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  • katekelly0

    I voted for Longoria (when the whole Hart push was happening here)...good to see a rookie kick ass at the All-Star game

    • It's great seeing the young bucks pick it up like the late 90's with Chipper and Jeter.flavorful
    • and look at them today (while I hate Jeter, hes still got it...). Chipper was STILL amazing as a ph WHILE injured. They don't make 'em like that anymore...katekelly
    • Full Disclosure .. I've been a huge Bomber fan since Rickey Henderson in the 80's.flavorful
    • Being said... I've been to 4 Bucco/Bomber games 100% Pirated out regular season.flavorful
    • And 3 Spring Training Games at Tampa and Brandenton, haha.flavorful
    • Bradenton*flavorful
    • oh shit! good ol' ricky. haha i've gotta say, i've always liked the 'crew, but ryne sandberg was my guykatekelly

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