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  • bainbridge

    I have trouble sleeping lately.
    I've been waking up at 4am or 6am every day.

    I go to bed around midnight and don't need to get up until 8:30am.

    I feel anxiety even though everything is stable and nothing is wrong.

    I don't know why I have so much anxiety lately.

    What do I do?

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    • Havent tried tea but seen recommendation to eat banana with cinnamon before bed. or tea with banana and cinnamon before bed.microkorg
    • Cinnamon seemingly stops sugar-spiking which is most likely thing that is waking you up through the night.microkorg
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  • dasohr1

    why are e we yelling?

  • SimonFFM2

    Media detox helps me. This means, I only spend around 10 minutes per day on social media, neither listen or watch news or television.

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  • jagara1


    - Go to bed and get up the same time every day.
    - No TV/phone after 20:00 - read books - no electronics (this makes a huge difference!)
    - No work in the evening!!!!!
    - No coffee/caffeine after 12:00 (PM)
    - Breath exercises close to bedtime.

    • yeah 4-7-8 breathing exercises in the evening and wim hoff breathing in the morning seemed to help meYakuZoku
  • jagara3

    Re: anxiety: maybe everything isn't okay? Anxiety is your subconscious giving you a signal you might need help to decode.

    Maybe you should see a therapist?

  • YakuZoku1

    ive been dealing with chronic insomnia for around 20 years, it only got worst when i hit my 40's

    then when covid hit my wife left me around the same time (& took my daughter with her) been dealing with depression ever since and made my insomnia 100% worst.

    these podcasts were very informative for me:

    one supplement that seemed to have helped me go back to sleep in the middle of the night is in Myo-Inositol

    im still dealing with this shit, it comes and goes, i must call in sick at work atleast once every 2 weeks because of my insomnia, im lucky that my job understands and doesnt can my ass for it

    • good luck bainbridge, i truly feel for youYakuZoku
    • good luck to both you!! <3PonyBoy
    • ^ thanks brotherYakuZoku
    • ahhh shiet. i was wondering how come you stopped making video with your daughter.pango
    • ^ Her and I loved making those :(YakuZoku
    • good luck to everyone! <3BuddhaHat
    • moldy. join us on discord. shoot the shit.pango
    • ah fuck me, sorry to hear you've lost your daughter!!!pr2
    • thanks man, yeah i'm devastated by itYakuZoku
    • the worst thing about it is the reason why my wife decided to leave, she simply "didn't feel like being married anymore" it jacked me and my daughter up bigtimeYakuZoku
    • read: "The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: The 25 Year Landmark" by Judith Wallersteinpr2
    • it will make you more depressed showing how your wife's decision will mark your child for life but also hopefully...pr2
    • ...give you the insight how to navigate this traumatic even (for you and your daughter).pr2
    • thanks manYakuZoku
  • jagara0

    Oh. And my personal favorite: take a hot shower, and end with cold water, as much as you can stomach. You’d think the cold water wakes you up, but it relaxes you, and gives you a boost of good brain chemicals. I can’t even sleep without this now.

    • Or basically a contrast shower, I do hot/cold x 3 times, ending in colddrgs
    • Contast showering. Interesting. Never heard that term.jagara
    • @drgs tried it, feeling very relaxed. Thanks :)jagara
    • Interesting hackShulaDon92
  • coldarchon0

    So I'm a short sleeper who has a similar sleeping pattern but it's naturally. I managed to extend my sleep after the first wake up with very simple things. Do not eat anything after 18:00, do not drink anything after 22:00 and do not use any electronics after 23:00. Before you go to bed do some stretching/yoga, then read a bit, talk to your partner/pet and make sure there are absolutely no lights or any devices on.
    I want to stress that I am not a doctor or psychiatrist, I only speak from experience. If you can easily fall asleep around midnight then your anxiety at 4:00 in the morning has not to do with your day, but with your sleep.
    You might have experienced some sleep paralysis because of stress, heavy food etc, but you don't know because your brain wasn't recording.
    Apart from the schedule I mentioned above, you could add some vitamine B12 right before you go to sleep for extra nice dreaming. Learn PMR by Edmund Jacobson for falling asleep again.

  • Ramanisky22

    A story for bainbridge and his ‘trouble sleep?’ thread.
    Now I’m not saying you have what I had but def go and get checked out by your primary care doctor.

    About a year ago I was in a really bad place in life, emotionally, financially & personal family issues. I was living in Tampa Florida and mostly playing poker for a living. Yes I know, STRESSFUL as fuck. Things were just not going the way I had hoped and at the tender age of 50, around August 2022, I noticed my sleeping pattern began to worsen. I was waking up at 6:00am then a few weeks later 4:00am and just couldn’t go back to sleep. Around this time in September also began having shortness of breath, so bad that in October I couldn’t even go to grocery store, hell I could barely take 12 steps from the couch to the kitchen or bathroom without stopping to lean on something to catch my breath. At this point my sleeping completely switched off. October, November and the first 2 weeks of December I went on no sleep. I couldn’t lay down flat for more than a few seconds before I began to cough. Not only that but then I noticed my feet began to swell. Body was retaining water and the swelling which began at my feet was now all the way up my stomach and hips. I was in really bad shape physically & mentally, I knew I needed to go to a doctor but kept putting it off. Depression hit me hard and I had no health insurance at the time. So finally after almost 3 months of torturing myself I went into a Walk-in Clinic, they took one look at my legs and said “Hospital!!” ... So off I went on Dec 13th.

