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  • face_melter3

    Tweet of the Day

    Anal, cumshots, gangbangs, etc...

    • charlie don't surfhans_glib
    • He's strictly into incest porn. No 'Douple Prayers'PhanLo
    • haha who the fuck's this Doogan?`_niko
    • You guys are so communist you fall for anything.Hayoth
    • lolGuyFawkes
    • Hayoth must have fallen too much on his head when he was a little boy.neverscared
    • Mate, I'm so fucking Communist the CIA tried to overthrow me.face_melter
    • I just pictured Charlie's dolphin teeth crawling through his lips on his vinegar strokes and I was so disgusted I went straight to church.garbage
    • ^ Chuck's head is so bulbous, his smol face looks like a clenched fist when he cums.face_melter
    • ^ Oh my god brb have to go straight to church again.garbage
  • hans_glib9

    Signs your getting old?

    when you and your wife go into a pub and she asks for the music to be turned down

    • Folks treated us to dinner at 'Temper' in Covent Garden. It was violently loud and we were all utterly miserable, even after asking them to turn it down a bit.Nairn
    • I was so angry - if it was my treat, I'd've walked straight out. Food was below average and obviously overpriced too.Nairn
    • Music is nice but you usually go to a pub to talk and a club to get permanent hearing damage.kalkal
    • Dining out is so hit or miss now. Not blaming the restaurants, but less desire for me to drop $ on a sub-par meal and experience.stoplying
  • BusterBoy14

    Space is the place

    I seriously couldn't be less interested in these narcissist tools going for a joyride to the edge of space for a couple of minutes. Big deal.

    Get back to me when they go into low earth orbit for a few days...

    • This.grafician
    • What if it blows up? You might miss outGuyFawkes
    • or when they strap Musk into another Tesla and launch him into deep space :)_niko
    • I'll wait for the replay...BusterBoy
    • Space walk or it doesn’t count.monNom
    • I'm mostly surprised they're actually doing it. I wouldn't step foot on a spaceship if I had their net worth.timeless
    • I guess my question is - would u risk it all if you were in their position?timeless
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  • cam280

    Digital Advertising

    What about exporting HTML5 from Animate? I did that before, but my ad guy said the files wouldn't upload correctly to google ads. I ended up having to remake them in GWD.

    I'm looking into Creatopy or Bannerwise - any thoughts on those apps?

    • < might have been due to file size, or some reason other than messy codeProjectile
    • You need to upload HTML file into Animate CC that has the right clickTag.
      So when you export the file, it works on any platform.
    • If anyone is interested, I can upload my template files and a guide on how to use it.Sellies
    • Hi! I'm interested... test dot obbtkn at gmail dot com... TA!OBBTKN
    • @Sellies - I would LOVE that! Let me know how to reach you :)cam28
    • Animate works great for this, your ad guy is completely wrong.fyoucher1
    • @fyoucher - lol, your probably right. Do you use Media Encoder to export the files? I think that's how I did it. Is there a better way? I did put the ads into..cam28
    • Google's ad verification thing and it said there was an error (I didn't add any code myself in Animate, only timeline animations). Thoughts?cam28
  • Hayzilla0

    Monitor for Mac

    Hi guys,

    So my company didn't approve a Dell Ultra. Too expensive, so I got a cheaper model. It's 28" - 4K - 3840 x 2160 and seems well reviewed.

    I bought it in readiness, to use along side the M1 laptop when it comes out later this year to replace this 2013 iMac I'm using now. But thought I'd get it now as I can use it as an external for this iMac until then.

    Thing is, the highest res I can go up to is 1920 x 1080, which needless to say looks awfully blurry and big this close up. Does newer Apple kit let you go to higher resolutions? I'm worried now that this 4K monitor is a waste of money if the new laptop wont let me use it's potential. Help please. Do I need to send it back?

