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  • Centigrade14

    Show some recent work

    I set up an Etsy store for fun (or pain) with some of the illustrations I've been doing. Should I order the yacht now or hang on for a bit?…


    • I have had no luck at all there. I sell the same thing as other that charge a considerably higher price. I get maybe one view a day. I also sell on Craigslist..lemmy_k
    • where I have sold nearly 80% of all of my sales. Hopefully you have better luck.lemmy_k
    • I love the name Tiny Corpcanoe
    • lovelyutopian
    • Order yachtgrafician
    • @lemmy_k my understanding is that titles and tags play a major role in showing up in search results. And it can take time to take effect.Centigrade
    • You've already sold something!SlashPeckham
    • My liver started twitching when I looked at your works. Well done!stoplying
    • Well done. Awesome oldskool poster art.jagara
    • Coolscarabin
    • I did just get an order! QBN for the win.Centigrade
    • Lovely work. Side hustles are always yacht worthymisterhow
    • chapeau!sandpipe
    • Centigrade, I come up in searches, I just have no sales. My barrel supplier claims he does 20k a month on his original page...lemmy_k
    • Centigrade, I come up in searches, I just have no sales. My barrel supplier claims he does 20k a month on his original page...lemmy_k
    • but can't get anything on a new page he started.
      I hope you get a new yatch thru them. ;)
    • @lemmy_k I'm brand new but here's my 2 cents. Niche down on "barrel made". Make that the focus for your store.Centigrade
    • Everything you make for this store should be related to wine barrel reclamation. If you do other types of stuff, set up a separate store.Centigrade
    • Experiment with RAISING your prices. Furniture is an investment - and higher prices = quality.Centigrade
    • Really flesh out your descriptions. Your are selling a lifestyle as much as a chair. "Relax on your patio with your favourite wine in our..."Centigrade
    • Centigrade, thanks for the tip. We are doing pretty good other places, like Craigslist and Facebook. I have been contacted through a craft fair site to bring..lemmy_k
    • my stuff to their show, and they have already invited me to a second just off of my pics. None of them take a percentage. I like my $ for me. Etsy hasn't...lemmy_k
    • shown up to help sand, either, so F them! :)lemmy_k
  • Bennn2


    I started mining. Currently making around 150-250$ /month

    • revenue or profit?sarahfailin
    • dont know precisely yet. But electricity is really cheap here.Bennn
    • What are you mining, Bennn? BTC, LTE? I'm staking a few different alt coins with APYs ranging from 5% - 12%.MondoMorphic
    • Bennn gonna get a second Lambo!Krassy
    • Thanks for ruining the planet and best of luck.grafician
    • Sweet, tell us moreGuyFawkes
    • Are you buying up all the GPUs or are you doing a gaming laptop off to the side 24/7 kind of thingGuyFawkes
    • Which currencies Benn?Wolfboy
    • iam using NiceHash and Iam using my main PC while I use it (0 problems) and a dedicated gaming PC who only mine. I also started mining HeliumBennn
    • dont worry grafician, i dont have those big rig that take shit ton of electricity. My rig is ultra small and doesnt take much. Also, its hydro electricity hereBennn
    • Does profit fluctuate or disappear if the value of the coins you mine plummets?monospaced
    • and the heat that my computer produce are heating my office a bit. And my main PC is sitting by a window and will get chill all winter by natural cold.Bennn
    • ha! that is the ONE vaguely justifiable use case for crypto generation energy wastage - heating your home.Nairn
    • So you're mostly heating your home and calling it mining crypto, got it LOLgrafician
    • OkBennn
    • Is $150 before or after your electric bill?monospaced
    • Don't let 'em bust your chopsGuyFawkes
    • Where im at power's cheap tooGuyFawkes
  • PhanLo5
    • state of qbn threadinteliboy
    • Diesel?Krassy
    • Of course diesel look she's hugeGuyFawkes
    • First bleach, then fish tank cleaner, then horse dewormer now this? Man covidiots will try just about anything to not get the jab and own the libs_niko
    • this is the origin story for Pixar "Cars"sarahfailin
  • sarahfailin9
  • PioneerDJ3034
  • Bluejam11
    • Oh man, I loved messing about with motors, batteries and stuff when I a kid.Chimp
    • heh, I took EVERYTHING apart. Getting it all back together again? On occasion.
      It's amazing to think how far motors and batteries have come since then
    • Tesla?misterhow
    • I play with motors and ESCs on the reg thanks to my 10 year old. Fun to make things go fast. Everything is hardcore compared to the Tamiya kits I used to have.slappy
    • funny, i played with these too! I was sticking popsicle stick on it to make an helicopterBennn
  • PhanLo9
  • scarabin5
    • Wife designsAQUTE
    • you can still drop stuff behind it never to be found again.BusterBoy
    • The Retardis.Nairn
  • neverscared5
    • If only it was that creativePhanLo
    • Do we get a coke bottle?GuyFawkes
    • Mature adults with a shared vision operating together in harmony?scarabin
    • Rubbing a stick.palimpsest
    • bitcoiners trying to burn the down the planet?neverscared
  • zaq8
    • mate or maths?Ianbolton
    • 80's-90's MEMORIESpablo28
    • Spelling, not so much.mort_
    • In portuguese it's correct Matemáticaoey_oey
    • There's more languages in the world besides american guys, english for exampleoey_oey
    • "wake up white people!"GuyFawkes
    • italian, spanish, Portuguese, croatian, bosnian and morehotroddy
  • SimonFFM7


