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  • bainbridge

    Is your full-time freelance hourly rate higher than your salary rate.

    If you freelance at a place full time, what are the advantages of being hired except the benefits?

  • CyBrainX2

    My half time freelance hourly rate is higher than what my salary would be. It should be. I don't get any healthcare out of my deal. The benefits of being on staff, full time is a little more likelihood of stability, if you believe that can exist in our industry.

    • Yes, just curious about full-time independent contractor work ratebainbridge
    • If you're not paid at a higher rate then there's no advantage not being on staff and I'm not sure there really is an advantage unless you're insured already.CyBrainX
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  • utopian0

    About ten years ago when I was freelancing....I was asked to come on as a "full-time" employee. I declined so the company then offered me a "contracting" position instead. Essentially the company wanted more control. More control over everything including: hours, availability, phone calls and or email whenever they wanted, etc. The salary that they offered me was about 40% less then my freelance rate at the time, because they offered a 401k, health, paid vacation, etc... It still was not worth it from my POV. I eventually took the "Contractor position" which gave the some control and leverage over my work days, so I ask increased my hourly rate by $25 per hour. The company gave me a 6 months contract at the hour rate that I negotiated. After the contract I moved on from company and continued freelance.

    Advantages: hire hourly rates, some autonomy
    Disadvantages: no benefits, not feeling part of the team & culture

    It's always about the company wanting control, plain and simple.

    • This. Also after 3-5 years full-time, go freelance/IC and never look back! These days is even easier to get independent benefits while pulling a hefty profit!grafician
    • I know so many designers leaving their full-time cushy job to freelance. I have never seen so many designers say "fuck you pay me" to their company's before.utopian
    • If you're decent to good, you should make a killing as an IC or full freelance these days. And yes, fully remote toografician
    • When "benefits" are a ping-pong table and free snacks nobody wants to take the pay-cut these days. Finally the future of work is here and yes, it's fully remotegrafician
    • The global pandemic will forever change the workplace environment in so many ways. People are reevaluating their lives and lifestyle.utopian
    • ...and fully independentgrafician
    • @grafician I've talked to about 20 companies in the last year and all of them were remote.CyBrainX
  • grafician0

    More or less it's about 10:1 ratio

    Unless you're in the US and you need the health benefits, there's no reason to go full-time.

    Oh wait, there is if you're an IC and getting stock somehow (being first designer, or something like that)

    • But this works only if the company has good prospects going IPO or backed by plenty of VC money in the meantimegrafician
    • In the U.S. Obamacare has made healthcare much more affordable in most states, not as much need for employee healthcare.utopian
    • That counts a lot. Many people try to hold a job in the US because of the benefits.
      Here in Europe we get a lot more cash in hand, i guess
    • But it's still 10:1 ratio, they will offer 50 euro per hour when you can make 500 euros per day and with free healthcare toografician
    • as a freelancer
      Even more with many years of experience, think 800-1000K per day after 10-15 years depending on the skills level