    • I had that problem once with a dell monitor and a 2012 mbp. google monitor type and imac model, you'll probably find a solution.uan
    • It's this one btw. https://www.techrada…Hayzilla
    • Might be an issue with the old iMac but there are some hidden options that you'll find in the displays preferences:Daithi
    • https://support.appl…Daithi
    • See the bit about 'Press and hold option key' which shows way more options. I'm running a 4k monitor off a 2019 MBP and it has to drop to 30fps to workDaithi
    • Last note is that your choice of cable might influence options tooDaithi
    • Not sure whats happening, but are you using a high speed HDMI cable? A high speed cable is supposed to be used for 4k support.Sellies
    • Also, all new Macs with M1 chip can run at full resolution 3840 x 1600 at 144Hz. But if the monitor/display cant handle the Hz, it will default to 1080p.Sellies
    • All Apple computers have been able to drive multiple 4k displays for many years.monospaced
    • Also, make sure you get the right USB-C cable that is powerful enough to support the Hz and power to the display and Laptop.
      Some shit ones out there.
    • Thanks guys. It was because my imac is too old! Counting the days for the new laptops now.Hayzilla
  • _niko5



    what a finals and what a performance by Giannis, such a great story and even better that it wasn't some whack-ass mercenary super team.

    • grafician's new favorite temutopian
    • Nahgrafician
    • Just got lucky when half the NBA is injured lolgrafician
    • Lol what a shit hot take. NBA has been injured every year for decades. That’s basketballnoRGB
    • Giannis practically broke Kyrie's foot man damn
      Even he himself got his knee overextended!
      Anyway looking forward for 2022
    • btw congrats to Middleton, that man single handedly carried the Bucks to the Finals and then somegrafician
    • yeah Middleton's performance was unfortunately overshadowed by Giannis' epic play but it should not be discounted in the slightest._niko
    • Yeah Lakers fans can't make injury excuses. Bron is getting up there, AD always gets hurt, and Kuzma is.. Kuzma.garbage
    • Giannis was not getting denied. Him freaking out on the phone with his brother was amazing.garbage
    • Kuzma is garbage.grafician
    • Chris Paul is already in trading rumours for the Lakers btw hehehegrafician
    • Oh and even Caruso can lock up Giannis anytime, he did it before, no problemografician
    • anyone other than brooklyn is fine by me.showpony
    • Yeah, there are also Westbrook rumors. As long as they don't get Dame, I'm fine with it.garbage
    • But it's Portland, so you know they're gonna fuck it up somehow.garbage
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  • SimonFFM4

    Signs your getting old?

    I still can't believe I am the same age now as my mother in law when I got to know her for the first time. Not sure how this is making me old, I feel no way can I be that old. If you don't get me, maybe it's because I am too old to put this confusing feeling right.

  • where_am_i20

    Show some recent work

    Here is another frame-by-frame animation just finished up, this time featuring John John Florence. Enjoyed getting a bit looser with the strokes on this one. Water is rather tricky but pretty happy with the result. Best viewed with sound design here:…

    • Really nice. Again.Nairn
    • Have you tried Moho? You could draw out about 5 key position frames as vectors, put on a brush style to the stroke, add some boiling line movement, keyframe theshapesalad
    • vector points, easily move them frame by frame with the magnet tool. Then export to AE for some final comping and textures.shapesalad
    • If you know the software well, would be quicker then painting each frame one by one, but look about 95% similar.shapesalad
    • https://moho.lostmar…shapesalad
    • Plus once it's done, you can easily change colours, brush type etc.shapesalad
    • Thanks shape, know of it but never tried it out. Would look into it for production maybe, cheerswhere_am_i
    • Awesome as always ❤Wordsworth
    • very cool!milfhunter
    • Nice! Reminds me of T& C Surf Designs!…
    • Wonder how it'd look running through Rife-App or if it'd just lose the charm.kalkal
    • Love the air at the end. Great work.mandomafioso
    • All killer.
      No filler.
    • I likey the red board.utopian
    • Good Stuff!dbloc
    • I want a tutorial on thisHayoth
    • thanks guyswhere_am_i
    • @hayoth never made a tut before may do one if more interest expressedwhere_am_i
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  • grafician5
  • Bennn3
    • Its annoying that people are talking about it, but we still have no proof of what's inside the UFO. Can't wait for that zoom shot with the alien waving to us.Sellies
    • She dopeGuyFawkes
    • Chick of the dayAQUTE
    • No UFO's; just military high tech weapons ; it's 2021, we're living in the future!Krassy
    • Abby Martin is amazing yeahBennn
  • grafician3
  • pango1


    Just got 2nd jab. Hope I don't turn into a 5G crocodile.

