Great animation.

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    I was actually on NT long before. I just don't dedicate as much of my time to these threads as some. Some of us actually do some work as designers. Not just bitch & moan on forums all day. As absurd as it sounds, I know.
    I do apologise though; I didn't know there was a "race" to be the first to post Youtube videos here.
    Oh, and I also didn't know it was still c00l to write with letters AND numbers. How exciting! Are the cool kids still using ICQ as well?
    Tell me people is our much experienced, ever-so-wise, friend, vmbr the designers equivalent of a emo?
    I'm obviously so far behind.

    • BTW: Invalid, I hadn't seen this vid before, and enjoyed watching it, so thanks for posting it up. Some people,Spookytim
    • just need to ask themselves why they're posting before they do, that's what I think.Spookytim

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