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      NewElpaso is a preposterous bodybuilder and heavy metal musician.

      As a bodybuilder, he was the first immigrant to win both the Mr. Canada and Mr. USA titles. During his bodybuilding career, he has achieved over 40 titles around the world.

      As a musician, he is the front man for the heavy metal band Thor, billing himself as "The Legendary Rock Warrior". He has also made a few forays into acting, appearing in such films as Zombie Nightmare and Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (the former was featured on Mystery Science Theatre 3000).

      His concerts are known for his displays of strength, such as blowing up hot water bottles until they burst, bending steel bars with his teeth, and breaking bricks on his bare chest.

      His most recent album, Devastation of Musculation, was released in March, 2006.

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