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Job application follow-up?

I found a job posting I liked and sent an email to the address specified. A week has gone by and I haven't gotten a response.

Do I call the main number, send a follow up email to the same original email address or find an employee name and try to email them personally?


Travel Blog

Going traveling for a few months and am looking to setup a blog journal. Any of you's recommend any that are free and good?


Inherent Vice

https:// width="425" height="355">

Yeah, I realize there's a movie trailer of the day thread. But this is Paul Thomas Anderson we're talking about.

This looks to be back to sort of Hard Eight style in terms of feel? A+


Best Video Game Ending?

What is your fav?


Thanks mg33!

Spent a couple of days in Chicago last week and was able to hang out with mg33. Just wanted to share how great it is to have cool friends all over the country - even with all the fights and craziness, we're a pretty awesome bunch.

Thank you Mike, for ALL the help (also TheMagicSheep) and the great dinner. You sir, are a champ!



This is it, homies. The first time theres really a public place to buy/play Cosmochoria. Out today on Humble Bundle and Steam Early Access. I tracked my progress on this project from pretty much day one here on QBN. Thank you guys so much for your support and kindness and advice through the course of things. Much more work to happen in Early Access, but it's officially 'here' now. :)


Hardcore Gamer:…

Steam Page:…

Cheers, guys.


Hong Kong protests

A wave of protest in Hong Kong extended into the working week on Monday as thousands of residents defied a government call to abandon street blockades across the city…


Sweet Things

Meeting with a new client this week who makes delicious cakes/cupcakes and tasteful decorations.

Please post brands, packaging, websites for a look see.


Google maps annoyance

Roads and other transport graphics display for a second or two and then disappear. Anybody else had this happen?

I've been having to travel cross-country for 2 weeks now.


Alibaba Packaging

Ive been very pleased with Alibaba as a clothing design resource for the past two years, but was wondering if anyone knew of a reliable, user friendly Packaging Company that they could recommend?


FMT 100314

From the future to you!!! This dude can do no wrong (in my books)...

Flying Lotus - You're Dead…

https:// width="425" height="355">


Poster screen printers?

Does anyone know any (European) screen printers (for large format posters, A1 size) which are not based in a city?


Product chooser

Any good visual examples out there


circle animations

Hi all, anyone know of any logo spots, bugs, etc of circles being animated?



Beheading of the Day

just kidding, sicko


Greyscale Prints Now Red?

Ok, this is weird.

Was looking through a portfolio of mine and the greyscale photos now seem to have what looks like a red filter over them?

How could this happen? they were perfectly fine when originally printed? so weird.


The Knick

New series on Cinemax (about 7-8 episodes in now)... anyone watching?

Steven Soderbergh directs... Clive Owen acts...
Really creepy look at medicine in the early 20th century based on the Knickerbocker Hospital in NYC.

The original soundtrack is quite unexpected too... but blends eerily well with the era and themes of the show:…


This looks stunning

.. for a kids film

https:// width="425" height="355">


Design of the day

Here its mine:…


Shellshock Unix virus

uh oh...……


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