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  • drgs7

    Kung Fury…
    Kung Fury 2 in the making with Arnold as The President

    • "David Hasselhoff as Hoff 9000 (voice), a member of Fury's team who transforms into a car"drgs
    • Yes! I'm ready!grafician
    • Sweet. Need more Hackerman in my life. I'll free up the 10s of megabytes I'll need to save it.lemmy_k
    • YayaDRdisrespect
    • ^ VSMbabydick
  • _me_4
    • @neverscared_me_
    • @me hehehegrafician
    • Love your posts _me_
      But get ready to sell!
    • all the old morbid farts are laughing, i get it ... they have nuffin to lose and shit all over they enviroment with their toxic co2 hustle ! they will also beneverscared
    • dead like bitcoin in 5 ears and we have to unfuck what they fucked up...the planet.neverscared
    • yearsneverscared
    • you dont get it @neverscared [ ironic name you got there ] - we are taking over the old morbid farts - then we can do something_me_
    • lol, sure do your taking over... pfffhahaha. u are as a mental antique as the 2 old suckers in the gif...what something do u want to do? push out as co2 soneverscared
    • we all burn to death ? thats a great ideo... go on , keep on doing it..lolneverscared
    • oh man , this idiots when they out of intelligence and start the username profanity..neverscared
    • im just me._me_
    • yes, i know who u are the old morbid fart laughing in the gif, u characterised yourself already with the posting.neverscared
    • grow up. wake up. stop being a little ranty little fuckwit on a messageboard. then we can talk._me_
    • irony_me_
    • lol.... bitcoin evangeics with their grow up, wake up stuff ....,the evangelics defintion couldn´t be more accurat.neverscared
    • https://www.rollings…neverscared
    • i´am not ranting at all, i guess u tried to mock me with your post... i don´t care i saw the conference... there are so many douches .. i couldn´t care lessneverscared
    • about the clowns, but the enviroment issue is a fatal problem.neverscared
    • i could post a leo meme from django.. next time bitcoin goes down... but proudly i don´t have that much childish profanity inside me... that´s only for theneverscared
    • coiners reserved....;)neverscared
    • youre always ranting x_me_
    • are you and grafician twins >?_me_
    • u are so boooringneverscared
    • u can´t hardly have a design career with all the inherent boredom ooze off, thats why u have to do bitcoin i guess. poor guy.neverscared
    • hahahahahahaaaaaa...

      im not scared.
    • good luck being neverscared.
      goodbye x
    • lol, what an idiot...…neverscared
    • i just bought a house you prick._me_
    • my second house_me_
    • don't engage him @_me…kingsteven
    • a second house, oh how cute... u are such handsome bitcoin trader... lolneverscared
    • iam so jealous of your second house...everybody is looking at you now,, how kool u r .. heheheneverscared
    • maybe a lambo or two up next... keep us posted...neverscared
    • let him engange kingsteven, he started the clown post anyway.... he is so proud , today was his big day ... the second house .. can u imagine, and telling everyneverscared
    • body how kool he is...neverscared
  • _me_3
    • @grafician !_me_
    • LOL
      yeah that's me telling you to watch that imminent rug pull
    • ive just put a down payment down on a investment 1bedroom in sydney - thanks x_me_
    • couldnt afford to do that yesterday ! :D_me_
    • some capital gains for my accountant to work out of course !_me_
    • Are the prices in Sydney in a bubble just like in the US? Or not that inflated?grafician
    • most expensive real estate in the world per GDP . the bubble started in 1999._me_
    • a $150k 2 bedroom aprtment in 1999 is now $ 1.2m with 40 buyers wanting it._me_
    • but you need 10% down to be even in the game.... !@@@ hence my $200k crypto pump this weeknd has made me smile x_me_
    • LOL that's crazy!
      You can get a great 3 bedroom apt here with 200k
    • i geddit - my wife is from south africa and you can get... oh look its ridiculous - thats why i like crypto not fiat ! x look into it !_me_
    • and dont be @Scared_me_
    • NEVER_me_
    • _me_ congrats :)
      prepare for a 200 side note onslaught from that pair though
    • @me lol that's ok, not interested
      you also need to convert all that crypto to fiat anyway to buy stuff, but it silly how prices have gone up lately worldwide
    • From what I've read, it's actually real supply & demand, not all inflation as it seemsgrafician
  • utopian9
    • Shit, that's amazing.Ianbolton
    • nice! utopian really digs the water stuffbezoar
    • Well done. The hand is unnecessary, IMO... ;)jagara
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  • grafician8
  • microkorg0


    Anyone grab a Damien Hirst then?

