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    Just opened up a file from a client to work on today and — ey-up, I recognise that brand...…

    • (the thing I'm working on is the actual Qualatex wordmark, not this QBN thing)Nairn
    • Haha. How randomscarabin
    • haha no way. also, copy and paste our logo and cal it a day!_niko
    • no. way.Krassy
    • lolYakuZoku
    • The humor of The Simulation.stewart
    • it's also a balloon network hereBeeswax
    • No jodas! LOLOBBTKN
    • Logo of the daygrafician
    • Obama vibesgrafician
    • If it were my client direct, I'd consider being paid in balloons. I've got a party coming upNairn
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    • still the biggest monument right?pockets
    • He looks like a tired line cookscarabin
    • ^lol
      "Wait, they want onion soup, but no onions?"
      *gets strainer*
    • lol scarabinPonyBoy
    • imagine how big his dick isIanbolton
    • I only foun d out about this recently it’s so...monumental_niko
    • they missed a 'golden' opportunity of pissing into the river. it is called the yellow river for a reasonhotroddy
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    • Man, still dopeeeeeeenecromation
    • ^ fuck yeah .. a classic.Ramanisky2
    • Love the prime minister. Serch was and will always be a complete spazz._niko
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    Hero Cop(s)

    Tyre Nichols arrest video

    • Animalsutopian
    • The best part is when the pigs are pepper spraying each other in the face. I wish they would have shot each other too._niko
    • The third and fourth video had me in tears. There’s no “best” part period.instrmntl
    • :'(pusherbot
    • If anyone has a child, you can only picture him as your own. How can the police treat a child like that. It’s crushing.instrmntl
    • I just can't bring myself to watch these. Reading the descriptions is bad enough. :(Akagiyama
    • Same, I'm going to skip. Just the knowledge this happened is enough for me.Continuity
    • This is really horriffic... what's wrong with these peoplepedromendez
    • murderous terror...neverscared
    • The Memphis police department said the men broke “multiple department policies, including excessive use of force, duty to intervene, and duty to render aid”.neverscared
    • If you listen to these fucking idiots talking at the end, I can’t tell the difference between them and any brain dead criminal. Is there no education minimum?_niko
    • None of them are white, so I guess it is all forgotten in a weekdrgs
    • none of them are white, so there will be some disciplinary action takenimbecile
    • They’ve all been fired, for starters. And charged with several policing violations. That would’ve taken months if they were white.monospaced
    • blue lives matter unless they are also black livesimbecile
    • Lives that matter mattercrazyprick
    • There's got to be a way to blame white peoplecrazyprick
    • :-(shapesalad
    • Anyway, those pigs should get the chaircrazyprick
    • @crazy…
    • Black folks can't be racistcrazyprick
    • yes you can crazyprick, you most definitely have beenimbecile
    • I'm not blackcrazyprick
    • but you are racist?imbecile
    • Crazyprick is Georges no?_niko
    • We are all black and racistdrgs
    • wow didnt take long to make it about race huh. cool.inteliboy
    • I won't be watching these. Can't confirm but I'm hearing these cops have less than stellar backgrounds... aka criminal records, Vice LordsIRNlun6
    • I wonder if the protesting rioters will remember to riot in the black neighborhoods since that outrage needs to aimed at blacks since the guilty cops were blackcherub
    • I wait, they've already forgotten. "This is exactly like Rodney King beating." Uhhh, NO IT IS NOT. They were white cops.cherub
    • Of course it's about race, how the white man is bad. Well, not this time, suga. Where's the gold casket for Tyre Nichols?crazyprick
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    Can we just give the anti vaxxers, conspiracy alt right nutjob fuckwits a chunk of the earth...let's call it 10%...and they can go there and do whatever the fuck they like. Shoot each other...get everyone sick...not pay taxes...ANYTHING.

    As long as they can only stay in their 10% and never leave.

