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  • kona0

    i love it when girls smoke.

    when they grasp the cigarette in their hand, between their two fingers and put it up to their mouth and suck. ah yeah, their eyes get all squinty and their forehead wrinkles up puffing in. their cheeks suck in and their nostrils flare, making them look like their either trying desperately to hold in a massive fart, or have just massively farted and realized a little shit came out, oh yeah that face.... that beautiful face with their two fingers now spread open looking like rigamortis has set in hours ago while they take in a deep drag. ah fuck yeah i love it! then they take the cigarette out of their mouth and hold it over their shoulder and it burns your shoulder cause you were standing next to them of fuck yeah i have a boner now.

    • good to know somebody share the same thought as i do. LOLpango

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