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Are all software becoming convoluted on purpose?

Or am I getting old? It seems all the new software, let's say you want to rotate something on an axis. You cannot simply specify a rotation center, the axis and then an increment. NO! That would be to NOT user friendly? Let's have a bunch of spheres to drag instead of fucking basic maths. HARGH! >:((
And why are so many softwares autoscrolling lists DOWN to the botttom, hiding the menu arborescence so you need to scroll back down to see it?


baking meats


Salary (UK)

Anyone information or links for UK digital salaries?

There was a few links up a while back that I've got for 2013 but wondered if anyone had any good links for more recent statistics or a point in the direction of jobs advertised within the industry to give an idea of salary.

In particular it's the more management side of things, so MD, CD, TD


Icloud got hacked

Hello my fellow brethren

i would like to tell you that there was a serious breach in celebrities iCloud and there are some serious awesome material floating in the interweb

Good hunting,

And godspeed

(Ps: don't ask me what)


Baby / Parent Products

Who has good suggestions for somewhat cool, modern products for babies and parents? Things like diaper bags, home products, fun learning things, books, etc.

We've got our first on the way in January and looking for decent diaper bags. I know there are several parents here so thought I'd start this thread up.


Illuminati invites???



Hey, just checking if anyone might have one? Eager to try the site out.


Large format e-book readers

This kind of relates to the minimalist thread I guess.

I'm about to pack up and move to another city/country yet again. Something I seem to do every few years. I can comfortably fit all of my possessions in a suitcase and piece of carry-on luggage – that is, besides my books. I always end up shipping boxes separately and it becomes expensive.

Books are the only thing I really seem to accumulate that I have any desire to hold on to and take with me. A lot of these are large format books on design that – though not ideal – I wouldn't mind having in ebook format if there was something that worked for these type of books and not just small paperbacks.

I like the idea of e-ink readers over using a ipad since it's at least a bit close to the experience of reading a real book.

Will these ever be a thing, or were those old models that were released when the e-reader was first taking off all we're going to get?


What 3D Program?

How do you make work like this?


The Matador Tee

Just found out about Cotton Bureau, a tee shirt printing company that curates artists in an online market place that relies on social media and crowd funding to promote sales by the artist. Artists and designers submit work for approval. My first tee design is The Matador, a project that defined my illustration style while at UGA. Each design that gets launched has a window of only 2 weeks to promote pre sales. If the shirt meets 12 sales the design will be printed and shipped. Arriving at 25 sales the indie artist earns royalties on sales. My design went live on August 29 and ends on September 12, 2014. Please visit my home page to view the design at with some description. Or visit directly if interested in placing an order. Tees are American Apparel and prices are slightly on the higher end because of the custom short print runs. I ordered a friend's shirt last week. Tees ship 2 weeks after the end date for selling. Sharing on social media is encouraged.


Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what you do for work?

A. I was born to do my work. I live and breathe it.
B. It pays well and I enjoy it.
C. I fell into this career by accident and got good over time.
D. A job is a job, got to pay the bills.
E. I am not good at anything else.


one plus one invite?

Can anyone spare one?


Cross referencing Documents

Got a nerdy Q.

I have to QSV files. With emails on them.

I need to eliminate all duplicates from one of them.

They are in no specific order, so manual cross referencing (About 3500 total) seems impossible.

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to do this.

Thank you!


Body of work.

Photography. Music. Woodworking.


Annoying Person Of The Day

I'll start,

Sorry, but I can't stand how try hard she is...


Web Inspiration Sites

I'm looking for some new web inspiration sites. I have been following the ones listed below but I'm looking for something that has startups and online businesses more than personal/one page app sites. Any help would be appreciated.


It costs $4,309.00 every time you provide design feedback

Design well managed.


compositing photoshop

any useful resources on how to do match colors (exposure, lights, shadows, tones,...) from different pictures into 1 composition?

what photoshop tools should I be looking at?


Wordpress banner ad manager?

Any recommendations please?


website tracking

Want to monitor the traffic going to a website. Best thing to use? Free and easy!


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