    I like this project. I guess it's about legitimising NFTs. He's selling the NFTs of each of the 10,000 physical pieces then offering the physical piece but only if you burn the NFT.

    • Now there's a cash grab!formed
    • Certainly a lot of money involved $2000 x 10,000 = $20m! And I'm not a big DH fan to say the least but this project gets my approval.microkorg
    • Using the NFTs "market" to get himself some free PR - brilliant move!grafician
    • lol at thinking Damien Hirst needs free PRfadein11
    • you know something is ass when Damien Hirst does it too.Nutter
  • utopian2
    • lol, Democrats just don’t deny sciencemonospaced
    • Dude on the left is obese, suppose god might protect him.PhanLo
    • And Donald knows what?omahadesigns
    • Democracy through natural selectiondrgs
  • grafician1


    "USA men's basketball suffered its first Olympic defeat since 2004, falling to France 83-76."

    "Team USA will next play Iran on Wednesday.'


    • USA # 1utopian
    • utopian take it seriously please, what if Iran wins next game

      shit just got real
    • • Lillard 10 pt., 3 rebound
      • Durant 11 pt. and fouled out
    • Ya what if Iran win next game?pango
    • Money on Australia:
    • Yeah what if Iran wins? What shit got real? Huh?monospaced
    • I’d put money down that ANY current NBA team would destroy any Olympic team on the planet if allowed.monospaced
    • ^ Obviously. Team USA is a bunch of disinterested Americans treating it like All Star weekend. It's been pretty obvious throughout.garbage
    • Going from the Bubble to the quick season, these dudes aren't concerned with Olympic gold. They get fucked up, and that fucks up the next contract.garbage
    • They'll probably lose like they did in 2004, and then maybe we see a Re-Redeem Team at the next Olympics. Maybe.garbage
  • omahadesigns6


    I've begun to realize how bad parenting or broken homes really mess up people into adulthood.

    People who don't have good support systems really are a mess.

    • is there a "but" here? i'm waiting for a "but"pango
    • "but.. they make the best porn stars"autoflavour
    • It really shows.utopian
    • better now than neverbrt44
    • Buttnb
    • but…
    • some ppl prey on people from broken homes and pull them into exploitative sex work, further damaging them, while others leer and pay money for it to continuesarahfailin
    • Bad home life in childhood is also correlated with creativity... so there’s that.monNom
    • Also correlated with mental illness. So there’s that too.monNom
    • Which is also correlated with creativity. So there’s that too.jagara
    • Correlation doesn't intrinsically infer causation.shapesalad
  • scarabin5


    My neighbor just had a portapotty and a mechanical bull delivered. Those guys party harder than i do.

    Guess i won’t be sleeping tonight

    • Sup fellow kidsGuyFawkes
    • Updates are mandatory.garbage
    • setup the live stream !_me_
    • 4 am today, taking beers with friends in the garden... And there was our bored to death psycho neighbor: "you're like f***ng kids!!!"OBBTKN
    • Hahaha... We are not that old, we still know how to party and piss off this old bitch!OBBTKN
    • whatever happened i hope you got home before the sun came up :)sted
  • utopian4
  • Ramanisky24
    • fucking hell!!!!
      Could literally ruin that guys life if the camera angle was different
    • the driver was being searched off-camera. the plastic "thing" was in his pocket and the cop threw it inside.dorf
    • what's the purpose?Beeswax
    • you're a wreckless and irresponsible. propagating this bs is causes cities to burn and businesses to be looted.hotroddy
    • You meant the police have cause the cities to burn and business to be looted.pango
    • clearly the case here. right pango?hotroddy
    • I can think of several riots caused by police misconduct. I can't think of any riot cause by police wrongfully accused of misconduct.pango
    • so cities to burn and businesses to be looted caused by police misconduct seem more likely.pango
    • unless in your head, those events were all wrongfully accused of police misconduct.pango
    • easy for you to say in canada when your not affected by higher crime rateshotroddy
    • well i guess its hard for you to say then. so I will say it for you.pango
    • Hey pango go easy on him. It's hard for hotroddy; he's triggered by facts.garbage
    • The truth is that this corner bag was found on the backseat passenger so the police were just throwing it back in the car. No one was charged with possession.fooler
    • If so than the cop should be smart enough to not toss it in the car because evidence plants are a thing. Put it on the car.garbage
    • Or maybe police academies across the country should not bar people from becoming cops if they score too high on an intelligence test.garbage
    • yes, facts trigger me. Like the fact the liberals have destroyed portland. It pisses me off. But somehow I'm sure you blame trumphotroddy
    • LIBeRaLs hAVe DeSTRoYeD pORTlAnd.

