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    If the sox send Manny to florida, they wont even make the playoffs. so long boston dynasty!
    my predictions then:
    AL = Angels (al west), Twins (al central), devilrays (al east), yankees (al wildcard)
    NL = Dodgers (nl west), Cubs (al central), mets (nl east), marlins (nl wild card)
    world series = angels vs cubs(wish it were the dodgers)...angels win.

    • rays rays...shit I cant stop saying devilrays.threadpost
    • i'd actually like to see the rays going somewhere, i just dont think they can hang on...Greedo
    • mostly road games for them in august, and they've kinda been sucking it up...Greedo
    • if the red sox dont make the playoffs this year, that hardly means end of dynasty, sonGreedo
    • the loss of manny does.threadpost

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