    Was looking for a place to get a pedicure. Google recommended a LGBT friendly place close to where I live. I called them up. They asked if I wanted lacquer. I said, no, I am male. They answered: we cannot give you an appointment before October. What?

    I went downtown and went to an Asian place. Male friendly people there.

    • Pedicure? Simon... you're a really rare bird ;)OBBTKN
    • p.s.: me or my wife (rarely) take care of my feet, but paying for it? Sorry, the first guy I know who does it...OBBTKN
    • I find pretty hands and feet quite important.SimonFFM
    • You didn't want laquer because you are man. In the end went to a male friendly place as opposed to a LGBT friendly place.
      Ponder on that a little bit.
    • Started reading this post, when I read 'they asked if i wanted lacquer' I presumed this was a setup line a joke and was waiting for a cracking punchline.microkorg
    • Paging Nairn for a rewrite of this.palimpsest
    • Probably this was only an unconscious statement of how boring my life still is. Many steps to take until my work life is back to normal.SimonFFM
    • pics?drgs
    • We should have a thread where we all post pics of our feetdrgs
    • @drgs…
    • You think they said it's a two week wait because you're a man? Also, pedicures are awesome +1monospaced
    • Lots of men get lacquer, not great to imply that the two are mutually exclusive. The receptionist maybe weeded you on a gut reaction. Somewhat reasonable.sarahfailin
    • I had called 2 other places before and they both said they make only women. Their decision but it felt like asking for something forbidden. All cool now.SimonFFM
    • Lacquer? I only just met 'er!BaskerviIle
    • LOL. Good one!palimpsest
    • Is that pedicure or "pedicure". My wife gives me a good "pedicure" on our anniversary each year...BusterBoy
    • I do very much appreciate men's feet not being rough and mangled especially when yall wanna snuggle. Good hygiene yano?shellie
    • the amount even low maintenance women have to do, is it too much to ask that you regularly pumice and occasionally let a pro do it?shellie
    • wear socks!pango
    • wait Simon she asked if you want a lacquer and you replied no cause you're a male? LOL! that doesn't matter. LOL!oey_oey
    • @Simon nah no worries its a completely fine post :)
      @OBBTKN i have a stupid dysfunction since i was a kid: i can't cut the nails on my right hand with the left
  • mg330

    News of the day...

    Anyone here following the story of Gabby Petito, the young 20-something woman who was doing the van life thing with her boyfriend and is now missing? I'm really riveted by this story and the subreddit trying to put all the clues together. I don't think it's going to end well. :(



  • scarabin4
  • jonny_quest_lives3


    Meanwhile in El Salvador...

    • Brock Pierce when he gets those Bukele DM alerts on his phone...…jonny_quest_lives
    • Salvadoran social media suggests Bukele staged this whole thing to frame his political opponents as this Chivo kiosk had been heavily guarded by the militaryjonny_quest_lives
    • until today.jonny_quest_lives
    • Good point is no bitcoins were burned or lost in the vandalism. Same couldn't have been said if a fiat ATM was attacked.shapesalad
    • umm I am sure chivo atm's have some sort of currency in them otherwise what's the point of a bitcoin atm?jonny_quest_lives
  • palimpsest-2


    I've also done my own research and found out that the actual data doesn't fit into any of the narratives we're being fed. I had a suspicion that the percentages being posted here were off. When you take all of the variables into account you get the following graph where the augmentation is largest for the case with the lowest maximum angle of attack. The phases that increase/decrease the thrust are minimally affected by the maximum angle of attack.

    There is no bias in this analysis since the data used hasn't been filtered. This is from a paper from Muscutt LE, Dyke G,Weymouth GD, Naish D, Palmer C,Ganapathisubramani B. published by the Royal Society.

    But wait, there's more:

    You can see in this graph that for both values of the maximum angle of attack the efficiency is greatest for St = 0.18, while the thrust coefficient is greatest for St = 0.36.

