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    • LOL penguinz0…
    • just a dude reading news and giving his opinions on shit? and he's making millions. Better than girls showing their tits and making millions I guess..._niko
    • on QBN, you arent allowed to have an opinion. Thats why these nerps love it.Hayoth
    • Why is it that those with deplorable opinions are the only ones who whine about suppression like ignorant cunts?monospaced
    • Hayoth, everyone is free to share their opinions. Surely you’ve not been held back in any way, shape or form. Be heard you commie bitchmonospaced
    • Cmon, share them and stop whining like the child you are.monospaced
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    • @_niko, how is it better than tits?nb
    • hmm, good point_niko
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    • I'm still trying to understand what 'toxic people' are. Are they people I just disagree with? Or people who have different life opinions? Or maybe the gays?!Ianbolton
    • im cool with the first two. fuck toxic people.plash
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    We're a record label with true global reach, focusing on streams and proactive digital platforms and uh stuff

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    Concerning beheaded babies

    Remember the first news about the Bucha massacre, the Russians claimed it was staged etc?

    Don't be that person. Let's have everything confirmed

    • journalist changed the story later on:
      Soldiers told me they believe 40 babies/children were killed.…
    • Oh cool, so maybe they only killed 40 babies without cutting off all their heads... Maybe just one or two. I guess stabbing or shooting them works just as goodGnash
    • it shows how the dark psychology of dehumanization is at play.
      Powers hiding their failure to protect Israel.
    • @Gnash A sensationalist story like this (it doesn't seem to be true based on current info) will get used to discredit everything else that happened.yuekit
    • You’re saying 40 babies weren’t murdered?Gnash
    • Sensationalist story = babies being beheadedyuekit
    • So 40 butchered babies isn’t sensational enough for you?Gnash
    • These weren’t 40 babies killed by a bomb. Some animal used his hands to kill each one. That make it less sensational for you, yuekit?Gnash
    • This the kind of guy you trying to cover for?Gnash
    • I don't know what you're talking about. I said the real story is bad enough, so it's important to report it correctly.yuekit
    • Ya, let’s wait for the real baby-head count.Gnash
    • Wouldn’t want to over report the number of baby headsGnash
    • https://en.wikipedia…i_monk
    • Just wait to see if it's true or not. The Israeli military denied it yesterday, now people are saying some children were beheaded.yuekit
    • You seem to be saying the truth doesn't matter because Hamas does bad things.yuekit
    • Biden statement admits to seeing the photos of the decapitations, yuekitGnash
    • "The White House has clarified that President Joe Biden did not actually see images of Hamas terrorists beheading children..."yuekit
    • Ya, I believe thatGnash
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    the gif animation thread


    Lovely shot...

    • Love this oneRamanisky2
    • So much trickerypango
    • Was this from donnie darko?milfhunter
    • milfhunter, yes, that is why busterboy posted it with the title "Contact"imbecile
    • I used to think they had the medicine cabinet rigged up and travelled through the hallway with itsrhadden
    • ^ same herested
    • Yes, very well done:
    • The slow motion of the running is also perfect. It makes you feel you want to give her a push.SimonFFM
    • Contact = fantastic. One of my first purchased dvd's along with The Fifth Element!!!

      : )
    • Great movie. Better than the book.monospaced
    • @SimonFFM thanks for the reference articleKrassy
    • I think the book kicks ass, the movie watered down the religious takessrhadden
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    Pic of the Day

    some photos from the Vantagepointradio Group show as part of Denverwalls that I curated recently

    AKUT and my AUTO64 robot

    Japser Wong











    • i think cryptik might be scarabinpango
    • beauties in there.dibec
    • fucking wow!oey_oey
    • Scarabin paging ben johnston in 3, 2...maquito
    • My homie Faith47!skinny_puppy
    • I’ve got cryptik stickers on my notebook. Love that dude’s stuff. Looks like a great show!scarabin
    • Sorry, cryptik!maquito
    • Very niceYakuZoku
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    Where is grafician?

