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    THANK YOU ALL - such great views and opinions in here and only 2 posts that reference crack and prostitutes, overall a great turnout.

    I actually prefer working at companies compared to agencies so this isn't a shop, it's actually an airline where the fringe benefits include free standby airfare for me, +1 and my parents. Some of the projects include an iphone app, airplane headrest display graphics/animations, airport monitor graphics, a ton of web and email projects, and act as a liaison between the company and a well known agency.

    They made an offer and I countered ( I always counter, why not?) so I'm waiting to hear back but what's also curious is that I was contacted out of the blue for the position and after meeting the team I learned that it's just a perfect fit culture wise, work wise, and time wise. I need a change having been at the same company for 3 years and it's simply perfect timing.

    Sometimes it's hard, in this industry, to project the long term benefits of taking a new position. How will this benefit my craft, how will the projects improve my portfolio, what new things will I learn, and how does having blue chip brand name experience effect my work experience, and can this lead to a promotion. Ahhh, the beauty of the unknown, but one thing I know for certain is that feeling, the desire to work on great projects, drives every decision I make and that can only lead to success.

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