    Turns out I had Edema, my body (heart & kidney) weren’t circulating blood fast enough and I wasn’t going to the bathroom enough throughout the day.
    Not only that but they told me that my right lung was filled up with 60% liquid and that was the reason I would cough every-time I tried to lay down flat. They immediately put me on Lasix (diuretic water pills) meds. Within a few days I could see the swelling go down.

    Things seemed to get better with my body and I was still longing for a good sleep but if you guys have ever stayed over night in a hospital you know how hard it is to get a good nights rest. I did get a few little daily naps in. Unfortunately on Dec 24th I ended up getting a hematoma in my left leg (injury that causes blood to collect and pool under the skin.) Doctors said it was from my daily doses of blood thinners that caused it. This was hands down one of the MOST PAINFUL things I had ever experienced . On a scale of 1 to 10 it was 100.

    2 days of such severe throbbing pain, they gave me hydrocodone pills and then the sweet warmth of several morphine injections. Needless to say, the hematoma extended my hospital stay. I went in on Dec 13th (at 230lbs) and released on Dec 31st (174lbs).

    My first night home, I was so drained that I went to bed on New Year’s Eve at 11:00pm and slept until 10:00am. Let me tell you QBN people, it was THE BEST night of sleep in my life.

    Anyways long story short, doing much better now. I’m working out, eat healthy and only intake 2,400ml (81oz) of liquid per day. I do have to take 4 daily meds which sucks but I gotta do it. I’m now back home in Georgia surrounded by family and friends.

    For those wondering, charity paid my entire $150,000 hospital bill. I cannot put into words how appreciative I am. Everyday in the hospital I could see the
    $$$ amount stacking up on me and that was super stressful as well.

    This entire episode felt like a bad surreal dream.

    • Glad that you're doing better now, that sounds like a nightmare! And taking care of yourself, that's greatdmay
    • Thanks bro.Ramanisky2
  • ShulaDon92-5

    You will jave no more trouble sleeping once you let go of the concept of time. Just live until you sleep

    Then adjust the parameters.

    Or you can drug yourself.


  • Ianbolton0

    Where's Shape? He usually has all the answers.

    I've slept like shit since last week. If i stress about it, it gets worse. So i'll chill and my body will get what it needs.

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  • microkorg0

    Seen a 321 rule.

    3 hours before bed no food
    2 hours before bed no drinks
    1 hour before bed no screen time

    And try banana tea as someone mentioned earlier.
    Havent tried it myself but have been having banana with cinnamon before bed sometimes.
    Cinnamon seemingly stops your bloody sugars spiking through the night which is most likely the thing that is waking you.

    Some kind of headspace/mindfulness session either before bed or to send you to sleep. Always a winner for me.

    • No caffeine 8 hours before bed.Nairn
    • ^ Definitely this!microkorg
    • My killer is the "I'll just stuff a load of cheese, perhaps with some chili sauce into my face" at 12:30 and the inevitable indigestion 3 hours later *rumble*Nairn
  • stewart3

    I have struggled with this issue for quite some time, and finally took action when it became unbearable. At its lowest point, I went without sleep for 8 days and nights. However, I have found solutions to overcome it.

    Seek expert help, such as consulting a neurologist or certified sleep specialist.

    Work with experts on confronting your fears (also the stupid ones, I had them, really) and strive to develop the skill of putting things into perspective.

    Be receptive to and follow all their advice.

    Pay attention to your diet.

    Maintain a steady blood sugar level throughout the day.

    It's perfectly fine to use your phone's screen after 8 PM, really!

    Avoid engaging in activities that stimulate your brain after 8 PM (for example, I realized I shouldn't be browsing inspirational content on Instagram after that time).

    Remind yourself that it's okay to cope with a few days of poor sleep, thinking, "If I have a bad night's sleep tonight, it'll improve tomorrow... or the day after."

    Consider stepping outside in the morning if possible. Take a leisurely walk or bike ride. Feel the sun on your face and the wind through your hair.

    Surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook on life.

    • I now rarely get less than 7 hours of sleep per night.stewart
  • pr20

    how old are you?
    mid life crisis at late 30s did that to me.

    • Same thing at the end of the 30's, at 43 now I am fully Lexapro'd up.Knuckleberry
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  • crazyprick0

    Zero caffeine. Drop it cold turkey, feel like shit for a month, then sleep like a baby.

  • YakuZoku0

    another thing that seems to help me personally is drinking a bit of Apple Cyder Vinager right before bed,

    found this article:…

    The two hormones at the root of the problem

    When your blood sugars get too low, your body has a corrective mechanism to bring them back into balance. Two of the counter hormones that keep blood sugars from going too low are:

    - Cortisol
    - Adrenaline

    because of that article I started eating carbs again

    • "Apple cider vinegar helps to stabilize blood sugars, lower Fat Storing Hormone, and improve Fat Storing Hormone resistance."YakuZoku
    • "This can help to keep your Fat Storing Hormone levels lower before bed so that they won't push your blood sugars down too low and trigger cortisol and adrenal"YakuZoku