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    so was in Denver recently, 6 hours after landing had a pulmonary embolism from a clot that formed during the flight. an Ambulance and 4 hours in the ER later, they released me with an aspirin ..
    they said it was good I went in as I could have died..

    moral of the story, compression socks and aspirin for long flights from now on..

    • Oh fuck man we getting old!YakuZoku
    • yeah, apparently over 40 its common if you don't compress those socksautoflavour
    • Fark! hope all is good now man. You have to go on the blood thinners?thumb_screws
    • no, they literally just gave me aspirinautoflavour
    • eww fuck, you should get a complete check when u get home.
      i had a muscle cramp on both legs (you scream in pain), after a 32h flight, doc said that i should be
    • happy because a blood clot could have formed. have to exercise before long flights and take advantage of every opportunity to move your legs.sted
    • yeah just had bloods and another scan today, looks like its all clear, but yep, was definitely nothing I want to repeat anytime soonautoflavour
    • Holy crap! Glad you're ok.garbage
    • jfc, that's bonkers, happy to hear you're okwhatthefunk
    • Health is wealth.ideaist
    • That's scary shit. Glad you're alrightstoplying
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    • found the cat!sted
    • black T+ black hat uniform?faxion
    • ^hans_glib
    • slippers with socks are the weirdest flexsted
    • they DVT sockskingsteven
    • Gotta wear those compression socks!toemaas
    • I'm pretty sure most conversation is about NFTs.jmckinno
    • socks and slides are such a thing in the US.. in Australia its socks, slides and oodie
      .. do not understand
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    • Yurp.Nairn
    • "I don't know, I don't care"
      Start with killing the judo-christian parasite worm inside yourself
    • is that judo-christian a black belt?
      make sure you bring weapon.
    • the political state of israel is zionist tho. it's a death cult to bring about the apocalypse. the choice seems pretty clear.doesnotexist
    • All this for a god that doesn't existFNP14
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    First hand account of survivor May Hayat who was at the music festival.

    “So I went to work with my girlfriend Liron at the bar in the Nova’s party, the whole night and morning we were together. We had so much fun.

    There was a beautiful sunrise and we went towards our trailer to drink coffee and rest. Then the nightmare began- rockets started flying over our heads.

    The music was stopped and we waited for the situation to calm down so we could go home. Suddenly I get a phone call from a friend who says that she and everyone who’s started driving back home from the party is being shot.

    I ran to the police officers closest to me to ask them to go and reinforce the people in the vehicles, but then we realized that there’s so many terrorists in our area and they are very close to us. There was one big chaos.

    We went to hide in the police command room and we all sat down on the floor. Some people cried, some shouted, some had anxiety attacks and some were completely silent.

    I hugged everyone who cried and couldn’t catch their breath, and Liron helped the wounded while we were under attack.

    The noise of the gunshots began to get closer, the policemen stood in the doorway ready with their weapons and looked at each other with a frightened look and shouted to “storm!”.

    They turned to us just before leaving the room and told us to “run and pray.” They came out and got shot one after the other. The terrorists fired bursts of gunfire at the room and for a moment there was shocking silence. We left the room running to the battlefield, and while I’m running I turned back and I saw Liron. She stayed there and didn’t come with us.

    We tried our best and ran as fast as possible until we reached some ambulance and hid behind it. The shots came from every direction. To our right, to our left, behind and in front of us.

    I saw someone yelling at us, “Come here, it’s safer.” I ran towards him, no one came with me. Me and him continued running together until we saw a vehicle approaching us. It was one of the party members who offered us to get into his car and try to escape with him.

    We got on his car and as soon as he started driving the terrorist started shooting at us. We made a U-turn and drove to the other way and we were shooted there as well. We returned back to the place we were at the beginning and suddenly the car’s wheel got stuck in the sand while we are still under fire.

    We ran out of the car until we noticed a hole in the ground. We entered inside, held hands and prayed. It was just the two of us, the guy who was driving the car disappeared.

    I told him ‘Do you know the stories of the Holocaust in which people pretended to be dead so they wouldn’t be noticed? This is what gonna happen to us. He covered us with sand and we were in silence for about an hour until we started hearing footsteps coming towards us and we prayed for a miracle.

