Are EV Cars a thing now?

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  • err

    I own an old Lexus RX300 rn but its on its way out. Anyone here own an EV what are your thoughts?

    I know I want an EV car but I hate Elon Musk and kinda want to avoid a Tesla. A model 3 isn't not out of the question but Im not blown away by it. I'm very curious about getting a deal on a used EV.

    I live in NYC right now but we will probably move to a house next year. I have a wife and a 2 year old.

  • utopian-3

    I like the look of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

    • ew.Nairn
    • It looks like a mazda.zarkonite
    • Ford makes Mazda also.brandonp
    • I have a Toyota CHR and it looks a lot like this. Not relevant to the question at hand, though.lemmy_k
    • Sorry but this is uglyNBQ00
    • damn so ugly, designed by committee for suregrafician
    • Is this an SUV? It looks too tall. The front is ugly. I know I'm alone but I hate tinted windows.CyBrainX
  • mekk1

    I am currently in the market for an EV in Europe (Germany) but the availability is not very good at the moment. Currently available and up-to-date models are roughly:

    - Teslas
    - Porsche Taycan Turbo S
    - Audi E-Tron
    - VW ID.3 and upcoming ID.4
    - Opel (Vauxhall) Corsa-e and Mokka-e
    - Peugeot e-208 and e-2008
    - Renault ZOE
    - Mini electric
    - BMW i8 and i3
    - Fiat 500e
    - KIA e-niro

    Opel and Peugot share the same platform.

    Tesla, BMW, Porsche and Audi are too expensive for me

    The ZOE is good and very cheap (starting at 180€/mo) and has a good range up to ca. 400km (that's 250 slaves per redneck) but is very small and feels to cheap for me to justify buying a brand new car.

    I am currently looking up leasing prices for Opel and Peugeots. I like the 208 and the 2008, but looking at current offers I have (from 259,- for the e208GT and 330,- for the 2008) it feels a little too much for such a small car. Peugeots and Opel/Vauxhalls have around 300-400km of reach.

    Didn't look at Mini, Fiat and KIA at all because the KIA is almost not available, we already have a petrol Mini and I don't like the 500, it's the skyrim of cars.

    The VW is too expensive for me and the availability is shit. BMW has very low range but used models are cheap. Only the newer models have good range and then $$$. But I'd like one of those, they feeld good and they were the most driving fun of all that I have driven.

    In Germany we currently get a bonus (6.000€) from Angela and an additional 3.000€-ish bonus from the manufacturer, so 10k€ off the initial asking price. This is why leasing rates seem so low but something around 300€ a month for a Polo sized electric SUV is hard to swallow.

    Might end up buying the ZOE. I live in a small house with my own garage and could install a charger.

  • eryx1

    I have the impression that EVs are priced like luxury cars at the moment because they are in development and most are first gen cars, there might be some real technical issues. That being said a lot less moving parts in EV and less fluids too.

    • This. They're all expensive, and they're all new. I'm patiently waiting while adoption creeps up. I have a 2018 car, and want a fully electric next.section_014
  • ben_0

    We had one as a loaner from the dealership for a while because we wanted to give them a try. They're not for us as long as the range is so limited as 90% of our driving is long distance road trips to areas that are lacking much of the EV infrastructure needed to make them viable.

    That said, our next car will 100% be some sort of hybrid.

    We used to have really attractive incentives in Ontario to buy EV but our current government dissolved funding to it.

    • I hope the incentices come back, esp. since we're loaning them a truck load of money to make EVs in Ontario. Would be silly to NOT get high on our own supply.zarkonite
    • Not to make this political, but Ford did the same with green renovation initiatives as well... it'll only happen when he gets the boot.ben_
    • We put over 30k worth of renos down and he pulled the plug before we could claim against it. Glad we did it, but frustrating.ben_
    • oh man that fucking sucks, I can't believe he wouldn't at least grand-father the clause or something.zarkonite
  • brandonp1

    In America, the first 125,000 EV cars sold by an automaker are eligible for $7000 tax credit as well as a state credit. Colorado (my home) gives an additional $4000 credit. We bought a Tesla model Y (doesn't include the $7k) but after the state credit, It brought the Y into range for us to afford it... I'm excited for the truck EV's coming into the market soon. Even the Hummer (which would be $11k off right now).

  • ideaist0

    Really digging the Rivian offerings:



    • US$69,000 & US$72,500, SOOO totally out of my price range BUT seeing the cars other folks in my area are driving seems to be on par.ideaist
    • these are what I'm excited about!brandonp
    • Range Rover?utopian
    • If the R1T delivers...That's a pretty good price.utopian
    • LongWayUp [ Ewan Mcgregor ] has these in it... seem pretty good._me_
    • @_me_ This is where I first saw them; pretty crazy and super non-production ready in the show, eh? I think it filmed a year or two ago though?!ideaist
  • Projectile0

    I just got me one of these bad boys to go with my solar panels. It's a plug-in hybrid, meaning it has a smallish electric motor on each axle that runs off batteries, just not as many as an EV

    Among SUV's it's super cheap (less than half)

    Not completely electric, but the fact that all journeys under 50km are completely emission-free is freaking awesome! And for long journeys, well I just can't afford an electric 4x4

    My neighbour installed gas for an extra €2,000 so he has an extra 70km on super-cheap fuel

  • calculator2

  • grafician0

    Would get a mini Smart EQ no doubt!

    these things can be easily parked almost anywhere, Smart owners here in Bucharest park them between other SUVs, on the sidewalk, next to bike racks, etc. as Bucharest has so few parking spots especially down town...

    range is not great for out of town trips, but for in-town these are perfect

  • _niko0

    The Hyundai kona is apparently not only the best electric suv but quite possibly the best electric car period according to car and driver.…

  • err0

    Ok I know its not a head turner but, used it can be had for 6k

    • Chevy Spark EVerr
    • yeaaaaah no, would go with the Smart EQgrafician
    • nobody would take u seriously in this one...grafician
  • BabySnakes0

    I'd get a Hybrid it should last you another 5+ years and EV should be better priced and figured out by then. In Cali they need to be figured for sure in 15years, because all new sold vehicles will need to be EV.

    • 15 years really mean 5 years in today's time...grafician
    • 5+ years more? Mantain your petrol based this time and save for a EVOBBTKN
    • People that don't try to maintain their cars go through them every 5 years or so right?BabySnakes
  • PeterPancake0

    Pure EV were majority of passenger vehicle registrations in Norway last September - including hybrids, made up over 80% of market.…

    • Norway is like already 20 years into the future, don't even comparegrafician
    • Thats interesting, is the infrastructure for recharging able to keep up with all the new vehicles?BabySnakes