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  • scarabin0

    i've had a strange relationship with cigarettes...

    i go through the typical "wtf am i doing smoking this" thing, can't really justify why i do it apart from the fact that it gets me out of my office every few hours and it's awesome when i'm rolling at parties or drinking. so there's the whole "omg i'm so helpless" thing i'm sure all smokers deal with, but the weird part is i'm addicted ONLY DURING THE WEEK.

    i have no desire to smoke when i'm at home or hanging out somewere over the weekend, unless i'm at a party of some sort.

    which leads me to believe that the addiction is only in my mind, that i get some sort of thrill by being addicted to something, and i delight in the anguish it causes, and that's i'm just a slacker and like breaks at work.

    • It's like social drinking. More of a pressure situation.juhls
    • stop! while you still can and you're not helplessly and hopelessly addicted. Seriously, please do it now, not later :(mikotondria3
    • yes! stop it now! seriously! you're only one year away from 20-40/daymikabast
    • yeah, you guys are right.scarabin

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