      Listen to yourself, you fucking clown.
    • oh face_palm. do a little research before you talk out of your asshotroddy
    • is Portland burn to ashes?pango
    • hotroddy is being melodramatic, not sure what he's referring to.dorf
    • Probably thinks the smoke is all coming from the liberal-demolished Portland. What a feelings-over-facts softy.garbage
    • fuck copsGuyFawkes
    • no hay peor ciego que no quiere verhotroddy
  • Salarrue3
  • drgs7


    My accordion-playing neighbor went on vacation and left his alarm clock set for 06:30 every morning (it turns off after one hour).
    Why can't this nitwit use his mobile phone, like normal people

    This is him

    • Piss through his letterboxPhanLo
    • go to bed early, get up at 6.20am and go for a 1 hour run/cycle at 6.30am. profit.shapesalad
    • find the fuse box for the floor and reset his apartment.uan
    • 1. No letterbox
      2. 1 hour run at 6.30 would kill me
      3. His fuse box is next to mine and locks with a key
    • hahah wat a punchable face.milfhunter
    • don't be a cuck pussy, fuck that fuse box with a hammerbabydick
    • Something tells me this wasn't an accidentAQUTE
    • pour piss into circular baking trays and then freeze to make <10mm high discs of piss you can spin under his door, leaving pools of pee deep inside his house.Nairn
    • lol AQUTENairn
    • Buy an accordion, master it, steal his life and livelihood.garbage
    • Or buy an alarm clock or three and plan a vacation for the day he gets back.garbage
    • Ha! Nairn ftwbezoar
    • hahah do what Nairn suggests and keep us updatedmilfhunter
  • Salarrue2

    Pic of the Day

    xiao yang – prosthesis and accessories by yvmin; china, 2021

    via :…

  • shapesalad0


    You apply to a job.

    • 2 weeks later asked to do some first stage questions, a few written questions, a few video recorded answers.

    • a week later HR want a brief interview, to check you can legally work, salary expectations, notice period.

    • week later big long interview with head of design, told you're the best candidate before interview even starts, interview goes on longer than schedule, good long talk, all seems great on both sides.

    • 1 week later request to do a video interview with marketing boss and later that day a video interview with boss of creative director .

    then.... nothing...

    4 weeks later.

    zip. nada. no email. no call. no rejection. nothing.

    You google search company name + head of design's name... see there's a new microsite up to promote the design team with a 'join now' button... google search indicates this was newly put up 3 days ago.

    You log back into the HR recruitment portal and your application says 'active'.

    Is this normal? What the F is going on? Am I rejected via ghosting?

    a whole month has passed and 2.5 months since I applied to the job. Zero contact from them to tell me what's in play.

    Are they holding off on a decision until the see if they can get better applications - without thinking to perhaps keep me in the loop?

    Just seems super rude. Worse there's no way to email/contact them unless i do something creepy like try to connect with them on LinkedIn.

