Random acts of kindness.

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  • islandbridge

    Share em if you got em. They make us all perceive the world a bit lighter.

    Yesterday entering a store a kid around 6 year old
    held the door open for me. Somehow that made my day.

    Maybe should have posted in signs you are getting old thread. :/

  • grafician-3

    Played chess today for a couple hours with a starter and explained almost every move so that person could understand better how to play

    Also received a blue LA Dodgers cap from a friend.

  • islandbridge3

    About a month ago after leaving the grocery store i saw this old man standing over his walking frame in the baking sun, looking distressed. Driving past him a few minutes later I noticed how both backsides of his legs was covered in poop, which he was trying to clean off with some leaves from a bush. I went back to the market bought a water, a pack of paper, wet wipes and approached him. I opened the package of wipes and put it on his walker. He asked firmly “What’s this for! “I explained “it’s wet napkins for you to clean up, do you need any help?” His eyes turned mild. A wide smile spread across his face ending in a “thank you, I got it from here”.

  • sted2

    Few weeks ago I was on my way to the gas station to buy some food in the middle of the night, when I noticed a strange guy following two young girls. They were far away, on their way towards me on the other side of the road. The girls came across the road and the guy followed them, when they started to go faster he also sped up. I started to think that something isn't ok with the guy. The girls walked past me, the guy was still following them. Asian guy with a backpack what looks heavy, he seemed more lost than malicious. I stopped him when we got close to each other, and asked whats up. He told me that he came from Korea to work at a factory close to the city. Got dropped off from the bus in the district because his ticket wasn't enough for the inner-city train station, and he has no idea where he is now, and how to get to the factory.
    It was very difficult to communicate with him as he barely spoke English. I told him to come with me to the gas station where we buy some food and I will try to explain on the road how to get where he wants. At the station I pulled up my phone and started using google translate. It was like he turned into a different person. He explained to me that he is an low-voltage system engineer, divorced last year and signed a 3 year contract abroad work with Samsung. He fucked up the travel by thinking that it would be interesting to travel half the world on train and busses, and now he is 4 days late. Now has no money, a drained phone, but he is happy because he is in the destination country :D We laughed at the girls who misunderstood his intentions. I explained the easiest way to get to the place where he wanted, bough two sandwiches and some juice, and gave him two bus tickets what I had in my wallet for almost a year :) Meanwhile I became sure that he isn't some conveyor worker who takes advantage of people's kindness. We waited for for the bus almost 45 mins, meanwhile I learned a lot about life in South Korea :)
    Forgot one thing though: to exchange contacts.
    I hope that everything is fine with him.

    • damn repetition, heh.sted
    • Nice one, I was waiting for the twist, happy it worked out.slappy
  • sted0

    Also I have some deejay-vu that we have/had a thread like this.

  • slappy2

    I forgot to tag on to public transport this morning.

    I never do this, so I was surprised when I went to exit the train station in front of a team of transport officers. I see these guys busting people daily, but they just let me off and told me to try remember to tag on.

    Not a big deal, saved me a $270 fine, but it has done wonders for my mental health. I need to be more generous with paying it forward.