
    • Loss making billion dollar businesses in real estate without millions of customers or users...not so good. Good luck with your projects DB.BusterBoy
    • lolneverscared
    • Look at deathboy all triggered into a nonsensical "whataboutism" rant like a little baby. It's glorious how he defends and deflects Trump like he's his bitch.monospaced
    • Plus, if any of these other issues were real, they would be reported on by a legitimate conservative journalist. Except those don't exist, apparently.monospaced
    • Funny how they label the MSM as liberal trash, but can't muster a single alternative, in all these years.monospaced
    • Hell, even Matt Drudge even ended up biting the hand that fed him.Continuity
    • This is hilarious. I wonder if Eric knows how screwed he is or if he is as gullible as deathboy.jtb26
    • You do have to wonder if they are simply playing the part and going back and laughing at people like db lapping the vomit up, then regurgitating it, repeat, orformed
    • are they really that stupid? It's a coin toss.formed
    • $141,000,000 for golfing to 750 to tax.neverscared
    • Can anyone make sense out of d-boy's comments? Google translate isn't working.FNP14
  • nb4

    best on Netflix streaming?

    Still soooo good.

    • Just watched it yesterday again :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • MasterpieceRamanisky2
    • Watched this recently - one thing I found amusing was how camp and Hollywood a lot of the FBI/Fed/Cop actors were :)Nairn
    • I’ve always found this overrated and hokey. As dated as it is, I prefer Michael Mann’s take on the character material in Manhunter.Wolfboy
    • I prefer Red Dragon as a story and I definitely prefer Brian Cox as Hannibal. No scenery chewing.Wolfboy
  • Bluejam3
    • 100 x 6 = 600
      75 - 9 = 66
      600 + 66 = 666
    • 75-9 is not 66scruffics
    • okay, please don't vote for trumpimbecile
    • hahaha!

      and we're all using what are essentially supercomputers.
  • Nairn0

    Pic of the Day

    I KNEW I should've taken a photo with another bin in frame so you can see the numbers are actually done that way!

    I've highlighted the ADT 'security alarm' and, usefully, some fairly impressive dog eggs.

    If you squint you might just about make a right-way around 6 in the bins behind, but it's not at all clear

    • i've googled a few different ways, yet can't come up with anything of symbolic meaningimbecile
    • So you can see in rear view mirroreryx
    • 44 + 44 = 88. Heil hitlerzGnash
    • It's on at least three sides. I'll check the fourth aspect next bin day.
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      #bin44 #dogEggUpdate
    • Done so the bin men can see it in their mirror as they are driving away and so they'll subliminally think "shit did we do 44?...yup...all on..."microkorg
  • Nairn1


    Because I'm infected with 'ciao' I often use it in emails when I see that the client is Italian, which I did on an enquiry earlier.

    Said potential client just phoned up to confirm the order and said her name and I'm profoundly confused because she's clearly 110% Indian, haha. I'm guessing she's married an Italian and her forename is one of those that could as well be Indian as European.

    • Lol... I use buongiorno a lot here, but my only connection with Italia is that I own a FiatOBBTKN
    • Haha. Chow mein, bitches!Ianbolton
    • I can't even imagine how pretentious it would sound if someone used 'ciao' in a written email in the USmonospaced
    • "Okay Karen, we know you had your wedding anniversary in Rome 3 years ago ..."monospaced
    • ha, i don't disagree - hence the 'infected by', but spend a month or so in the country each year saying it 30 times a day and somehow it begins to make sense...Nairn
  • Krassy5
  • Krassy2
  • utopian0
  • Krassy2
    • say what!?nudes
    • Looks cool actually...

      I'll get me coat!
    • was going to slate this but actually has its place and could be handy. definitely not something you'd just 'have' with you...microkorg
    • .. so you can think 'ah, i can work here'.microkorg
    • Laptops gonna be drop-in’ like fliesGnash
    • Jurf?face_melter
    • right? awful logoKrassy
  • utopian1


    A baffled world is watching as the US is overrun by COVID-19 infections and deaths — with no end in sight.

    Political leaders in countries across the world are baffled as the US, once seen as a superpower, struggles to get the coronavirus outbreak under control.

    Across 13 countries including Canada, Australia, and Spain, the US has been viewed in the most negative light over the past year, and they are especially critical of the US's handling of the pandemic.

    The disapproval goes beyond the pandemic and extends to the actions taken by President Donald Trump.

    Some officials told The New York Times that Trump's rhetoric and actions are eroding democracy globally.…

    • Not to'll all just wash away when it gets warmer...I mean cooler...I mean...BusterBoy
    • Science... pfffttttthumb_screws
    • You are an idiot and will believe anything.Hayoth
    • Even Mexico is doing a better jobmoldero
    • Let that sink in for a minutemoldero
    • Could it be there is no control until herd immunity?deathboy
    • not as an idiot as trump who believed its a democratic hoax and will go from 15 to zero... maga boys , the greatest retards in the western hemisphere.neverscared
    • herd mentality - djtrenderedred
    • “Herd immunity” is a complete failure of humankind to address the virus. Not a strategyscarabin
  • Ramanisky27

    Pic of the Day

    Today’s Denver vs Tampa Bay football game

    • haha i cant wait. so much material for this season. im not sure if kenny dies for always having a mask or the one who doesntdeathboy
    • New 1 hour long Pandemic special this Wednesday nightRamanisky2
    • Hopefully still on hulu. Saw something about hbodeathboy
    • No longer on Hulu only on HBO Max.
      Which is great because all episodes are unedited and with no commercials
    • This is great!dbloc
  • i_monk10

    Punches For:

    Which turd thought the Colour Theme tool should be the menu default over Eyedropper:

    • yeah this shit bugs me - need to change it every single time...pedromendez
    • damn annoying. isn't colour themes another CC library thing? fuck Adobe to mars, but in the meantime, here's my moneyMrT
    • it was probably deathboy.face_melter
  • NBQ000
  • FawnDog13


    I found out that I lost the job I was on, prior to covid, because the company wants to diversify. I was told they hired someone else and didn’t bring me back based ‘solely on the color of their skin’ (direct quote). I have to say, it was a real sword to the chest, especially after being unemployed for six months and blasting through any savings I had.