    • no surprise, in this economy everybody needs a second jab. i hope this one doesn't involves getting naked.sted
    • 5G Croc life is best lifenb
    • get some ice cream. helps cooling down the system who tends to overhit a bit.uan
    • *overheatuan
    • bth, I never got any side effects.... only sore arm and minor drowsiness.pango
  • zaq26


    Last Tuesday I went on a hiking trip with my 13 years old son that was supposed to be a 2 nights camping, covering the distance of 22 miles in Adirondack (West Canada Lake Wilderness) It was our first time in that area. We traveled 11 miles the first day, stayed 2 nights at a beautiful lake, then planned to walk another 11 miles through a different route back to the car.

    That's where I learned the hard lesson of relying on technology.

    The app Alltrails was used to guide me. It did a pretty good job, even sending me notifications as soon as I am off the path. But the app also drains the battery fast. My phone died the second day. I had a small battery charger, so I thought it would be enough to get us back the next day. However, it ran out of juice half way.
    Then I thought it's not a problem, we will just follow the trail marks and eventually get back.

    and ...

    we missed a turn that resulted in 15 extra miles and 1 extra night and a day in the wilderness.

    Since we had to carry everything ourselves, we took enough food just to get us through 2 nights. So we were out of food too.

    The red line on this map is our original path, the orange line is the detour.

    When we got to the lake (the end of the orange line) that's where I realized we are completely lost. We turned back, but it was too dark at that point, so we decided to spend the night right there and continue our search in the morning.

    Meanwhile, my wife freaked out that we haven't returned as promised. She got contacted the rangers, who started a full-blown search for us in the morning.

    Luckily, overnight the charger miraculously got a little juice. It was enough for my phone to receive 1%. I was able to launch AllTrails app for a few seconds, locate us on the map and see where we missed the turn.

    A few hours later, we bumped in to the rangers, who escorted us to the car and notified my wife that we were ok.

    When I got home, I ordered a real map and a compass. I will never travel without that in my backpack.

    • Glad oit all worked out - how was the 13yr old ?_me_
    • He took it very well. I am proud of him. Although he said he will never go again with me :)zaq
    • HA! dont think the missus is gonna let you anyways !_me_
    • that is quite the scenic detour !_me_
    • The Life and Times of Grizzly Adamsutopian
    • Man...I can’t even imagine what was in your wife’s head. Still you did good. Happy everything ended well.oey_oey
    • Wow! And always Carry more food than you need and life straws.Hayoth
    • Damn, glad you have a sense of humor about it. Great bonding experience.bezoar
    • Next BD gift for you: a solar / hand-crank Charger.uan
    • sounds like you got more than the adventure you were seeking plus a lifelong bonding memory for you and your son. glad you made it back safely.Krassy
    • "... a lifelong bonding memory for you and your son ..." - those were my thoughts as well.SimonFFM
    • Wow, that's a great learning experience.Chimp
    • Glad you’re ok but your poor wife! :)_niko
    • Damn dude, glad ur goodGuyFawkes
    • Awesome experienceGnash
    • Into the wild!PhanLo
    • great tips. glad you made it out ok!kaiyohtee
    • Moral of the story, have analogue backups, understand how to use them and take more batteries.kalkal
    • Hope you got to enjoy the camping part anywaystoplying
    • Glad you made it out! I also second the hand crank charger. It’s a literal life saver.monospaced
    • I recently bought a solar powered brick that will charge a phone about 10 times to full and can be recharged by solar cells on its face.shellie
    • how fast does it charge? and ... its always cloudy here... usually those are the reason i haven't bought a solar powered battery.pango
    • Come to Denmark! Here, there's a Lidl in walking distance wherever you are :)jagara
    • I got a rugged solar-powered charger too, in addition to a map and a compass.zaq
  • PonyBoy5

    Digital Advertising

    What are you trying to output? GIF files? HTML5 animation? mp4?

