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    What's the lowest it will go this year? Place your bets, place your bets.


    • 18750drgs
    • 666Krassy
    • half life was under $1K so...
      with nothing to prop it any longer and a recession coming up, I doubt it will even survive - the entire market going with it
    • the entire market is layers upon layers of scams, leverage, etc. so dominos will fall

      then, if they're lucky, hard regulation or bye bye
    • -5k ...u have to be fined killing the ecosystem for literally nuffin but toxic air.neverscared
    • spartans u have to pay up for you eco-desaster hustle.neverscared
    • Below $1000formed
    • $14300 - I think BTC will lose 80% of its value from its previous highest price... like last timeSlashPeckham
    • But what does that mean for all the crypto bros? will they have to go back to being poker bros?_niko
    • $14kshapesalad
    • at least to the level where microstrategy goes bust...neverscared
    • It's at 18,650 nowpinkfloyd
    • Your mommonospaced
    • ^crazypinkfloyd
    • 11kYakuZoku
    • when this shit started i was set to 18k for a buy, now i'm having doubts. 11-12 maybested
    • i think there will be a shitshow around 17 and 15ksted
    • $60 ishHayoth
    • fucker ran awaysted
  • skwiotsmith8
    • Does anyone know the backstory of that sample and this song?nb
    • Like, did they watch Young Guns and then write this song? Or did they write it and then some dork producer put this over top?nb
    • lol nbYakuZoku
    • Damn that was one long ass article based on pure conjecturenb
    • Like, I get the lyrical theme; connection to the regulators. But why the young guns audio? It’s so ridiculous sounding, especially on this fly tracknb
    • i thought you would like the conjecture as you posed only two possible options yourself.imbecile
    • I crave the facts. I must have the truthnb
    • I think it was the dork producercannonball1978
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    Elon Musk

    i am financially inept.

    how do i short against TSLA?

    i have ten pounds.

    • I wish to make at least £12.Nairn
    • IG.comshapesalad
    • Don’t ever short stocks (or use Options/ CFD’s) if you don’t know what you’re doing. With some shorting styles you can end up losing more $ than what you put inNBQ00
    • If you are serious, look at SARK, SQQQ, and UVXY.formed
  • Nairn0

    UK is Fucked

    Not much love for Boris, but he's darn right here...

    Out of interest, neverscared - you seem to spend a lot of time fixating on the UK's problems (much like your chum grafician - the two of you bound to the hip as you are in your constant hilarious hijinx in the crypto threadzzzz) - how's your country's support for Russia these days? Sorry, Ukraine! Not Russia. 'Oops'. What a slip of the tongue.

