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Australia Vs Immigrants

More info:…



lost flame

Have you ever lost your flame for your profession (beyond the "blue period")? If yes, what did you do to rekindle or just plain cut your loss and part ways?


Timeline of the day


Hosting Companies

Who are you using these days? We've been using (mt) for years, but they have gone to shit lately since they got bought out by GoDaddy.

Any suggestions?


Key Press > Animation

Any point me in the direction of a tutorial that would allow an animation of a sprite to happen (along with a sound) when a certain key is pressed.

Thinking that the image would be a PNG like could be created using Spritely…


Shia LaBeouf

Deserves its own thread as does his whole art/crazy movement.


Russell Brand

He's at it again, this time with Evan Davis. I really respect his energy and vigour but at what point will people get sick of his constant ranting? Are people already sick of it? I for one think he has so many valid points that if he can convince people he's not a complete bellend, he could bring a lot of good to us all.


Referral Fee

Working within an agency, how much would you expect as a referral fee for bringing in work (when this is not your core role)?


How is this style called?

and where can I get more



Anyone took the leap? Hows it running?


Park Logos

I'm looking for some inspiration for a Park/Woodland brand I am working on. I have hit a bit of a wall for inspiration and wondered if anyone have any good Park or Woodland logos they could share?


AE question shape layers

I have never been able to figure how anchor points are set when you draw a simple shape layer. Is there a way to make the anchor point center by default instead of Mars?

Thanks in advance.



Any idea which font is this?

Felt it was Futura, but nope!



free unlimited cloud storage?

Does anyone here have an account? How is it?…


Products in grid?

Does anyone remember the link to some work in which the designer meticulously laid out random but similar colour products on a single colour background?


Avengers 2 (2015)

no direct linky but enjoy…




clickhole (i hate buzzfeed)

TheOnion's answer to Buzzfeed. I fucking hate buzzfeed and all the troll-infested clickbait.

Feel free to use this thread to rail against buzzfeed, jezebell, etc. etc.


How to reference experience

Quick question. Over the last year or two I have ended up with a few projects that involved setting up a previous print publications as online ones, as well as converting their archives/back-catalogues to online content. Dealing with the various content format issues, dealing with analogue only for old stuff etc.

Any idea the most concise way/term of referencing or explaining that on a portfolio or resume? Is there a proper terminology for this task that is eluding me?


Google Inbox…


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