    • What the...! C'mon, tell me this is a joke mateOBBTKN
    • Fucking hell, I'm really sorry to hear this. I'm going on ten months unemployed, so I feel your anxiety and pain.Continuity
    • Upvote for solidarity, not because I'm happy you're unemployed.Continuity
    • Sorry to hear Fawn. Keep your head high and stay optimistic!utopian
    • Upvote for New Opportunities!utopian
    • You have a strong legal case.monospaced
    • Who are you quoting? Can you prove it or is it heresaynb
    • Because yeah this is illegal most placesnb
    • It’s not illegal, companies are quite overt about itGnash
    • Keep a copy of everythingSlashPeckham
    • If you have proof file a labour dispute. Worst case scenario they will get nervous and pay you out. That’s fucked.ben_
    • It most certainly is illegal.nb
    • "we need to be less racist, hey whitey your fired!" sorry to hear man :(moldero
    • Companies can let someone go for almost any reason. And an equal-opportunity re-hire for the role is also within their rights - even if it's not the real rea$onSteveJobs
    • Having said that, sorry to hear. Good luck finding something new, and hopefully better.SteveJobs
    • The quote came from a text conversation between me and my EX boss. I am saving everything, thanks.FawnDog
    • I belong to a union (film industry union) I’m going to talk with them tomorrow because my contract was never formally brokenFawnDog
    • And the job was a tv show for HBO Max. The people at HBO are the ones who want to diversifyFawnDog
    • if you're a freelance, at will, and you were in between assignments, I think they can choose whoever they want for whatever reason they want on the next round.shellie
    • also looks like they can't win awards anymore without hitting a diversity quota in front of and behind the Acevedo next year which i, for one, am for.shellie
    • Affirmative action is straight up racism.moldero
    • I'm sorry its effecting you. Try to think of the people who have been shut out of the industry. I feel like i'm one of them. There's two sides to this coin.shellie
    • *Acevedo = scenes.

      Sorry for the typos. still in bed typing in the dark.
    • Shellie, It’s a tricky business to navigate because of the unions, but I am happy to help if you are interested in pursuing the film industryFawnDog
    • Thank you Fawn. I have been diligently trying to cross over from advertising &18 yrs of experie means nothing. I have no friends inside to hire me on trust.shellie
    • what's the best way to contact you?shellie
    • I'd also say affirmative action isn't racism moldy. how would we be able to compete against families that can l pay their unqualified children into opportunity?shellie
    • and people tend to hire people they feel they could be friends w/. ppl who look and think like they do. and entire groups are a shut out even if they're qualfieshellie
    • Regardless of who gets the job, they have to deliver and only skill can back that. Opportunity isn't always equal and unconscious bias needs to be challenged.shellie
    • Shellie I’m Fawndog at gmail dot com. Email me and we will chatFawnDog
    • emailed fawnshellie
    • I prefer meritocracy to diversity.pablo28
    • I was just perusing your folio, FD... I noticed plenty of Hollywood work and was wondering if you're dealing w/ the new rules of that world?PonyBoy
    • New Oscars' 'diversity rules'?
      You fall under 'Group B'... yes?
    • excuse me... 'Standard B'PonyBoy
    • I like how this notes thread is turning out. Best of luck fawn & shellieben_
    • I think I've made a new friend @ben. Fawn is quailty people.shellie
    • Not employing someone based on the colour of their skin racism. It’s very simple. Take them to court.Chimp
    • Am in film as well, funding is almost non existent if you're a (up and coming) white guy. I know a few who have walked away from the industry.inteliboy
    • @shells what I'm calling racism is the fact that affirmative action makes a company choose a hire primarily on the color of their skin which basing anything onmoldero
    • skin tone is wrong 100%, I agree, shit aint fair and shit needs to change 100% but a racist law isn't going to fix racism. love you shellzmoldero
    • Weird. These notes are both disturbing and heartening to read.Continuity
    • Ha this is the special interests. But being union... Kind of have to be in la... Can't really complain. Your special interest lost for u.deathboy
    • How many years and money spent against non union workers and firings through pressure. Your collective just changing with timesdeathboy
    • To maintain power. But that's me. I think unions as well as special Interest hirers are full of shitdeathboy
    • deathboy you think everything is full of shit. you disagree with everyone here and are a contrarian on everything. must be exhausting.inteliboy
    • This is as illegal as it comes. You're in a film industry union which was most likely created ages ago to fight this exact situation. Go to war.CyBrainX
    • whether racism or "balancing" it's worth going to war on it because it's your job and you're being unfairly singled out. No doubt some who've encountered theben_
    • same will blame minorities for what's happening to them, but it's clearly not as simple as that and clearly Fawn knows this.ben_
    • It's possible to protect one's career in the face of affirmative action without being a racist.ben_