When do you think you’ll be able to retire?

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  • nb

    As I get older I think about retirement at least once a week. It’s a long way off. I honestly have no idea how I’ll ever save enough money to actually feel comfortable quitting work forever. But if I could afford it I would retire today.

    So I’m wondering about the aging graphic design community. What are y’all doing? Most friends my age say they aren’t thinking about it yet.

    1. How old are you?
    2. How many years until you think you’ll retire?
    3. Are you on track financially to retire? Do you think you’ll have enough money?
    4. Do you have a plan like where you’ll live, how much you’ll spend, etc? Is this something you think about?

    I’ll go first.
    1. 43
    2. 20 to 25 years (but I don’t know how I won’t be affected by ageism in the industry)
    3. Nope. Gotta increase saving.
    4. I would love to move to some tropical area and be a bartender at a chill bar. But I’m not so sure there’s a job market for elderly bartenders with no experience

  • Knuckleberry0

    1. 43
    2. Probably never will, thanks Capitalism
    3. Nope, and the way the country is going (USA) there may be a revolution that tanks the dollar anyway
    4. Would love to fuck off to a cabin in the woods, somewhere near MTB trails, somewhere near a body of water

  • ideaist0

    I. 40
    II. Once inheritance happens between my parents and my wife’s mother-in-law. Without that, never.
    III. Absolutely not; no real savings BUT money going into my house which is 1/4 paid off.
    IV. I live (now) in my hometown; it will be my wife and children’s home base. We’ve been car camping (kids are 5 & 9), well tent trailer and slowly travel farther and more comfortably.

    : )

    • Forgiveness please for iPad-based, late(ish) nigh grammatical error(s).

  • HAL90010

    1. 44
    2. 13-14 years
    3. Yes
    4. I'd like to get out of the city. I would like a very small house with a garage and a yard. Spending should be minimal except for fullfiling my hobbies.

  • _niko6

    get too bored to ever want to retire
    hell no
    I'd like for the wife and I to be lighthouse keepers on somewhere remote but she'd never go for it.

    • Is that a job you can do at 70+? Seems like it would require too much physical strength and agilitynb
    • Nah just need to report the weather every 3 hours, the rest is pretty automated. Then just make art and garden the rest of the time_niko
    • sounds like a very good plan :)sted
    • Shit, I’m in!nb
    • https://bloody-disgu…milfhunter
    • Oh yeah Milf, report the wether then just kick back, cook your lobsters and fuck the mermaids.Wolfboy
    • heck yeah!milfhunter
  • ephix0

    1. 41
    2. 20
    3. Should be ok
    4. I've got options. 1. Buying a place here in the next year or two and staying in it. 2. Selling up and moving to the motherland/arctic circle, or sell up and move to an non-decided asian island with a friend whos planning to do that and open a bar. And just spend the rest of my days by the beach. Depends really what happens in the next few years.

  • sted0

    1. 50 in 10
    2. I tried last year, got bored went back doing shit. already wasted a portion of that money on a failed project :)
    3. Yes and it wasn't easy. Mainly to force myself mentally to save and invest the money in long-term.
    4. I'm still struggling with the location. bought a flat and a nice house at the countryside of Hungary but still thinking about going back to au. what requires a completely different math :)

    • for the fact i'm non-stop working since i'm 16.sted
    • 10 years ago when I started saving the plan was to buy a nice house next to lake Balaton and just paint every day. Since then the country turned into shitsted
    • That place got f. up by the new oligarchs who build large ass hotels/apartment complexes and occupied the free stretches of the coast to the last centimeter.sted
    • AU is stupid expensive real estate. Even regional is getting out of reach for manysausages
    • Austria maybe?ephix
    • but yeah if he meant Australia, it's quite expensive, but still I hope to buy inner city in a year, but it'll be small.ephix
    • Awesome, thanks for the detail. Love hearing these storiesnb
    • Australia. Yeah I watched how my monthly savings dwarfed compared to the real estate price increasing. I was renting a nice house in Fitzroy, wanted to buy it.sted
    • Which is not an easy thing in the first place especially if you're a foreigner with a sub162 provisional visa.The price doubled in 3 years so I gave up on that.sted
    • I was looking at houses in Frankston, but by that time our business had also collapsed and I had other things to worry about like a shitcunt war in europe.sted
  • slappy0

    1. 44
    2. 6
    3. Yes
    4. Yes, where I live now.