    They found us. 8 terrorists in front of both of us. I closed my eyes tightly because I was sure they gonna shot us but then they grabbed us and lofted us from the ground. They took our phones and everything we had in our pockets. They announced in their walkie-talkie, ‘We have 2 more abductees.”

    One of the terrorists started talking to me in Arabic and I told him I can’t understand him. I didn’t shout, I didn’t went crazy, I became apathetic. He put his jacket on me while the rest of them was looking at me like I was a piece of meat because I was wearing a tank top. In one hand he holds my hand, and in the other hand he holds a missile.

    We started walking and I saw that they were looking on the floor for things like cigarettes and drinks. So I helped them. I didn’t want to resist.

    The guy who was with me didn’t stop crying and begging for his life. I tried to explain to him that he needs to stop crying, “It annoys them, stop crying and everything will be fine.” They had knives and hammers. I realized we were in danger.

    At first he listened to me but very quickly he returned to his initial and fell on his knees and again screamed and begged for his life. And then - he didn’t scream anymore. They murdered him in front of my eyes. I was left alone with them.

    One of them took a board and every few seconds hit me on the head. The other one was holding a knife and every few seconds approached me threateningly. It was important for them to humiliate me.

    The terrorist who held my hand shouted at them and “took me under his wing.” We started walking towards one of their cards and luckily their cars didn’t start. The threatening terrorist with the knife, the one who a moment ago murdered the guy who was with me, said to me “If you try to escape I’ll kill you like I killed your friend.”

    I remained standing and the terrorist who “took me under his wing” told me I can go. I didn’t know what to do and in one moment I just started running. I stole a glance back and saw that no weapon was pointed at me so I continued to run like crazy.

    I hid under the stage of the party and laid down next to 3 dead people. I smeared myself with the blood that dripped from one of the bodies next to me and pretended to be dead for 3 hours.

    3 hours that felt like an eternity. 3 hours where terrorists pass by me and shoot everywhere and burn every possible piece of land, while rockets float above my head. For 3 hours I lie among corpses and wonder what will happen to me.

    And suddenly I started hearing people talk in Hebrew. I screamed loudly “HELP!”. These were the army soldiers, they came and took me to a trailer with paramedics, along with other survivors. In the background, the shooting continued, and in front of my eyes I saw difficult sights that I will spare you and will not describe here.

    So it’s true that they murdered my soul and I hope that one day I will be able to heal it. But Liron, remember Liron from the beginning go the story? My girlfriend. They killed her. They killed are my hero and unfortunately no one will ever be able to bring her back.”

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    Elon Musk

    The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation
    People who have turned to X for breaking news about the Israel-Hamas conflict are being hit with old videos, fake photos, and video game footage at a level researchers have never seen.

    IN THE WAKE of Hamas’ deadly attacks on Israel this weekend—and the Israeli military’s response—journalists, researchers, open source intelligence (OSINT) experts, and fact-checkers rushed to verify the deluge of raw video footage and images being shared online by people on the ground. But users of X (formerly Twitter) seeking information on the conflict faced a flood of disinformation.

    While all major world events are now accompanied almost instantly by a deluge of disinformation aimed at controlling the narrative, the scale and speed at which disinformation was being seeded about the Israel-Hamas conflict is unprecedented—particularly on X.

    “For many reasons, this is the hardest time I’ve ever had covering a crisis on here,” Justin Peden, an OSINT researcher from Alabama known online as the Intel Crab, posted on X. “Credible links are now photos. On the ground news outlets struggle to reach audiences without an expensive blue check mark. Xenophobic goons are boosted by the platform’s CEO. End times, folks.”…

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    • are heroin and smack not the same thing?_niko
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    Here's a tale, I had a call recently from a woman in Glasgow who was moving to Arbroath (quite near me) and she said she wanted rid of her late husbands record collection as she didn't want to bring them with her when she moved. She explained how he was a collector and also a bit of a dealer so my interest was piqued especially when she said they were ALL classical records which I do know a fair bit about. So I bit the bullet and took the long drive to Glasgow which I had never been to before, but thanks to the sat nav found her right in the heart of the city. There were a few thousand albums, which seemed great but I would have needed a big van to take the lot if she accepted my offer. So I explained how I'd be happy to pick say 100 for £200 and she was happy with that on one condition, that I would have to dispose of the rest among the local charity shops of the city. Seemed like a fair deal I thought so i cherry picked this incredible collection and even though I was often pulling ones out by instinct or I just liked the cover (haha) I probably pulled around 200, "that's OK" she said, "take what you want as I just want them gone!"

