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    Turns out I'm dating a Pro...

    This needs to be a netflix series with Paul Rudd playing catpower, and Aubrey Plaza playing Bleedy McGee.

    I would watch the shit out of this.

    • lol @bleedyBeeswax
    • LOLmort_
    • Holy shit. I shared this with a friend, not a QBNer and he asked me who should play the woman. I said a young Juliette Lewis or Aubrey Plaza.CyBrainX
    • I had Elizabeth Banks or Christina Ricci as Bleedy and Rose McGowan as her roommateKrassy
    • Jonah Hill, Gillian Jacobs & Allison Brie.palimpsest
    • @Krassy, That is one hell of a trifecta.CyBrainX
    • @CyBrainX hopefully @catpower agrees and hires me as the Casting DirectorKrassy
    • So many strong options, haha. @Krassy — you're hired!catpower
    • Now we need to get a Ho Fund Me started to finance this series!Akagiyama
    • the pressure is on, but I promise to deliverKrassy
    • @Akagiyama "Ho Fund Me" LOLKrassy
    • Krassy, I'm listening to your Zoxey Vol. 1 today. Nice stuff.CyBrainX
    • @CyBrainX I finally finished Vol 4! 3+ years later. Hahah!Krassy
    • I was wondering about that but I nagged you too much last time, so I didn't say anything this time.CyBrainX
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    Turns out I'm dating a Pro...

    How the folk did you certify yourself @catpower?

    • With a little patience this was possible back in the day. Another QBN oversight.palimpsest
    • catpower is Jason Kristofermort_
    • What are other QBN oversights?drgs
    • What happens in the deep web stays in the deep web.palimpsest
    • catpower is a script writer who's taking a fictitious script for a spin through QBN to see if it's worth pitching to NetflixKrassy
    • I thought itw as HBO that did the porny stuff?Nairn
    • catpower keeps mentioning PG-13, soKrassy
    • I swear I'm not making this shit up, and I'm certainly not a scriptwriter. Promise.catpower
    • we believe you…Krassy
    • You didn't answer the question @catpower but I do believe your dilemmaIanbolton
    • Are you actually Kanye West?zarkonite
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    • Mean reversion...grafician
    • Innovation Never Sleepsutopian
    • BRK baby! Slow and steady. Can't argue with Buffet's record.formed
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    "A Neanderthal OAS1 isoform protects individuals of European ancestry against COVID-19 susceptibility and severity"

    There is a gene rs10774671-G which protects against Covid and other RNA-viruses like hepatitis c, which explains why some people get sick and others not so much, and more specifically why more black people get covid in America.

    15+/- years ago I bought a DNA testing kit from 23andme to check my Native American ancestry (it's 0%). They let you download your genome afterwards. I have this value:
    rsid chromosome position genotype
    rs10774671 12 111841576 AG

    GG would be optimal and AA offers no protection.


    • White power!palimpsest
    • But I thought race was a social constructBrabo_Brabo
    • The Duke of Edinburgh really did come back as a virus.Chimp
    • You native American now?pango
    • The ability to understand social constructs requires less chromosomes.palimpsest
    • According to 23andme I have "more Neanderthal DNA than 85% of other customers".drgs
    • The force is strong with this one.palimpsest
    • I'm pretty neanderthal also. Heavy set, thick skull. An arm dragger.Brabo_Brabo
    • haha, knuckle dragger. an arm drag is a wrestling move.Brabo_Brabo
    • Cave privilegeGnash
    • drgs, I have 83% more than most. What does this mean for us?misterhow
    • AG as wellmisterhow
    • Not having the G allele (AA) makes you 56% more likely to be hospitalized.drgs
    • Btw, I was wrong about the G allele in Africa, in fact its dominant there, it is the Neanderthal haplotype that is absent there.drgs
    • "The ancestral variant (rs10774671-G) is the major allele in African populations and became fixed in Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes...drgs
    • However, the ancestral variant, with its increased expression of the p46 isoform, was reintroduced into the European population via gene flow from Neanderthals"drgs
    • Covid mortality is low in Africa:
    • But this confuses me:
    • Poverty and no access to healthcare plus Africans eat a healthier diet and get more exercise and clean air._niko
    • Vs their African American counterparts._niko
    • China also have your genome sequence. all those testing kits use chinese labs/resources. China aims to make a virus that Han chinese are immune from.shapesalad
    • ^My nightmaredrgs
    • Sounds like conspiracy talk. China has a lot of none Han Chinese as well. Unless their officials are highly uneducated, it seems unlikely.pango
  • NBQ003
    • That game was fucking amazing at the time - one of the few platformers I sat and hHAD to finish from when I first sat and played it.Nairn
    • My wee brother wasn't happy - it was his, haha.Nairn
    • One of those perfect games. I still play through with my girl from time to timescarabin
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    Suggest a good movie…