    • they can have the bottom half of flat earthimbecile
    • They have that already, it’s called Florida_niko
    • heh. another variation of the previous post's lunacyzardoz
    • you guys have some serious issues.zardoz
    • And what are those zarbobozmonospaced
    • You want Liberia, but for retards? Also, no taxes? Fuck, stupid cunts should pay extracrazyprick
    • I can just picture it now, everyone barefoot living in dirt floor cabins, fucking their sisters and smoking the finest meth. State motto: Owning the Libtards._niko
    • oh, so west virginia?imbecile
    • Like a leper colony?monNom
    • More like apartheid or concentratiion camps. A mere modest proposal.zardoz
    • Niko called itmisterhow
    • Ahh yes the Hitler youth have arrivedHayoth
    • lol put your mask back on and take your tenth booster for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate you little pussy cuntRendle
    • you're welcome to tryIRNlun6
    • sorry, I'm just catching up after a while awayIRNlun6
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    Stuffed paprika/peppers

  • scarabin2


    Spotted a coyote in my backyard on a security camera. It hopped two six-foot fences to get there, and the same to get out. I didn’t even know they could do that. No more feeding the wildlife, i guess.

    I think i could take out a coyote in a one-on-one fight, but i’m worried about my birds :/

    • Dude. Don’t do that. Bad move, they will now literally wait all day in the same spot for the food to show up again.HijoDMaite
    • Old lady in our area was feeding them and they walked up and bit her hand. Then they just camped under her tree to be fed. Hope your neighbors don’t have pets.HijoDMaite
    • They’ve never found food here (on camera), fortunately. Probably smelled a host of other animals here, thoughscarabin
    • Apart from not leaving food out anymore and locking the birds up earlier at night i found these…scarabin
    • Motion controlled water turrets. Hope they help.…scarabin
    • drop an Acme anvil on 'emzardoz
    • Cant he just join your flockdrgs
    • https://www.birdbgon…sted
      you can really surprise it with this combo :)
    • We totally neglected our garden for about a year, so we now have a fox den in it, replete with cubs who yelp at 4am.
      Well done, us.
    • Lol sted. My neighbors would looove that at 3amscarabin
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    Signs your getting old?

    It's thirty six years since Bobby McFerrin released "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Thirty six. This does not make me feel happy, and I'm starting to worry about it.

    Thirty six years.

    • Fair.grafician
    • when you worry, you make it doubleimbecile
    • Don't happy, be worry!Krassy
    • ha I thought it was much older :)sted
    • It almost feels as if the pop music scene has changed since then.jagara
    • Remember the rumor he shot himself?CyBrainX
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  • _niko10

    Russia-Ukraine Invasion

    This war was meant to be a flex on Putin's part and it's going shitingly bad.

    On the one hand every nation should be in charge of its own destiny, allowed to make its own rules and govern how it sees fit, unfortunately in the case of theocratic dictatorships in the Middle East, banana republics in S America and N Korea and the likes, this comes at the expense of the liberty and happiness of its people especially the lower rungs of society.

    A just, fair prosperous and free new world order is what's needed, unfortunately, it can't be in the image of the shitshow that the US has become.

    So Putin was left with little choice in his mind other than to show the world the might of the soviet empire (complete with rusty tanks and state of the art equipment of the 1950's) and the he wouldn't bend the knee to the they/thems and the queers of the world, so war was the only option.

    And what would it cost him? best case scenario, they rolled into Kyev with little resistance and annexed all of Ukraine in a few days. Worst case scenario, the war drags on and he sends a million or so uneducated, drunkards and literal criminals to the slaughter, who needs those dregs anyway?

    But it's gone worse than that. way worse. He was afraid of NATO boxing him in and now that's exactly what he got, except with a willing participant to go toe to toe with him and actually USE those NATO weapons directly.

    All the alliances with South Africa, Belarus, N Korea, Serbia, Wakanda and fucking Disneyland will not help him.

    He's a laughing stock, a inept madman with a Napoleon complex. Unfortunately one who also has the ability to press a little red button and end us all.