    • From my side, looks like I'm rejected, by polite if they say so. This is the 2nd time I've gone through rounds of interview to then simple hear nothing.shapesalad
    • obviously my proof reading and typing needs working on.shapesalad
    • Only thought about all this - companies are full of young people (under 35) who are used to ghosting, culturally a norm, so they do that in recruiting?shapesalad
    • Just, whatever - don't take it personally. My partner does, way too much, and it really breaks her. Oftentimes, companies are chasing their own tailNairn
    • She got really despondent after one such interview. They didn't get back, then did via whatever industry site she uses. She took it personally as she thought ..Nairn
    • ..she was an ideal candidate. A week later the director contacted her directly, apologised profusely and explained why, and told her she'd be moreNairn
    • suited to working on other episodes they'd be working on. They were just mangled and chaotic with all the WFH confusion.Nairn
    • But fucking hell if she wasn't miserable for a few days there, pouring scorn and hellfire over the industry she was Definitely Going to Leave.Nairn
    • change your status on LinkedIn to "working at [your own studio]" then see the inquiries going thru the roof, then skip interviews just ask for offersgrafician
    • Also when they say "you're the right candidate" that means you're cheap but when they ghost you, means you were not cheap enough lolgrafician
    • they found your qbn account.
      completely normal, some asshole didn't liked your face, probably generated in-house controversy
    • and they decided to put your cv into the fridge.sted
    • But if you interview candidates surely it’s common polite practice to tell people they are not the chosen one.shapesalad
    • Looking for someone cheaperGnash
    • Your role was contingent on some business they were hoping to win. And still might win. But as they were getting ready to go, new client ghosted.monNom
    • Because that new client was ready to go and had funding all lined up, but just when they were about to pull the trigger, their funding ghosted.monNom
    • Because that VCs money was coming from a big new investor in their fund, who decided hog futures were a better buy today and ghosted.monNom
    • Last three long-term jobs I've had, basically called me out of the blue and hired me on the spot, because they got my name from someone and liked me in personomahadesigns
    • Every other job I thought I was perfect for didn't hire me and hired other people who fit some quota.omahadesigns
    • They read your shit here and gave the gig to an immigrant purely out of spite.face_melter
    • @shapesalad nah not everywhere.
      they go with somebody and if that doesn't works out, you're there as a second best choice :)
    • and what holds you back from dropping a line to one of your contacts at that place?sted
    • There are some flakey af folks in the industry. good luck out there!kaiyohtee
    • i was told "we'll let you know soon, we won't leave you hanging..." spoiler alert: they left me hanging...unfortunat... ghosting is becoming a normloool
    • Have experienced this before. Nothing new here unfortunately.desmo
  • neverscared2
  • shapesalad3


    Agree.. all indicators lead to lab designed, accidental escaped = has highest probability.

    • "this doesn't look like a Chinese failure, its a failure of the international scientific community" - you gonna stop that CCP shit now then?kingsteven
    • his stupid reservoir dog cosplay suit is bugging me._niko
    • Are we discounting the fact that there are dozens of corona viruses we’ve been getting for centuries that aren’t lab grown?monospaced
    • Because that leads me to believe this is just another naturally occurring virus. Like all the others.monospaced
    • @mono and yet didn't turn into pandemics while this specific one did
      "lab designed" = gain of function research, based on a natural occurring strain
    • Was Spanish flu lab grown as well? Cuz that was a pandemicpango
    • spanish flu was influenza, coronaviruses are something else
      didn't you boys learned anything by now?
    • What's that something else?pango
    • Former cdc head says it was probably from a lab. Something about how zoonotic viruses don’t just jump species then become one of the most infectious pathogens.monNom
    • They ease into it. Get to know you a bit. Then get good at infection and transmission... so that’s an interesting takemonNom
    • Spot the Rachel Maddow followers in the commentsGuyFawkes
  • Nairn1


    Oh dear lord.

    I've come into the studio for a couple of hours on a Saturday.

    Bar out front isn't busy so person who is working in there is loudly playing jungle and drum'n'bass with some very (very) deep bass. So deep it was making me feel nauseous a few minutes ago. I could feel it in my chest.

    And now some cunt down the road on my other ear has started playing some - i'm not even sure what it is - but it's like that really hardcore Dutch Gabba trance stuff and OH MY FUCKING CACOPHONY I just want to go back to bed.

    • Found the source of those Havava syndrome attacksgrafician
    • got a weird vertigo while listening to music for a few days after my first AZ jab, could be relatedkingsteven
    • huh - did you have tinnitus or tinnitus-like symptoms, King? my ears have felt underwater. This today was genuinely just 'cos the bass was so loud and low.Nairn
    • no tinnitus or headaches, but yeah i was working on music and then like a focus pull everything went mushy and mono followed by nausea. it was horrible.kingsteven
    • could have just been a sinus infection, cleared up after 3 days or so...kingsteven
    • Welcome to London.shapesalad
    • Sound claaaassshh!PhanLo