    More Stephen Graham goodness. But again, intense

    • Haven't watched this yet but +1 for Grahamfadein11
    • More intense than The Virtues?fadein11
    • ^ oh yeah, that was full on bleak. This ones maybe got a joke or two in though.Ianbolton
    • I rewatched this last night and there were no jokes in there from what i remember.Ianbolton
    • Oh hell yes. Graham is such a phenomenal talent that he can make you temporarily sympathize with a Nazi before snapping back to your senses.garbage
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    • who's that with Kissinger?Brabo_Brabo
    • ah, his wife.. nancy "it's maaam" kissinger.Brabo_Brabo
    • ^ wut?pango
    • I love how Bobo replies to his own posts.PhanLo
    • its like he's just talking to him self all day.pango
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    Suggest a good movie…

    enjoyed this for the 2nd time last night

    • Looks juicy, good find!grafician
    • this was intense.Ianbolton
    • wow - I like dags, I like caravans better - Tommy is all grown up.timeless
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    Turns out I'm dating a Pro...

    Since we've come this far, I might as well share a bit of craziness (that all makes sense now). On my mother's grave, I swear all of this is true. Writing it out is actually helping me wrap my head around it. It's been a lot to take.

    One night we went out, and I kept noticing that she was acting a little off. We went from one place to the next, getting progressively drunker. As the night came to an end, I went up to settle the bill, and she disappeared. I texted and called — nothing. I respect the art of an Irish Exit, but this was just bizarre. I decided to peek into the women's restroom and saw her boots under the door. Ah, got it. It can happen to the best of us.

    I'm a grown-ass man. Bathroom issues are fine. Take your time. I'll get you home — no big deal. I went to wait on the street.

    Five minutes later, she popped out as though nothing was odd. I tried to make her feel calm/no shame etc. Out of sympathy, I lied and said that I wasn't feeling great and could use some sleep. I was trying to give her an easy out. Instead, she draped herself on me, bit my ear, and said that she could "cure" me. *cue awkward boner

    The Uber came, and in what seemed like one fluid motion, we got in, closed the door, she pulled her tits were out and unzipped my pants. I had to stop her from going down on me right there. I've worked too hard for my Uber rating to blow it figuratively and literally. Priorities, people. Priorities.

    We get to my place, and she's like, "I want you to fuck me in the shower." *cue awkward boner again

    We undress and start making out in the shower. It was incredibly erotic. Then, without saying a word, she turned her back to me, grabbed my cock, and pushed it in from behind without protection. This was NOT consensual. At the time, I didn't know about her "profession," but it still obviously made me nervous. But my junk is nothing if not persistent.

    It really is amazing what you can look past as a guy. 30 minutes earlier, I thought she had explosive diarrhea, and now I'm clocking in right beside ground zero to put in some of that ancient work.

    After a bit, I pull out, look down, and realize that I have blood all over my junk. What. The. Fuck. My literal thought was, "and this is how you get AIDs." Again, I'm a grown-ass man. Periods are fine. But surely I deserve a heads up. Knowing what I know now, it makes a lot of sense. It's her MO. Do something reprehensible, mask it with god-tier sexual energy, and let the reveal murder your soul.