    • election such?sted
    • This is why I'm pitching my tent in Canada. That country is poised to become a regional hegemon. Equal in size to the US and as abundant in natural resources,Khurram
    • not to mention more fresh water than any other nation on earth (a key commodity in the coming century).Khurram
    • Global warming that will render vast tracts of currently uninhabitable land ripe for exploitation and agricultural development.Khurram
    • Not to mention a government targeting 500,000 new immigratnts every year, our current population of 40 million can EASILY accomodate half a billion people,Khurram
    • if not a billion by 2200;Khurram
    • I invite all the slavic types, the refugees from the wars of Europe, not to mention (ater the reconquest of Palestine) the slavic types in Israel,Khurram
    • to come to Canada as compatriots, to cast aside your old-world identities and build your new Jerusalem here,Khurram
    • And make our neighbours to the south lick our boots.Khurram
    • And Europe, is destined to be nothing more than a zit on the arse cheek of Western Eurasia (back to historical norms)Khurram
    • Actually, scratch that - a newly militarized and emboldened Germany is set to dominate that continent - which has been the German destiny since Bismarck.Khurram
    • Then we'll see what'll happen to your peripheral ethno-linguistic nationalisms. Your imagined communities.Khurram
    • Unfortunately, the current hegemon, won't go down easy; at least not if that senile/belligerent cocksucker in the whitehouse has anything to do with it.Khurram
    • That grinning ghoul Joe mother fucking Brandon. FUCK HIMKhurram
    • Discuss.Khurram
    • Canada is gonna have problems in the Arctic. We don’t have enough of a navy to deal with the north border issues that are already starting to bubbleGnash
    • I'm sure we can buy some more de-commissioned leaky subs from some third world drug runners Gnash_niko
    • @Kuhrram Sounds great. How can I get an invite?instrmntl
    • @Gnash - we will build a navy god dammit! Global warming is going to place us in PRIME position for global domination :))Khurram
    • @instmintl - it's pretty easy right now. We have a points system for migration. 500,000 newcomers expected every year for the next decade. Come one come all!Khurram
    • how's your French??Khurram
    • @_niko - I gotta call you up on you equating South Africa with Wakanda or any other such imaginary non-entity, however.Khurram
    • Brazil, South Africa, India - 3 major Democratic powers from 3 continents; all sidling up to Russia.Khurram
    • "Western secular democratic values" vs "Tyranny" - mmm, not so much.Khurram
    • "Sidling up to" wow we're all terrified. Meanwhile > 300 tanks going to Ukraine from democratic countries.yuekit
    • But anyways, Canada should launch a special operation to annex Washington, Oregon and California from the USA.yuekit
    • lol. ok man. Who's "we" lolKhurram
    • At that point they will be positioned for global dominance under dictator Justin Trudeau. Control the tech industry, control the world.yuekit
    • There you go again with your simplistic narratives you simple little man.. "we" lolKhurram
    • Terrify who? You're the ones with the tanks. You yuekit, You "YOU" lol. What a fucking dumbass.Khurram
    • So you're American now? I seeeeeeKhurram
    • I used to read your posts in an Asian accent and I thought you were one of those Hong Kongers nostalgic for British Imperial rule.Khurram
    • Probably because your sentence structures are so simple. But you're a straight up Yank. Now that explains a lot.Khurram
    • In that case, I apologise for calling you a banana. Ha!Khurram
    • "your sentence structures are so simple"
      Kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of insults here huh?
    • And what's all this weird stuff about my background? We're all just human beings man. My nationality is planet Earth.yuekit
    • Your mistake is that much like Putin, Trump and other right-wing nationalists you start off trying to stereotype people and put them in categories.yuekit
    • Also this narrative about the Global South being on the side of Russia...…
    • They all had a chance to support Russia directly on a vote over whether the invasion was wrong. Only 4 countries voted against this...Belarus, Syria, Eritreayuekit
    • and North Korea. Most countries in South America and Africa voted for the resolution condemning Russia.yuekit
    • interesting take KhurramIRNlun6
    • I'd argue the future looks more like global corporate tyranny marketed as democracy, but that doesn't necessarily change your theory.IRNlun6
    • With the rise of AI, quantum computing, gene editing, who knows what the world will look like in 5-10 years.IRNlun6
    • I also agree with Khurram that Canada will probably take over the world. But first Justin Trudeau will need to become dictator for life, crushing his enemiesyuekit
    • like he did with the Canadian trucker movement.yuekit
    • I don't agree on Canada taking over. Sorry but the dollar and the US aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Canada is certainly rich in resources though.IRNlun6
    • You're losing your cool you little NAFO terroristKhurram
    • PS The tech future belongs to China. Deal with it.Khurram
    • PPS Fuck Trudeau an'all. I hate him almost as much as I hate Biden. I hate all you centrist mother fuckers.Khurram
    • That's not cool man, you need to uncritically support the leader of your country just like you advocate for the citizens of Russia and China.yuekit
    • I'm starting to suspect you might not be a REAL Canadian...real Canadians support Trudeau without ever questioning this choice.yuekit
    • I mean look at his socks
    • It's very cool. I hate all you centrist motherfuckers.Khurram
    • You can't even argue anymore. You're hilarious.Khurram
    • a story on mass migration, Sri Lankans looking for better opportunities, NGOs promise EU passports, migrants are given Iraq passports...IRNlun6
    • Just wondering why the political systems you seem to think are good for developing world people don't apply to Canada.yuekit
    • migrants are dumped in Mosul, a balkanized wasteland at this point, with WFP blaring progressive propaganda about diversity...IRNlun6
    • WTF are you even talking about.Khurram
    • Start a thread you little dickhead and I'll jump in. You'll have no doubt about the "political systems" I advocate for.Khurram
    • all groups hate each other since they're in a wasteland, no common bonds aside from poverty, and no opportunities.IRNlun6
    • Sounds very depressing IRNlun6 but what's the takeaway? Some people are in tough situations, isn't it better to help them than not to?yuekit
    • @Khurram The point is if you favor a system more like China or Russia over liberal democracy, then you should think about what that would look like in your ownyuekit
    • Meh, go fuck yourself. You have no idea what I favour.Khurram
    • country. It's easy to idealize a place on the other side of the world you never lived in.yuekit
    • Russians are neoliberal capitalists just like you cunts.Khurram
    • "the point is" ... what a fucking tool.Khurram
    • Or on the other hand, if you don't think Russia's form of government is good why would you support them taking over part of Ukraine?yuekit
    • They have the same form of corrupt oligarchic capitalist governments lol You don't even have the basic education on these things to comment.Khurram
    • Here's something your lying media no longer reports on....Khurram
    • https://www.theguard…Khurram
    • Whoopsie daisy! Little green RAT.Khurram
    • It's not the same. Ukraine has had six presidents since 2000, Russia has had one (and one placeholder).yuekit
    • Another one of those pro-Russian media sources I can't stop posting LOL, The Guardian! hahahKhurram
    • Just an "actor" just an ordinary "everyman" with off-shore Panama accounts, nothing to see here. Move along. He's OUR MAN lolKhurram
    • It's very small time stuff compared to Putin…
    • Yes Ukraine had a lot of corruption but they're in the process of joining EU which requires reforming all of that.yuekit
    • Yeah i mean, you're comparing apples to oranges, it's not that big of a deal, come on, minors, just minor tings lolKhurram
    • Ukraine is moving in a democratic direction, Russia is moving in the direction of being a dictatorship.yuekit

