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    Threadpost, if they get rid of Manny they are going to be getting Jason Bay who is pretty productive and will be in a situation that may help him even more. A healthy David Ortiz is a help too. I wouldn't rule out a repeat, but it's near impossible these days to not do that.

    I love / hate Manny Ramirez. I love his production, but hate his attitude, and I think the funniest part of this trade is that they are going to send him to a stadium that hasn't sold out a game in years.

    Angels pretty much sealed up their destiny anyway regardless of these trades.

    • sox bullpen has been pretty sub-par this year, they're not going anywhereGreedo
    • can dodgers get rid of Jones? kthnxJG_LB
    • Bullpen is a serious problem. Timlin not doing so well had me bummed out most of the season.jasontroj

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