    Furthermore, if we look at the research done by Ludvig Beckman. His conclusions on the general account are as follows:
    Let us assume that the inclusion of A and B is sufficient for pure procedural legitimacy of a collective decision regulating membership in the demos. Now, imagine that A and B jointly decide that B should be excluded from the demos. Is the decision legitimate? One answer is that it is not, since it denies B the ability to participate in future decisions to which B will be subject. After all, the general conception of pure procedural legitimacy requires that anyone subject to public decisions should be able to participate in them. On the assumption that B will indeed remain subject to A’s decisions, democratic legitimacy apparently requires that B continues to be included in the demos.

    The problem is that this answer betrays the nature of pure procedural legitimacy. As we have seen, any outcome should be regarded as legitimate, provided that the procedural requirements are satisfied. Since we have already accepted that the decision to exclude B from the demos is made in accordance with the procedural requirements of democratic legitimacy, there is no basis for refuting its legitimacy. In sum, it is incoherent to hold that decisions made in full com-pliance with the standards of pure procedural legitimacy are also illegitimate by the very same standard.


    • 1. I think you're grasping for a narrative that fits your view. 2. The second guy who linked is a political science professor that's big on..garbage
    • ..restricting voter's rights. 3. Not really sure we're being 'fed a narrative' when more Americans have died than in every war we've been involved in..garbage
    • the past two years, massive bankruptcy and economic fallout resulting in a complete change of life for almost every person on earth, etc.garbage
    • There ain't no big lie about COVID.garbage
    • "I think you're grasping for a narrative that fits your view."
      You've got it all figured out, champ!
    • Thanks for proving my point.palimpsest
    • jeez, some real butters/professor chaos shit right here, revealing your evil villian masterplan after one person bit the bulletkingsteven
    • It took me weeks to put it together.
      I pissed myself like an over-excited puppy.
    • *placesyellowtriangl... watch your stepAQUTE
    • Next time a client comes back with feedback they gathered from their nephew, and now are an expert in design - remember what you're doing here.inteliboy
    • I concur.
      Specially if the feedback is a picture of Bigfoot. Remember that you are the designer.
    • this is a pisstake, right?hans_glib
    • Seriously, I never tried to trick anybody here. I hold you all to the same standards as I do myself. This only requires basic reading skills.palimpsest
    • I didn't expect garbage to ramble about NOTHING, nor kingsteven to read it as a stupid evil MASTERPLAN or even inteliboy to compare it to DESIGN feedback.palimpsest
    • It was more of a comment on the constant bullshit and bickering going on here. And now look at us.palimpsest
    • i was referencing a character from southpark, i read the post and got what you were trying to do, upvoted but then was disappointed when you didn't let thekingsteven
    • sidenotes go on a bit. also don't feel like the 'gotcha' was deserved as it would seem garbage was just concerned for your sanity :Dkingsteven
    • Like I said before, I really didn't expect this response. I think it's safe to say we all know South Park. I don't think garbage was concerned for my sanity.palimpsest
    • it was more the response that reminded me of this… - that second study is giving me crazy Déjà vukingsteven
    • Maybe he has concerned for his own sanity. I would really like for somebody to clearly explain where he got that reading from.palimpsest
    • It wasn't a 'gotcha'. He clearly went on a rant about MY "grasping for a narrative that fits your view" without considering the facts.palimpsest
    • If he wouldn't have gone that far I would have it let it slide. I just wasn't expecting. As I've said several times before.palimpsest
    • I REALLY would like somebody to explain where they got this interpretation from MY text.palimpsest
    • "Show me on the doll".palimpsest
    • @kingsteven
      Thanks for the video, I understand your worldview now. Thumbs up!
    • he was concerned you were going off the rails, took the bits he could derive sense from (opening paragraph, discursive democracy) and tried to rationalisekingsteven
    • within the context of the thread. i doubt he cared much, other than to keep the discourse going. qbn is not academic, more like a pub...kingsteven
    • So basically, he did his own research regardless of the facts.
      I even posted the sources.
    • But I'm the Butters figure here.palimpsest
    • You're right, kingsteven.
      I apologize.
    • This is amazing. The responses are even better. Well done pal.monospaced
    • What you’ve shown here is probably the most useful data I’ve seen on the thrust coefficient of the pandemic. A topic few real researchers have tackled. Bravo.monospaced
    • always consider theres users on this site that are alts, trolls doing exactly what you attempted - for years. don't get triggered and shit over your good name.kingsteven
    • @monospaced…
    • @garbage
      You were as quick to jump in as to vanish from the conversation.
      Looking forward to your insight.
  • Ramanisky22

    Vid of the Day

    The amount of crazy packed into 1:16 of footage is really something.