      Such a glamorous wife he got lol
    • The neo-churchill! little green t-shirted RAT.Khurram
    • HAHAHAHA "reforming all of that" . Mmmm ok mate. You win this round you pesky yuekit!Khurram
    • I'm an international socialist. I wanna see the end of capitalism in all places everywhere. You have no idea what you're talking about.Khurram
    • Do you consider China socialist? What about the USSR?yuekit
    • True socialism cannot exist in a sea of rapacious capitalist states. We need a global socialist revolution. Workers of the world unite!Khurram
    • Start a thread. I don't have energy for you.Khurram
    • So the thing you advocate for doesn't exist anywhere, but you somehow know it's good. Hmmmyuekit
    • 'Ukraine is moving in a democratic direction' is that why Green Shirt Guy outlawed all the left-leaning political parties and threatens their members with jail?face_melter
      Which 'democratic' direction is this? Almost a full house lol
    • The SBU have been murdering opposition politicians. Another inconvenient "truth" their media refuses to report on.Khurram
    • You're attacking Ukraine for banning pro-Russian political parties, during a time when Russia is invading them? lolyuekit
    • Here's an example of a banned political party
    • lolKhurram
    • "During the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, a number of functionaries of the Nashi party cooperated with the Russian troops and headed theyuekit
    • military-civilian administrations in the territories occupied by the Russians."yuekit
    • ^^ Little NAFO terrorist over here quoting wikipedia lolKhurram
    • This is one of the members of the party, they are now running what's left of Mariupol after it was destroyed by Russia.yuekit
    • And remember this is what happened to Mariupol…
    • So on one hand you defend Russia's invasion and mass murder, but it's also an outrage if Ukraine punishes anyone collaborating with the invading army.yuekit
    • Seems like a difficult needle Ukrainians have to thread, to keep you happy over there in Canada. Of course Ukraine is more democratic than Russia,yuekit
    • the fact that "green shirt guy" got elected out of nowhere with a totally new party shows this. Most of the government in Ukraine is younger people in their 40syuekit
    • whereas Russia is run by a bunch of aging former KGB officials and led by the same person for two and a half decades.yuekit
  • Krassy4

    Turns out I'm dating a Pro...

    catpower, are you 2 back together yet?