    • Must be nice living in a country that has absolutely fuck-all relevance in the grand scheme of modern history, other than birthing fascists every few years.Nairn
    • Lol cunt only went there after he didn’t get an invite to join the French, German and Italian heads who went the day before ...Bluejam
    • ... and he the process completely snubbed the northern tories who were waiting for him in Doncaster ... yeah, he really does give a shit about everyone.Bluejam
    • Presumably the operation to get him over there, for a second time, would take more than a day or two to organise?Nairn
    • tbh, irrespective of his actual intentions, having a procession of Western leaders visit and make supportive statements is actually important, for once.Nairn
    • Nairn, I am disappoint, check out his timetable of 'Calls with Zelensky', that tells the true story of his 'support' for Ukraine. not to mention he's been infadein11
    • bed with the enemy for years/decades. Jeez, I am really disapoint.fadein11
    • tbh, i pay more attention to the ukraine situation than I do uk politics. so he prosibably uses the situation for his own ends. i'd assume no lessNairn
    • i only posted <this because I was irritated by oftenscared's posting the above article - from a uk newspaper - as if he has some fucking ivory tower to sit in.Nairn
    • politics is theatre. boris plays quite a good part sometimes. hate it as much as you want to, for all the right reasons, but here we are.Nairn
    • aside from the Boris comment, I agree entirely with your other sentiments below :)fadein11
    • It’s become trendy to hate on countries like the U.K. once you travel you see it’s actually an amazing place but still with problems like many other countries.Chimp
    • The cuntish things Boris does is nothing compared to Spanish politics let alone, Argentine or Kenyan.Chimp
    • very bad in austria.... the conservatives really amped up the energy dependency with russia the last years with enthusiasm ... Kurz was highly likely worse thanneverscared
    • least no ruanda hardcore sheme though... they stand with ukraine... probalby a little nicer to refugees and the coordination not to get them homelessneverscared
    • is working good.. i think there are problems to have them get enough money though... coz .. guess what .. the conversvaties are lazy non caring fucks.neverscared
    • did´nt want to offend your country.. but i´am reading the guardian... and it highly likely won´t make no sense posting stuff from an austrian newspaper andneverscared
    • austrian politics because it´s in german and no one can read it anyhow... how much foreighn newspaper do u read ?neverscared
    • no one forces u to read the cryptothread.. or are u the posting police around here ? ;)neverscared
    • if it calms your nerves i open an - austria is fucked - thread and u can read german news....lolneverscared
    • news in german i mean.neverscared
    • for the state of of how austria supportsukraine .. its more with smaller stuff... like helmets..and aid for medicine and stuff .. because of neutrality statusneverscared
    • austria runs since 1955 ... they are not allowed to support much military stuff- also has nearly none... . also not a nato nation because of that. for moreneverscared
    • detailed questions - ... please go ahead..neverscared
    • i guess we can thank the uk military wise for their active war participation in iraq and afghanistan and the massive refugee flux into austria (2nd highest EUneverscared
    • per capita) they generated with the madness they stirred up...neverscared
    • as for grafician and me.. we have a little fun in the crypto thread... i hope that´s not too much of a crime for you...neverscared
    • must be nice living in a country which has blood on his hands over centuries all over the globe with their murderious colonial exploitation and killing....neverscared
    • if thats the relevance u r so proud of...neverscared
    • not to excuse for the fashist nazi maniac terror regime of course.. also a trend to call austrian and germans fashist when they are critical to other countries.neverscared
    • don´t downplay austrians influence on modernity...from hedy lamare billy wilder to Schrödinger , Kurt Gödel and Coop himmelblau... they are very numerous moreneverscared
    • Sigmund Freud, Neutra, bla bla bla u get the idea ....neverscared
    • if u wanna c what we -fashists- hustle with refugees wise in modern life grand sheme to your active war country (9xpopulation) u can c it hereneverscared
    • https://cdn.statcdn.…neverscared
    • Ooh. hahaha...Nairn
    • Ooh all the war seems to be a joke to - nairn no brain -neverscared
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    Cat of the day?

    it's looking like the kitten will be named Sylvester in a special ceremony of fish and catnip served on his footstool this afternoon

  • Miesfan14
  • catpower6

    Turns out I'm dating a Pro...

    Apologies for the delay. I've tried to write an update several times but have found it challenging to be concise. I don't want to barrage the feed again, but there are many moving parts.

    tl;dr — my junk remains persistent.

    We still see each other, but our "relationship" has devolved into a purely sexual and open thing. We meet up to fuck once a week, and that's it. Deplorable is the only word that comes to mind. Our time is so intense — we laugh about it because we both know it's not normal or healthy. Not great.

    She's still seeing one sugar daddy, which is so absurd. A few weeks ago, we were texting, and I asked her what she was doing. She replied, "do you really want to know?" I was like, "that's why I asked."

    She then sent me a series of pix over the next 40 minutes. She was fucking some dude and kept going to the bathroom to send me mirror selfies of how disheveled she was progressively getting. "I wish you were here. You could teach him a thing or two." The "sweet" sentiment mixed with the level 10 depravity is so fucked up, darkly humorous, and kinda hot. It's all so fucked up.

    She lets me choke her, spit on her, fuck her in the ass, tie her up and fist her — everything is in play. She's incredibly submissive to me, which has brought out my "domme" side like never before. I forget that not all women are like this.

    This has fucked up my "normal" dating life with the other women.

    For example, I was hooking up with this girl for the first time a few weeks ago. We had regular foreplay — it was hot — she pulled off her panties, bent over, stuck her ass in the air, and pulled her cheeks apart with her hands. My perverted ass thought she was signaling anal. So I started licking her pussy and then ass from behind. I could tell she was surprised when I touched her devil eye, but she leaned in.

    I laid my persistent cock on her asshole, and she was like, "um, no?" And I was like, "obviously." Again, I would never have thought like this in the past. I need to recalibrate back to reality.

