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  • mg330

    I currently have a small setup consisting of Logic 9, an M-Audio Oxygen 49 software controller, and an Alesis Micron hardware synth.

    I debated the Micron and the MicroKorg a few years back and went with the Micron, because it had bigger keys. I was just in guitar center recently buying some new stuff and played around with the MicroKorg. I still really like it, it's slick looking, and frankly there are much better sounds right out of the box. I kind of wish I had one now, maybe a bit more than having the Micron.

    The Micron is great, don't get me wrong. It's just that it takes a long time to get it figured out.

    A good tip for you: Not many synth sounds are great on their own. Many that you would NEVER use really shine when they're layered and textured as individual tracks with many other tracks. A better way to say it is, many synth sounds just sound like crap to sit around and play as if it were a piano or something.

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