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  • ukit0

    They offered you a 6 figure job to design HTML e-mails?

    • That alone is fishy shitukit
    • lol - not just emails but overall webdesigner for an ecommerce company based in NYC. Heavy email creation (promo, transactional, dynamic triggered segments, etc.)jerseyred
    • transactional, dynamic triggered campaigns) with an email list of 5 million and $150k per email - yeahjerseyred
    • "transactional, dynamic triggered campaigns" So basically spam e-mails with buttons to click on?;)ukit
    • no - segmented based on customer data, women get x, women who spend this get y - ecommerce email campaigns are involvedjerseyred
    • can get involvedjerseyred
    • gotcha, I was just joking around;)ukit

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