    Another bi-product of this shit is that I've gotten pulled into her sketchy-ass world.

    Her roommate does these high-end happy-ending massages. There's a network of these places all over the country, and they fly girls around. It's pretty shocking how organized it all is. It's like the Breaking Bad of hand jobs. Anyway, I got intrigued, so I called the number and set up a time with one of the girls.

    All this shit has made me absurdly comfortable (read: jaded) with nudity, runaways, and sketchy sex. So I called this number, a girl answered and gave me the address, and I entered this super sketchy, dingy, small one-room studio with a massage table in the middle. She directed me to disrobe and lay down. *cue awkward boner

    She started rubbing me all over, and I instinctively reached up and started rubbing her back. I can't explain it, but I could just tell what she wanted. I rolled over, and started putting my fingers into her mouth, and she literally said, "oh fuck, how did you know that was my thing?!" We started making out, and she went down on me, forcing my cock down her throat until she choked. It was intense.

    Anyway, we finished and started chatting. I suspect that most guys in these situations try to over-sexualize the whole thing and/or give off weird energy, but I was so calm. We started talking about music, and vibed quickly. She offered me a blunt as we got dressed, and she was like, "we should see each other outside of here sometime."

    We exchanged numbers and went out this past weekend. Our chemistry was amazing. We ate, and then I took her to a hotel I had booked. Again, the only word that comes to mind is deplorable. She literally said, "I want you to trash me." *cue awkward boner again

    We fucked for two hours easily. Crazy shit. I had her balled up on her side with her hands bound behind her back with my belt hard. I was fucking her so hard that my hip joints started hurting (and this is how you know you're getting old... fuck.). She started cumming and said, "I just want to be a good girl for you, daddy," in this little voice. Though her convulsing was insanely hot, this phrase is the worst thing I've ever heard. Not great.

    Though we didn't explicitly talk about it, it was evident that all of this god-tier sexual energy resulted from trauma. It's easy to forget this when you're balls deep in a 27-year-old. I also had a rough childhood, but it has only recently dawned on me that all of my absurdity is probably partially the result of trauma. It puts you in a weird place.

    But my junk is anything if not persistent. I pulled her off the bed and onto the floor. I picked her up, yanked her head back by the hair, and came all over her face. We both collapsed on the carpet and started giggling. Her ass was bright red, hair wrecked, mascara running, and her face glistening with cum. She said, "you get me," and then nuzzled on my chest.

    Sexual compulsions seem to work like every other addiction — to keep the "high" going requires constant escalation. I don't do drugs, but I have an addictive personality. I've recognized this pattern in the past, but this "relationship" has pushed me over the edge. I do things that feel so foreign to who I really am. Not great.

    I have a few other absurd anecdotes to share. In the interest of length, I'll close it here for now. *awaits judgment

