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    At the end of November 2022 I decided to start "working out." As a man who never set a foot in a gym (besides occasionally filming a commercial for one or another), the workout was to happen through drawing. I committed myself to make one finished drawing per day (turned out more like every other day). The results can be seen in the link below.

    The drawings are mostly landscapes of some picturesque towns along the Hudson River.

    Around drawing 60 the series briefly explores still life and that exploration soon turns to nudes.

    Around drawing 110, the style of the line work starts changing and goes very abstract around 120 where I revisit some familiar landscape sights.

  • pr25

    (and yes, the pics are in chronological order)

    • Looks dope! Will have a proper look through them all.PhanLo
    • Yeah. I like these. Didn't you post a lot of these last year?CyBrainX
    • last time, it was 1-100, this time u got whole collection.pr2