Pringles 'are not potato crisps'

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    I know that this sort of thing must happen all the time but it boggles the mind that shite like this needs clarification and a team of monkeys working around the clock to enforce it.

    Under UK tax rules, most traditional bakery products such as bread, cakes, flapjacks and Jaffa Cakes are free of VAT, but the tax is payable on cereal bars, shortbread and partly-coated or wholly-coated biscuits.

    • I mainlt took that quote because of the 'jaffa cake' reference. I like jaffa cakes.ian
    • mmmm, the orangy bitcreative-
    • 'zactly. that orangy bit is scrummy.ian
    • hoots mon! why's shortbread taxed?23kon

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