    We stop, I wash off with the thoroughness of a surgeon, we get dressed, and we go to bed. We're nearly asleep, and all of a sudden, she starts grinding on me aggressively. Blood starts getting on fucking everything. While she's working to recreate the horse scene in the Godfather, I'm debating my options and questioning existence itself. Should I go with it or stop this nonsense. Life is all about choices.

    At this point, I've been borderline assaulted, treated like a tampon, and turned into a human Rorschach Test. She can't get pregnant right now, so I just went with it. I have this mental slide show of images from that night that read more like a UFC highlight reel than a romance novel. Aggressive. Deplorable. Intense. Just ridiculous.

    Perhaps the funniest part was us waking up to this crime scene. I asked her if she wanted to go to a diner. We decontaminated, got dressed, and acted like everything was normal. I have never had more mixed feelings in my life. I remember looking at this whore in the eyes while eating an omelet and wondering what on earth my ex-wife was doing at the same time. Her Saturdays usually started with HGTV, and here I am making small talk with the fourth seal of the apocalypse. "At least she can't get pregnant... at least there's that..."

    • AIDsbabydick
    • I mean, it's a great read and we're all entertained, but going in raw means you're out of your fucking mindbabydick
    • Yeah, I'm never doing that again ever.catpower
    • How was it not consensual? She told you she wanted to fuck you in the shower and you got in the shower with a boner.palimpsest
    • It's borderline, I'll grant you. We had always used protection in the past, even in the shower, and we never talked about it.catpower
    • She just put it in without consulting me, and she knows I've been adamant in the past about protection.catpower
    • I think this was one of the things Julian Assange was accused of by the Swedish woman he dated, unconsensual sex without a condom.yuekit
    • Or rather the sex was consensual, but the lack of condom he didn't get their agreement on.yuekit
    • Rubber in the shower sounds weird to me. Like fucking in the shower with flip-flops on. Guess that's just how I was raised.palimpsest
    • Exactly. The sex was consensual. The lack of condom was not, and she knew it.catpower
    • I'm waiting for some butt activitiesbabydick
    • What a story, Mark.NBQ00
    • How long have you been together exactly?
      Also, this is how you split text into paragraphs
    • you just earned your red wings.fooler
    • You writing an erotic novel right? And testing the water on us?pango
    • Also. AIDSpango
    • I hope that you really do have 9 lives!utopian
    • @Pango... all true. Also if this was an erotic novel, I can't imagine who would read this for pleasure?!catpower
    • People... Lol…
    • one more vote for AIDS.CyBrainX
    • Now I understand why you’re puzzled. Reminds me of a girl I once dated who told me she dreamt she stabbed me. I split up.SimonFFM
    • Look at that bitch eating chickenHijoDMaite
    • she's pozzed youBrabo_Brabo
    • TLDRautoflavour
    • Just listened to that "right click, speech", hilarious : ) but you definitely have Aids, byemrAtor
    • Growing up on a council estate makes me feel your vibe man. Sounds like the shit I went through just to get laid.Ianbolton
  • pango2
    • Might have been good if it were a short, but every scene was just too long.lemmy_k
    • true. tbh i'm not sure if its good or not. i didn't get it at all.pango
    • As far as I can tell, he wanted her power. He may have been her father. I've only watched it once and it's been a while.lemmy_k
    • Agree with lemmy. I slogged through it when it came out, but then I would just play it on mute at parties. People just thought it was a visualizer.garbage
    • It’s certainly a gorgeous movie. But I think this one belongs in the Suggest a Bad movie thread.Ramanisky2
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  • utopian2
    • Really enjoyed this one but then Season 3 ends with a cliffhanger and USA Network cancelled it. Hey Netflix we need a final season.Ramanisky2
    • I watched the first season of this. Rick Grimes wife was in it too. It seems like ages ago.CyBrainX
    • I just wrapped the final season this evening, it's a shame that this just went away.utopian
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    China brings back anal swab testing for Covid…

    • Hahahaha, damn,...this world is going nutts.ApeRobot
    • bwhahaha... glad i'm a 'science denier'.Brabo_Brabo
    • the thing with china is, they make you do the test regardless if you're a dumb science denier or notpango
  • catpower0

    Turns out I'm dating a Pro...