    They all have a different approach to them yet there is no way to output any of them from one app alone... you're still going to be left w/compression / publishing rules you must meet that usually require more than one app.

    I'd have better feedback / "how to" info if I knew what your final output was (I build banners like a pigeon poops btw... just need to know what you're trying to output). <3

    • +GuyFawkes
    • HTML5 for Google and MP4's for socialcam28
    • Thanks for the help!cam28
    • HTML5... I recommend doing them 'by hand'. I've yet to find an app that doesn't output a mess of code. I use a simple raw JS animation platform called GSAP.PonyBoy
      HTML/css is fairly simple however you are always going to have browser bugs to deal with (no app will cover those issues).
    • As far as mp4's go I use AE to animate and output. I do use Illustrator and Photoshop to often output my layers for AE... can't really avoid that.PonyBoy
    • To be clear tho - the apps 'topes is posting above are just not there yet... they're enough to help you output minimal quality but I highly recommend you...PonyBoy
    • ... just use the 'by hand' route for HTML5 output... you have so much more control (although you do need have a good grasp on JS and scripting concepts)PonyBoy
    • Give this a read on getting starting w/using the GSAP animation library: https://css-tricks.c…PonyBoy
    • what Pony said.mekk
    • AE for Gif Banner animation
      or mp4 social video.

      Animate CC for HTML5 banners (Super quick and easy to use).

      or get good at coding with GSAP.
    • What shits me is publishers still have 120x600 or 160x600 banner sizes and still want banners at 80kbs.Sellies
    • can you do both HTML5 and MP4's from AE? I usually have to create for both Google and Social and hate to have to create similar animations with diff appscam28
    • there are plugins that'll do it, cam... I think one is called 'bodymovin' however the time I tried it (2+ years ago... it may be better now) it output...PonyBoy
    • ... a ridiculous amount of script that went way over file size. Doing it 'by hand' is so much easier / efficient.PonyBoy
    • @Sellies... those limits are changing! (finally!) More and more I'm finding final file size to be 150kb or smaller.PonyBoy
    • Thank you!!!cam28
  • GuyFawkes1
    • After the Branson launch, kinda felt weird that there was no on board footage of this.kalkal
    • And if you thought that Bezos felt Invincible before...utopian
    • Is he back already?nb
    • Space race is ON again!grafician
    • @kalkal Branson is a showman and his flight was about marketing. Bezos is a tech guy and his flight was about capabilities.grafician
    • ....and Musk?kalkal
    • ^Musk is both, he first sent his car to outer space to show off and will be first to reach Mars as he actually can do it.grafician
    • Still I'm surprised there was no on board footage even with that considered, it was presumably a conscious choice to keep it a private experience.kalkal
    • I'll put the champagne back into the fridge.sted
    • The whole event was cringe afGnash
    • Watch out, Graf. You'll trigger the Musk haters!lemmy_k
    • musk's cock is 10 times the sizehotroddy
    • Waiting for babydick to make his comments in 3...2...grafician
    • Branson and Bezos are vain, rich guys in pursuit of space tourism and ego stroking. Musk at least is doing a variety of beneficial things...mg33
    • ...Starlink project, sending people and gear to the space station, inventing new rockets.mg33
    • Not sure how I feel on the Mars thing, but it's far more inspiring than Bezos / Branson and their "product" that only the richest of the rich will ever enjoy.mg33
    • @mg33 people laughed at Bezos before in early Amazon's days, so never say never with this guy. But this flight was indeed cringe afgrafician
    • *grafician was therested
    • If you think Musk isn't some vainglorious spoiled brat that lucked into a shit ton of money, you haven't been paying attention.garbage
    • He's not the brains behind any of his projects. He's the ego born with a massive wallet.garbage
    • instead of spending his family fortune like most spoiled brats do, he increased it 100 fold, in engineering and science. don't be so resentful.hotroddy
    • he could of turned out like loser heroin addict like hunter biden riding on his dad's coat wings to sell his childish art.hotroddy
    • "Don't be so resentful" says the person with the saddest hard-on for Hunter Biden.garbage
    • only trying to help. much easier to be resentful of a no talent hack who's only success is because of daddyhotroddy
  • Krassy2
  • PhanLo5