    * I'll ramp down rather than retire, I'm on a 9 day fortnight now, in two years I'll do 8, in 4 years I'll work 7 etc. I'll probably settle on 6 days a fortnight forever-ish.

  • hans_glib1

    1: older than most of you
    2: when i die
    3: no
    4: no, but would like an adventure at some point.

    sadly i really love doing graphic design and would happily carry on till i die. but (it's happening already) i know i'll get less and less relevant - despite my years of experience - and at some point will be unable to pick up any work.

  • sausages0

    1. 44
    2. No idea
    3. Not at the moment but getting there
    4. Want to go off grid, very modest house, land is more important to me.

    I plan to be out of this game before I'm too old to try my hand at something else. Heart hasn't been in it for a while but I earn a decent wage and the work is easy.

  • timeless1

    1. 47
    2. I'll retire in 13-18 years unless I age out
    3. The plan was to retire in 8 years but most likely I'll never retire because my wife was just diagnosed with MS in November. It sucks getting/being old. So - that entails 2k a month we hadn't planned for (treatments are 22k a month – insurance pays for 20).
    4. Don't have a plan as to where we'll live. Currently, we're investing in land and property under a trust finding any tax shelters so we can hold onto wealth. Also planning on moving because where we live is super expensive.

    • Sorry to hear. We desperately need healthcare reform.aliastime
    • oh damn, sorry manYakuZoku
    • Ouch, sorry :(OBBTKN
    • Life happens - things that are good in our lives seem so much better today and our blessings feel so much brightertimeless
    • username does not check outduckseason
  • rzu-rzu9

    when my tires wear off

  • aliastime0

    1. 45
    2. 15-20 years (the sooner the better)
    3. Have a decent amount saved so far. My wife is 10 years younger than I am and on track to meet or pass my salary in the next 5 years.
    4. After our kid moves out, we'll definitely downsize but probably stay in/near our current town on the coast. Spending will all depend on how much I was able to save, how our kid's college fund is looking, etc. Too many variables, but I'd love to have an annual travel budget.

    If something goes sideways, I think Costa Rica still accepts expats as long as you can pull $2k a month out of savings :P

    • There are a lot of Americans living on the West Coast. The cost of living is low but the downside is a lot of low level crime. Mostly break-ins/burglaries...CyBrainX
    • I have a cousin that lives more inland. My wife and I visited the west coast a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to go back.aliastime
    • Is $2k a month enough to live in Costa Rica relatively safe and comfortable? That sounds like a dreamnb
  • CyBrainX1

    1 Almost 61
    2 No idea but at least 70
    3 No, but not incredibly behind
    4 I worry about this a lot. I can't stomach the thought of leaving NYC. My place is paid off but the girlfriend wants to live somewhere else in retirement. At this point I picture myself working forever and possibly dying alone. On the bright side, I still love what I do even though it's a horrible industry.

    • Another complication might be what Trumpism does to the US in our lifetimes. I expect we might have to leave the US unless accountability happens somehow.CyBrainX
    • I’m in Brooklyn and I ask my eldery neighbors why they haven’t sold thier brownstones and moved to the country. The most interesting answer was...nb
    • ... “when you get older like us you’ll realize that you want to be close to the hospital and all the doctors. You’ll see”nb
    • They weren’t joking, these are people I know very well and can tell when they’re making a joke.nb

    1 51.
    2 Probably, never.
    3 Stopped our saving plans, but we've got everything paid, no debts.
    4 Probably, head to south, Spain or Italy. Somewhere with lots of sun, good food and wine, where I can ride, paint and die on peace, I'm fed up of wars and human violence and idiocy, word!