    @Cherub and @Utopian... Appreciate the thoughts. @Cherub, I can totally relate to your two types (and thanks for the story). I've experienced versions of both, but never to this extent.

    I'm only telling part of the story here. I'm no saint either. What I've said about her is true, but I've manipulated her as well in ways that she doesn't realize because I didn't entirely trust her from the beginning (though I could never have imagined all this shit).

    I think she's 35% type 1 and 65% type 2... (and yes, 100% nuts). In all seriousness, nothing would surprise me. I'm positive she'll try to fuck me over at some point, but she's in a "honeypot" and doesn't realize it.

    The bottom line is this: I know that I need to call it quits. No question. I've managed to dodge a bullet, nay, an atomic warhead. I'm clean, have some absurd stories, and have lost nothing of note other than the year or so that she's no doubt shaved off of my life.

    As with most people, she's a mix. She's not 100% a filthy whore, and she's certainly not innocent. She's complex. Through this and my ridiculous Tinder days, I've realized that I'm ultimately a relationship guy. I just don't have the energy for all this chaos.

    Both of my parents were severe alcoholics. When you're around chaotic people, the world warps to their reality. Craziness seems normal. I've seen this with her as well. If any of my friends told me they were going through this, I'd slap them, tell them to wake up, count their blessings, and snap back to reality. Go apple picking, meet a reasonable woman if you want, and seek meaning over fleeting passion and impulses.

    But that ass, tho. Epic.

    • Just don't get too emotionally involved and don't get her preggy.ok_not_ok
    • Poontang Trap 101utopian
    • PICSbabydick
    • ^yes. pic or gtfo!pango
    • One of the amazing things about this story so far is that it's been going on for a year! I figured it was a couple of months. She's a sack of trauma.CyBrainX
  • pango4
    • Is it that good? I see it everywhere might give it a shot then_niko
    • I'd say it's entertaining (so far... 4 episodes in). Definitely R-rated, and much goofier than most Marvel or DC series. Gunn has more leeway with DC I guess.evilpeacock
    • goofy, dorky and ridiculous. def a good laugh. hard to say if it's good. real entertaining for me.pango
    • few sec of boobs and vag. def R ratedpango
    • Lot of comments that it's "not funny". I'd say the humor is pretty dry most-of-the-time, with lots of subtle visual jokes/easter eggs.evilpeacock
    • One example of a visual easter egg is the "Henenlotter Video" sign, which refers to cult director Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage)evilpeacock
    • Gunn seems to have free reign on the direction. And some joke will definitely get taken wrongly.pango
    • Seems similar to The Tick. My kids want to watch is so bad. The love John Cena and DC movies but I think they have to be much older to watch this.fooler
    • ^ Good decisionpango
    • Yup, I wanted to share watching with my 13yo twins, but due to the high level of inappropriateness this isn't happening.evilpeacock
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    Do you act different after you’ve recovered? Do you feel like precautionary measures are overkill? Let’s get back to life? Or do you keep on keeping on

    • The precautionary measures didnt work (you caught it), so what's the point?Brabo_Brabo
    • If you have antibodies from natural infection you should have the same rights as the vaccinated, well actually you have more protection.Chimp
    • Same rights?! I’ve never lost any rightsnb
    • In Italy the unvaccinated don't have the basic rights to use public transport.Chimp
    • The UK has slightly lower vaccinate rates and no Covid Passes and still has lower deaths than Italy.Chimp