    • 50 Shades of CatpowerRamanisky2
    • Uff. Clearly not something I can just skim through.Continuity
    • This is how we end up with monkeypox.palimpsest
    • I can't wait for this series on Netflix.CyBrainX
    • lol @ palimpsestContinuity
    • cool story brosarahfailin
    • kinda gross and stupiddasohr
    • You really meet some charming characters here on QBN, choking spitting up ass... you both need therapy, sort out your aggression.shapesalad
    • You need to take yourself and all these girls to see Dr Paul Conti:…shapesalad
    • You’re addicted to your own brains dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins and losing control of free will.shapesalad
    • The sugar daddy thing is disgusting, you filthy fucker. AIDS 2.0 will get you for realbabydick_
    • power of the kitty indeedimbecile
    • James Deen meets Marla Singer of Fight Clubstoplying
    • Agree, gross and stupid. And boring. Instead of evolution towards a real but distorted connection, it’s a (paid) tour leading to dick ennui.cannonball1978
    • golf claps.
      as long as it's not fucking up your life or anyone else's. bravo
    • Degree of obsession reminds me of 'Broken Embraces':…SimonFFM
    • Looks like majority of QBN is more vanilla than kinky and somehow this feels relieving to me (else I had felt odd for not needing hard stuff).SimonFFM
    • The Dark Side. Tempting it is, exiting. Astray it will lead you. Destroy you it will. Hmmm, yeehs!jagara
    • That bitch was rude to not take in the ass. She let you taste her dinner but won't let you push it in? Now her ass too good for your dick? Hell naw!palimpsest
    • Even the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.palimpsest
    • the forum asks for an update then downvotes him? how many republicans at heart do we have here?imbecile
    • Thanks, Elon.palimpsest
    • I'm over this cuckery. Can't wait for Philadelphia 2babydick_
    • There's a disappointing amount of prude judgement here.CyBrainX
    • true story or not, an update everyone kept asking for, upvoted :) we are happy you are still alive!rzu-rzu
    • I'm still waiting for a total cost of services in dollars.cannonball1978
    • Yeah, I don't get the downvoting, but QBN gonna QBN I guess. I swear this is all true. It's not like I come off looking awesome in all this.catpower
    • Wow. Thanks for sharing. I feel jealous and grateful at the same time.pusherbot
    • I hear angels singing as I read this.Akagiyama
    • I think the downvotes are mostly just because it sounds so fake, and if real it's so poorly written that it's still boring.garbage
    • garbage, I'm downvoting your side note.CyBrainX
    • and I'm ok with that. The narrative doesn't seem real, and if it is, it's pretty dull mid-life crisis.garbage
    • if this is dull, what I wonder what a spicy mid-life criss looks like....inteliboy
    • onlyfans? i'm ready to subscribe. lolsea_sea
  • scarabin7
    • Too wide?drgs
    • No, the opposite, too narrowdrgs
    • can't be too narrow if it fits diagonallyrzu-rzu
    • Better view over therelemmy_k
    • this gives me anxietyKrassy
    • deconstructivism.neverscared
    • Diamond floor diamond Sink lolAQUTE
    • i asked a plumber and a general contractor I know about this. neither can come up with a reasonable explanation other than homeowner request.imbecile
    • "even if the sink is too big, the counter could have been extended to compensate" "it looks like they ordered the countertop that shape. stupid."imbecile
    • Lolscarabin
    • This picture makes me irrationally angry.Akagiyama
    • I hate this so much!Krassy
  • scarabin9


    I’ve noticed there’s a local bird that’s learned to perfectly imitate the “walk” chirp they play for blind people at street crossings. Curious how this will play out

    • must be a mockingbirdhotroddy
    • omg same here!monospaced
    • Blind population is declining drastically!OBBTKN
    • I had a mockingbird in my neighborhood that would imitate various car alarms at 2AM every nite.dasohr
    • must be a bird of the dickhead speciesfuturefood
    • Crows, jays, starlings and many other species also do mimicry. Car alarms, street sounds, the crossing sound you mentioned.garbage
    • Ravens are basically parrots and will mimic human speech. Probably a mockingbird though. I had one that learned my neighbor's water sprinkler.garbage
    • There are a ton of corvids here, maybe it’s one of themscarabin
    • They're sneaky, wonderful fuckers. Are you still keeping chickens?garbage
    • Yep!scarabin
    • I'm guessing corvids then, because they will stalk a coop. Also start selling QBN branded eggs.garbage
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  • Akagiyama4
  • neverscared4


    The perfect setup for crypto traders.

    • the keyboard should be just one big key that reads "buy the dip"Krassy
    • lolneverscared
    • What's not to like?drgs
    • if it went down into a second monitor, then this would be funny.imbecile
    • Buy high...sell low!utopian
    • Works in both directionsdrgs
    • a perfect symmetry.. what goes up must crash down...neverscared
    • I love that btc "crashes" into the 5 digitsinteliboy
  • Gardener5
  • NBQ003
  • lemmy_k28

    RIP of the day

    My friend Mellisa.
    I met her through my wife, who is also sober.
    Melissa is one of f those that would sober up, get her life back together for about a year and then go on a bender and lose everything again.
    The last anyone heard from her was "i found meth". She was found dead in her car three days later.
    I've been to her kids b-day parties. We have a rose bush in our yard that she gave us as a housewarming gift. It just bloomed this week for the first time in a few years.
    Her poor kids right now...

