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  • Projectile

    Hey Q'ers

    After 6 years I'm on the job hunt, so my logo and portfolio are severly lacking. I'd love your input.

  • Projectile7

    Logo - please cast your votes and any other input

    • The 'lines' logo works well on the bottom panel. Top line, second from left.Chimp
    • Yeah, that one also caught my eye.skinny_puppy
    • 4thpango
    • i like the logo you have already, just get rid of the gradients. But then, i love any shit to do with the penrose triangle :-)Ianbolton
    • It depends on the clientele you’re going after, some of these are pretentious, some avant-garde, some down to earth like the pencil one which I like._niko
    • I also like bottom left, it’s your strongest icon I believe, then bottom right._niko
    • why not LAD?ArchitectofFate
    • I also like the 4th onemonospaced
    • Watch your white shape "clipping masks" on the 12 logo sheet on that light grey background brother.


      ; )
    • I would steer clear of the top and 4th as it's too close in concept to Logo Archive. Bottom left is strong IMOletterhead
    • came here to say what letterhead said above. nice idea but too close to Logo Archive.scruffics
    • Signs you’re getting old, also missed the white clip shapes on the light grey :)_niko
    • Aaah dang it!! Yeah the grey background was a last second addition before uploading. Thanks all, ok so far no. 4 is the winner. Keep comments coming though!Projectile
    • 4th from top speaks most to me. But if logo archive was first, listen to the other people.SimonFFM
    • https://www.logo-arc…duckseason
    • Perhaps tighten up the similar version that uses the triangle in place of the circle.duckseason
    • last panel second from the top left has a lot of character and was the first thing that stood out to me.capn_ron
    • Perhaps look more into a monogram than focusing on the triangle shape all together?duckseason
    • L.\SlashPeckham
    • Is there even a need to create this mark and brand yourself vs just simply writing out your name?duckseason
    • I thought the triangle version of the 4th logo worked well except the A is too tall and makes the l△ seem small or too spaced out. <3 the top logo backgroundsarahfailin
    • None of the above. A simple text logotype is all you need. I like the condensed text you've used for the last 2 without the mark.monNom
    • underlined adidas rotated right is your best option so far, keep working in that direction,. pyramid playsAQUTE
    • Agree with duckseason...there's no need for a logo, you're not a company. Let the work do the talkingBaskerviIle
    • #4 but change the type to all be the same weight/style, go easy on the tracking, you don't make luxury handbags.slappy
    • https://lamag.com/.i…dbloc
    • I like 2 but replace the A with the symbol A and remove the symbol altogether
      but have it as an alt
    • 4YakuZoku
    • LOL @slappy what if I DO make luxury handbags? hmm? Ever thought about that?? *reduces trackingProjectile
  • Projectile0

    Portfolio - I'm aware that many of these projects could do with creating mockups to give a more prepared feel, but are there any that should be removed altogether? Or any favourites that I should give extra attention to?

    For context... I do all types of design, but my specialty is internal comms, presentations and events. Basically I'm a designer and a PowerPoint expert. (I also specialise in Rich Picture illustration but there's much less demand for that)


    • Great stuff. Your website should lead with your specialism and what you can offer rather your experience. The Strategy guide for Virgin Media looks fantastic.Chimp
    • Hmm good shout. It's a little tricky though, as presentations often don't look as good as printed material. But screw it, I'll push some presentations upProjectile
    • Design and layout of the page feel a bit dated. Use hi-res imagery both for your work and iconography - they look a bit blurry.duckseason
    • Reduce the amount of projects and focus on those you feel create the most impact - there are currently 34? Some look like duplicates at first glance.duckseason
    • Work on how you write about each project. Tell me more. What were the benefits and/or results? Give me more qualitative and quantitative metrics if available.duckseason
    • Your about me section doesn't really tell me much about you, rather more like a laundry list of traits. Consider making it a bit more personal.duckseason
    • ...and replacing everything else (skills, software) with a link to your CV. I don't think Flash and Dreamweaver are necessarily things to highlight these days.duckseason
    • Perhaps refer to them in more general terms of animation and HTML/CSSduckseason
    • The back button does not work when you view a portfolio piece from the homepage.monNom
    • ^ yes - great points all. This is why I came to you lot! Lots of work do do, a lot of which is culling, and elaborating on the finer pieces.Projectile