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  • MrD0

    high brow
    - yale town: walk around there (yappy central)
    - wedgewood hotel lounge: hidden gem for nice desert (not for kids)
    - opus hotel: vancouver's only designer boutique hotel

    low brow
    - pan pacific hotel: where all the cruise ships come in, nice view of the park and north shore
    - main street: upward after 4th starting be more and more trendy, look for nice lounge such as Public lounge or some vintage shops
    - richmond: there are tons of chinese malls. look for Aberdeen center, which is higher end chinese mall, it has BMW accessory store. and has japanese dollar store with in
    - drive around UBC, always worth it. you can drive along the water edge from richmond to downtown. well worth it
    - lion gates bridge: go through stanley park and take the bridge.
    - stanley park: go around 930am and you will see fog under the lion gates bridge,

    if all fails..

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