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    111 is sounding like a great card. Let's hope we don't see training injuries come into play like we saw for 108.

    I think GSP takes this one easily, but I hope he does it in exciting fashion. I feel they should've tested Hardy against a strong wrestler like Fitch (or Kos) before they gave him the title shot, but it makes sense seeing as there is a lot of hype behind him right now.

    The new Mir is looking really solid. I was very impressed with how he handled Kongo. I'm hoping for Carwin, but I feel Mir is going to take it if he comes in the same shape he was in for 107.

    On a design related note, it bums me out that RED isn't doing microsites for every UFC event anymore. I used to really look forward to them. Good concepting and design all around. Anyone know what happened there?

    • agreed. Fitch would have been a great matchup. Especially coming off his recent loss.baseline_shift

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