Sigmund Freud

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  • pinkfloyd

    I was watching some youtube videos on him the last few days about "Civilization and it's Discontent" and other theories. I'm really curious about it but it's really hard to grasp. Has anyone read his work extensively? I heard his work was debunked and then I hear he was a genius so i'm not sure how valid his theories are?

  • Morning_star0

    I think the debunking of his work was due to the failure to accurately replicate the results of his experiments. This is a broader problem than just Freud's work, there is a minor crisis in the social sciences regarding replication failures.

    Civiization and Discontent basically outlines the conflict between humankind's base nature for, amongst other things, killing and sexual gratification versus the restrictive laws that society creates that curtail these fundamental urges.

    It's a very interesting topic and one that resonates with the current appetite for social justice.

    • I was wondering about suppressed aggressions and the development of neurosis. I live in NYC, and there's a lot of surpressed aggresssions.pinkfloyd
    • Blame the parents. ;) May i recommend reading up on the Super-ego and it's strive for perfection. Often, when that perfection can't be satisfied it can...Morning_star
    • ...manifest as neurosis. As the super-ego deals with ones attitude to cultural rules it's heavily influenced in childhood by those closest to you. That's whatMorning_star
    • ..Freud thinks in a nutshell. As Mugwart mentions below, Jung is better.Morning_star
    • Sounds like my old boss who was a perfectionist and he had lots of emotional issuespinkfloyd
    • ^ the whole world is an emotional mess. The sooner we look within the sooner we can stop this madness.mugwart
  • mugwart0

    Jung destroyed Freud back in the day!

    • Freud opened the doors and Jung advanced the knowledge. He is a good starting point to understand what Freud was into.uan
    • What were the teachings of Jung?pinkfloyd
    • Any good links or books?pinkfloyd
    • good introduction into Jung is through Joseph Campbell's work.mugwart
    • and yes uan you are very correct. I was being cheeky. Freud was the perfect bench mark for Jung to spring off.mugwart
    • @pink in a nutshell, freud is its your Mother and your fucked. Jung, there is a collective consciousness and you can get better.mugwart
    • jung comes up with the archetype idea, stuff he found in tibetian knowledge and explored and experienced also in lsd sessions with hoffman, leary, klee,..uan
    • explained the psyche in a scientific popular way to the hippies basically.uan
    • freud is more about raw impulsions as I understand fact: cousin of freud who live in new york applied freuds theories to ads and created an industry.uan
    • he worked for the tobacco industry and successfully convinced women that smoking was cool and doubled the salesuan
    • very interesting, see this can be used in our workpinkfloyd
  • mugwart2

    One of my fav films

    • how can you down vote this!mugwart
    • That trailor stimulated my deepest repressed impulsespinkfloyd
    • I blame your mother ;-)mugwart