    So I was then left with the conundrum of where to get rid of the rest of these albums, I filled the car and headed to the local Oxfam Music shop, they accepted a few hundred but said no to the rest as they claimed to have too much stock (probably coz your a bit over-priced, I muttered under my breath.) Bear in mind these were NOT rubbish classical I must add, so quite why they turned the majority down was a mystery to me until I saw the floor to ceiling piles they had out the back, ridiculous amounts of over stock. Salvation Army claimed too that "no-one buys records anymore" WTF?! they also said they had so many out the back they didn't want anymore, i didn't even have time to go and have a look! I was confused and also getting slightly desperate to get rid of these records. Finally i found a small second hand shop in a back alley, I think it was called Relics and he was grateful for all the rest, around 2000 of them which ended up being 5 car trips from house to shop. The lady at the house also said I could help myself to any of them for free too as I was doing all the toing and froing, in the pouring rain I should add. 
    I was really happy with the ones I picked, so I shall flip a few of course to pay for petrol etc but the majority are keepers and the condition of all of them (apart from a 78 of Lenin's speeches which was cracked) was near mint, four of them below.

    • lol @ Oxfam being expensive - I love diving in charity and second hand shops, but I simply don't bother with Oxfam for that exact reason.Nairn
    • can i intern with you? we'll need to do something with my dog.imbecile
    • additionally, who will be burdened with your collection later? will anyone know the breadth?imbecile
    • nice :)sted
    • good q imbecile, my lad has no interest (he wants the cds) but I've a canny Scottish wife & a few good knowledgeable friends, but no-one else knows it like meGardener
    • i had an older native american neighbor with a large collection many years ago, she loved sharing songs in the middle of conversations. it would be a treat to...imbecile
    • peruse your collection asking questions learning of artists i'd never heard before. second request for you to begin digitizing some of the more peculiar works.imbecile
    • so that's a bit annoying, my brain freezed for scientists or future generations to unravel the vinyl details & triv perhaps?Gardener
    • Gardener explaining the intricate connections and history of his collection.…imbecile
    • haha, yeahGardener
    • Cool tale, bro (really :)jagara
    • Is there an episode of your show with all "these are the weirdest and most insane records I own"? I imagine you have a few severely odd ones.jagara
    • (i might have asked this before :)jagara
    • so have iimbecile
  • YakuZoku4

    the gif animation thread

    Kill Bill Volume 1
    Lovely shot

  • drgs-2

    Israel bombing shit..

    What would happen if the Israelis bomb the black box, discuss

    • They would then divide the middle east by 0Continuity
    • oof! thats a good one. i can only imagine the chaos that would be unleashed. like a religious Hellraiserhardhat
    • of course god would step in at that pointmonospaced
    • what's in the box?pango
    • Its a like that exhaust port on the first Death Stardrgs
    • i think they will kamikaze an airplane into Jerusalemmilfhunter
    • what if they bomb the st.peters dome vatican ?neverscared
    • bombs never a good thing to start with...neverscared
    • I swear I’ve read a short story about this. Think it was chuck palaniuk. Group calls a war on all religion and bombs Mecca, Vatican, wailing wall etc simultaneothumb_screws
    • chuck has a lot of wild stories....neverscared
    • I knew your inner Anders Breivik was just beneath the surface, drgs. Where have you been hiding him for the last 15 years?Khurram
    • where's The Rock when we need him?Gardener
    • Plot twist: black box is cakemaquito
    • ^ I've seen that trick on instagram many times. It seems quite likely.CyBrainX
    • The cake is a lie.Continuity