    • so sorry lemmy. i hope she's found peace now.sarahfailin
    • That is rough man, take care.tank02
    • so sorry to hear; heavy!Krassy
    • :(babydick_
    • Heartbreaking. Especially with kids involved. I'm sorry.CyBrainX
    • So so sorryriteshpatel
    • DamnYakuZoku
    • Thanks. She was my age and beat cancer only to be taken out by shitty drugs. I'm so lucky that I am able to stay clean and sober.lemmy_k
    • Heartbreaking. My sincere condolences.sea_sea
    • Sorry about your loss. Stay Strong. Stay Sober. I struggle every day.fooler
    • This is truly heartbreaking. My condolences, lemmy.Continuity
    • Heartbreaking. Sorry for your loss.mort_
    • Stay strong, Lemmy! The rose bush is a nice way to remember her!SimonFFM
    • Sorry for your loss. Stay strong. For you and everyone around you.Longcopylover
    • Damn. sad to hearmilfhunter
    • Sad to hear. Condolences!jagara
    • So sorry to hear. :(Akagiyama
    • It's such a difficult situation, and the line that comes back to me is "troubled hearts map deserts, and they rarely do come back". Sincerest condolences.garbage
    • That is so horribly sad. My heart goes out to you and her friends and family.boobs
    • very sad :( sorry lemmy, stay strongBuddhaHat
  • Continuity5


    Yesterday, I kicked off my life as a full-time freelancer for the first time in almost 20 years.


    Since yesterday, I've been hustling on LinkedIn, sending messages to interesting agency contacts I've been collecting over the years from all over the place.

    No replies yet, but come on ... it's early days.

    Gotta say, though, it's a much, much different hustle from run-of-the-mill job hunting. More uncertain? Yeah, probably. More exciting? Fuck, yes.

    • You ok then? couple years ago it sounded rough going for you.shapesalad
    • Diversify - get some side hustles going, so you aren't 100% relying on freelance for income.shapesalad
    • Thanks for asking, shape! I'm way better than a couple of years ago. Focussing on my mental health (+ therapy) means I'm in a different place now.Continuity
    • Am I worried, now that I'm not working FT on the agency side? Yeah, of course. But I think I've got way better coping mechanisms now than 2 years ago.Continuity
    • Check out Dr. Paul Conti's book on trauma - seems useful.…shapesalad
    • Glad you are doing better!shapesalad
    • Wait. why weren't you 'full-time freelancing' when you were unemployed a year or so back?Nairn
    • Because of the way my local residence permit was jigged. I've got the all-clear now. ;)Continuity
    • ah yes, that rings a bell - I think I asked you as much at the time, haha!Nairn
    • Virgil voice: "Welcome to 1040 Hell, do you need a guide?"garbage
    • what field of design do you specialize in?hotroddy
    • Advertising. Concepts/ideas, film/photoshoot supervision. ATL and social.Continuity
    • ... / BBQ / SodomyNairn
    • Uh-oh. Busted!Continuity
    • best of luck!hotroddy
    • Why?

      there are TONS of jobs available rn
      just posting something cool on Linkedin will get you offers :))
    • I just did a snot-laugh at BBQ / Sodomygarbage
  • Nairn6
  • drgs1
    • Wait, what??Akagiyama
    • can't enter without taking a shower firststed
    • No excuse to not open the door while you're in the showerdrgs
    • low budget Tenet machine thinglajj
    • Gotta keep the back door clean ;)toemaas
    • Hole in that door is way too highnb
    • Doesn't everyone want to spy on their neighbours coming and goings through a peephole as they shower?Nairn
    • minimalist mud roomimbecile
  • NBQ002

    Elon Musk

    What a year for Elon.

    He turned into a clown.

    Alienated a lot of people with his twitter antics. Even his employees.

    Accused of sexual harassment.

    Officially a Trumptard right-winger.

    His (Tesla's) Bitcoin investment under water massively.

    BS move with his twitter buyout interest and backtracking.

    Sued for pumping Doge coin.

    The list goes on.

    • Last year his marriage broke up the year before he called an innocent man a pedo for trying to save kids. Every year will be the same with this guy.Hayzilla
    • I hope Tesla sales fall through the floor...but they probably won't.BusterBoy
    • Cool story brainwashed broHayoth
    • Wayoff as usualMrT
    • all this after smoking one marijuanas on Joe Rogan's Podcast. Not even once._niko
    • underground grimes was too much for his elite upcoming...neverscared
    • I may be alone but I prefer Let it Come Down.CyBrainX
    • Sorry, wrong, thread.CyBrainX