  • shapesalad1
    • shockerKrassy
    • you mean it's all an insider's club based on who you know and your sales are based on your network of like minded influencers. I am shocked . shocked.jonny_quest_lives
    • so joining the .eth gang of influencers is not a sure ticket to financial freedom?jonny_quest_lives
    • Isn't all artists sales/success based on their network of like minded influencers? In the whole of the art world it's 'who you know' not how good your art is!microkorg
    • @microkorg
      Some might pass through the cracks if they give good head. But if you're really into the artworld you'll clearly see there's a lot a great creators.
    • microkorg excelling in generalisation ... never a good sign if u r an artist yourself.neverscared
    • I know lots of amazing painters who struggled to make art a career. Now their either dont do it, its a hobby or they do like art therapy. Find it sad.microkorg
  • Krassy4
    • man. i wish i needed glasses. so much easier going bald with glassescaterpus
  • drgs2


    Paul Garner, professor at LSTM in UK, recovered from long covid and went on to say that the disease is not permanent.

    "I did this by listening to people that have recovered from CFS/ME, not people that are still unwell." "I believe that we can unwittingly reinforce, as Pavlov has shown, the dysfunctional autonomic tracks in the brain set up by a virus long gone."

    He immediately started getting death threats from CFS/ME/long covid advocacy groups, people tried to have him removed from his position etc.

    People using illness/allergies/intolerances as identity, self-diagnosed mental patients, teenagers faking Tourette tics are the new minorities. The concept is the same: Declaring yourself vulnerable, gives you power. Of course they protest if you take it away from them.

    The diseases are real, but people who fake/pimp their illness/minority for empathy are the most loathsome people in the world, making it very difficult to navigate in this swamp.

    Kim Jong-Un, press that button already

    Burn everything with napalm and sow it with one meter thick layer of salt -- so that no life grows out ever again©


    • Identify the crazies. Treat the long-covid sufferers. Find a fix, so the fakers are easier to spot. Move along.Fax_Benson
    • starting to think you work for Big SaltFax_Benson
    • If you ever meet a person who suffers from long covid -- spit him in the face
      Its ok just say its from me
    • I'd say my lungs haven't got back to their pre covid state, but I'd never use it to identify myself.Chimp
    • you just have to spend some time on this board to know that Pavlovian conditioning not only work, often it's self propagated.pr2
    • of course the dogs will claim that about people like me - no matter the respectable data or precise science paper that we thrown at them.pr2
    • peoples bodies don't react the same, just because he didn't get permanent issues from covid doesn't mean he can then say it is the same for everyone.Nutter
    • in hungary due to the medicare for all system these people receive benefits,
      they actually exists and politics has interest in maintaining this state
    • biggest motherfuckers are the ones who had a good life under the communist regime, faked some shit in the '90, got declared unable to worksted
    • and get compensated what comes from a percentage calculated from the minimum wage (50%-90%)sted
    • pr2 you’ve shared no respectable paper that can’t be countered by dozens of others, or with reality itself.monospaced
    • and because they worked for a good $$$ back in the day and that counts they receive a nice pension after 65 on the top of that.sted
    • mono, yeah, i know Pfizer, Moderna, CDC makes stuff up that's easily counted by your blogs or new pieces....pr2
    • sted, the same happens in my native Poland now. my buddy put his pregnant wife on payroll as secretary and paid her through the roof.pr2
    • ...6 months later she leave on maternity leave and the state has to pay her her full salary for a year.pr2
    • You're talking nonsense again, and making idiotic, incorrect assumptions. Again.monospaced
    • basically for the price of payroll tax on 6 month salary he got himself a year's worth of full salary.pr2
    • Post viral fatigue is real., but too early to say 'Long Covid' exists surely.Brabo_Brabo
    • i think long covid is when you recover but it has already destroyed some of your lungs which never grow back. hence out of breathness tiredness etchans_glib
    • but what do i know? this is just hearsay from an a&e anaesthetisthans_glib
    • Is your anaesthetist friend doing their own research, hans? It's important that they do.Nairn
  • Ramanisky2-1
    • fuckwit ego.Nairn
    • No shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service. Deal with it.dbloc
    • oh you guys would do so well in the 80's South Africa supporting their apartheid.pr2
    • Did that pop into mind because he repeatedly used the word 'segregation', pr2? You really do do your own research, don't you?Nairn
    • My neighbour grew up in the 80's in South Africa (white ethnicity). Pisses him off when clowns say that shit when they never lived through it (from either side)ETM
    • "It's like Nazi Germany, it's like Apartheid." says all these people who grew up in North America.ETM
    • Ugh.maquito
    • naim, yeah man! that's exactly why! not because the color of your skin but the cardboard card you can print at Staples.pr2
    • the guy in the video has basically bigger balls than me - just carry my "vaccine card" with me and show it to all who ask knowing they i'll never question it.pr2
    • Fuck your religious exemption cunt. Now fuck off.BusterBoy
    • ETM yup I grew up in SA. I laugh when people use the Apartheid comparisonProjectile