    • Oh no, Krassy. Don't open that can of worms again!Continuity
    • LOL!oey_oey
    • :D
      season 2 in the works?
    • Rather, they're working on the prequelOBBTKN
    • I can't wait for this on Netflix.CyBrainX
  • inteliboy0


    can all these antivaxxer conspiracy Q types please...

    Go get your bachelor's degree...
    Apply for medical school....
    Finish Ph...
    Attend medical school...
    Pursue your residency or research training...
    Receive your medical license....

    Then maybe beat your chest in a decades time.

    • So you can’t have an opinion different than mainstream news outlets or government bodies. Apologies but fuck you and the horse you rode in on.Morning_star
    • A real 'friday night' proposition. Sober up pal.zardoz
    • AGENDA99! Give me the bleach!fadein11
    • there's opinion, and then there is full blown misinformation and armchair experts analysing data from medical journals...inteliboy
    • we're far beyond any point of people just having "opinions"...inteliboy
    • lol opinionsmonospaced
    • Aren't religions organized conspiracy theorists? With the conspiracy taking even a larger scale. I'm ok with both.
      They stay.
    • demanding your ignorant opinion on scientific fact be respected is most of the problem.imbecile
    • ‘Opinion’ is all there is. This thread, in particular, is mostly ‘my ‘expert’ is better than your ‘expert’. The science isn’t settled and probably won’t ever...Morning_star
    • The mess of misinformation, agenda driven media outlets, motivated reasoning and over simplification makes for a fog of nonsense and fact which is ...Morning_star
    • ..impossible to pick apart in the side bar of a design forum.Morning_star
    • The medical and scientific community didn’t spend billions and years of time to form mere opinions. The media is not the scientific community. Opinions lol.monospaced
    • It’s easy to question shit on a YouTube video without evidence. That’s opinion. It just isn’t grounded in reality or evidence.monospaced
    • This post is extremely hyperbolic, but it’s satire. The point is that the only people who are touting conspiracies aren’t in a position to question the sciencemonospaced
    • in case you misread it the first time... "demanding your ignorant opinion on scientific fact be respected is most of the problem."imbecile
    • @mono do you think that the ‘scientific fact’ you hold as the gold standard is always disseminated through political or media savvy mouthpieces?Morning_star
    • Do you also think the same scientific fact we (public) encounter is exactly reflective of the scientist(s) discovery.Morning_star
    • I don’t think it’s a global conspiracy to hurt anyone or anything nefarious. News is disseminated by news channels like them or not. Or gov. That’s how it worksmonospaced
    • @Morning_star Are you saying we aren't able to figure out what scientists think?yuekit
    • Over 70% of the world has taken some kind of vaccine. It's been extensively studied. If the vaccines were dangerous it'd be impossible to hide this absent someyuekit
    • ultra-paranoid conspiracy. At some point you've got to have some faith, not in the government or drug companies necessarily, but in the basicyuekit
    • ability of society, doctors and scientists, to figure something like this out.yuekit
    • I think Morning_star is talking about global epistemic skepticism. He rejects all knowledge.palimpsest
    • @mono which news channel’s and which government information should I consider as trustworthy and which should I ignore? And when I have a question about...Morning_star
    • ...whether I should vaccinate my kids, or if I need to wear a mask outside, who do I ask?Morning_star
    • @yuekit I don’t disagree with you at all. But the ‘figuring out’ is still going on. The expectations of vaccines abilities and the evolution of the virus ...Morning_star
    • ...require constant and further analysis and research. The suggestion that you can’t ask a question unless you have a PHD is rediculous.Morning_star
    • @palimpsest. Think for yourself, question authority. Always.Morning_star
    • Exactly. Not only authority, knowledge itself. Descartes' evil demon.palimpsest
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  • fisheye6

    The Guitar Thread

    My partscasters and a partspaul

    • Orbital sander relic?zardoz
    • +1 nice!futurefood
    • @zardoz these are allparts bodies & necks, already reliced nitrofisheye
  • PioneerDJ3035
    • Paging Sureshot!utopian
    • it still baffles me that they get the human anatomy so prefect and flawless in everyday except the hands. which leads me to believe that in face it is on purpos_niko
    • purpose as a sort of a watermark to let us know that this is non fact ai generated._niko
    • I hope this doesn't awaken anything inside of me.Akagiyama
    • Reminds me of Andor prison storylinemisterhow
    • Front page bumpYakuZoku