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  • Greedo0

    I think Manny makes almost as much as the entire Marlins, how's that gonna work out? No way can they afford to sign him for next year... And why not trade Bay, he's not doing you any good with a below .500 team...

    • He's the only fucking player on our G-ddamn team. He has said constantly he wants to play in Pittsburgh his whole career.flavorful
    • NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY IN PITTSBURGH, hahah.flavorful
    • Our new GM is trying to leave a mark ... by doing exactly what has put us in this position the past 16 years.flavorful
    • At least this year we're not filling up the Cubs roster like we usually do.flavorful
    • The Pirates are a fucking Triple AAA club in the Majors. It's fucking so aggravating following them.flavorful
    • Triple AAA is a little harsh - but basically we're a farm system team for every other MLB practically.flavorful
    • so's tampa, so's kansas city, so's colorado... small markets cant really compete unless they get luckyGreedo
    • umm Col was in WS last yearBattleAxe

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